The Parallels Between Nixon And Trump's Final Days In Office | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

The Parallels Between Nixon And Trump’s Final Days In Office | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Historian Evan Thomas discusses the parallels between the final days of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump, and the panel discusses what's ahead for Congress as Donald Trump leaves office. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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The Parallels Between Nixon And Trump's Final Days In Office | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @mark Evans Of course Hillary didn’t go to jail. It’s because she didn’t do anything. Trump commissioned an enquiry, which spent two years looking into her affairs, and they found… nothing. Did you not know that? if you didn’t, it’s because Trump kept quiet about it. He didn’t want people like you to hear about its failure. But here, educate yourself:

    2. @Susan Stanley Hammond in case you’re not aware that. Doj release the Russia hoax all the information is Declassified it was nothing but a big political hoax created by Hillary go read it for yourself it was to take the attention of her emails you can read it for yourself it’s all there

    3. @mark Evans Oh dear, the delusion is strong in you. You swallowed every falsehood they put on your plate. PS Don’t go thinking Trump has heard the last of the Muller report. He still has obstruction of justice to answer for… at the very least. Had Trump not been the sitting president, he would have been hauled into a courtroom, but Mueller left it up to Congress and Congress got cold feet.
      Now run along, silly Trumptie. Your false facts have zero chance of being swallowed by me. I suggest you try Twitter and Facebook groups, ones full of people as dumb as you.

    1. not unless they want their lives and careers destroyed. their families and associates will also be made to suffer. Trump will crush them

    2. @frictionRx9 lol keep on with that delusion. Trump has no legal team to defend himself and since hes not paid his last team of lawyers, why would anyone want to defend him?

    3. @frictionRx9 Trump Delusion Syndrome still warping your mind, frictionRx9?
      Trump is now a fringe figure whose only support comes from irrelevant extremists. He’s outcast by the political and business worlds.
      Exactly how will Trump ‘crush’ anyone with the legitimate authority to come after him?
      The fact you threaten their families and associates shows how utterly deluded you are. You need a ‘Rx’.

    1. Now we get creepy, corrupt, senile, hair sniffing, Sleepy Joe Biden. Did not do anything in 48 years in Congress except build his crime family.

    1. @The Truth Is Out 777 I will now that I know adults will be in charge I can go back to my gardening !!

    1. i believe that just watch mainstream media lies and hide the truth and reports one sided news causing hate and division in america and you can’t see that then you watch with mind eyes closed

    2. @Richard Iwanski Nobody needs convincing at this stage Richard as most of us have witnessed Trump’s atrocities and obscene behavior, with minds open to receive the truth and eyes with perfect vision. It’s those who ‘believe’ things to be different from presented facts that are truly delusional

    3. @Richard Iwanski You’re blind then. Yes the media is guilty in some ways but don’t get it twisted, Trump was the divider in chief. Saying WAS feels so good.

    1. I think it’s more like…
      Nixon: “I am not a crook!”
      Trump: “I’m a crook, so what?”

  1. The TRumps looked squimish at Edwards today. Perhaps it is because there is a new sheriff in town and they know they are on borrowed time before indictements.

  2. Baby Cheesus actually managed to make Nixon and even James Buchanan look good in comparison. He’ll be a warning to all future aspiring Presidents, not to mention a term of insult.

    1. Healing will begin after all the people involved are arrested and then Let the healing begin and not one second earlier

    2. @RJ Walchly HAHA!!!!!! I was being told the New World Order was coming in under the FIRST President Bush – Over THIRTY YEARS AGO!!!

  3. The curtain is closing, folks, the circus is over at the White House. The Orange clown who played there for four years, will never set foot there again! He was fired

  4. “Could you imagine if I lose? I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know.”
    ― The Donald @ election rally in Macon, Georgia, October 2020

    1. MAGA in the kitchen
      MAGA in the hall
      MAGA in the springtime
      MAGA in the fall

      MAGA on the mountaintop
      MAGA on the beach
      MAGA tail a wagga
      Just like a Georgia peach

      MAGA in the Kremlin
      MAGA by yourself
      MAGA with a gremlin
      or with a tiny elf.

      MAGA ’til next Tuesday
      MAGA ’til next June
      MAGA all around the block
      Or maybe on the moon

      MAGA on Uranus
      or Jupiter or Mars
      MAGA in a aeroplane
      and MAGA in your cars.

      no matter what the cost.
      because we’re all too stupid
      To accept it that we lost.

    1. @Mister Hat Seriously, the comparison is actually tiresome at this point since Trump has blown past the low mark Nixon set

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