'The Path To Political Oblivion' For The GOP | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

‘The Path To Political Oblivion’ For The GOP | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The Morning Joe panel discusses congressional GOP response to the January 6 attacks and the president's role in fomenting the riot. Aired on 02/10/2021.
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'The Path To Political Oblivion' For The GOP | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @warpedjaffas1 I hope you are right. I’m pessimistic because nothing ever changes. You remember war criminal George W. Bush? And yet american voters elected another republican president only 8 years after his Iraq disaster, Blackwater, Guantanamo & Abu-Ghraib

    2. @Piotr Trebisz l’m an optimist. I remember all these things. Perhaps we are at a threshold moment? It appears that truth & facts are important if you want democracy to work.

    3. All I say is let’s help fight Voter Suppression and encourage Voter Turnout. GOP would stop at nothing to install as a Dictator one of their own the next chance they have. I fear it the most now.
      They say Dems will make USA Venezuela while they love North Korea and other Dictators.

    1. @Mark We will see in the next few days just how many Republican senators are ok with the Jan 6th riot when they vote at the end of this impeachment process.

    2. Yes you do, America has been doing it for a long time now, the people of every country that have been victims of American foreign policies in which the US military and the American military industrial complex have been involved can attest to that, America moves in, destroys the infrastructure of countries and moves on after exploiting the natural resources of the country they’re in at the time, its been going on for decades.

    1. @Sniff Sniff Joe
      Well, the grabber who was just fired made policy and it is being erased. It’s just what they do.

    2. @Shawn Corbin oh I don’t know, a majority of people got sick of Trump and he is gone. Sort of disproves the statement that votes don’t count.

    3. @Mark rioters were arrested in all cases. The Capitol attack was worse though since it was an attempt to stop a legitimately elected government being inaugurated.

    1. No. Not this one. It’s been a nightmare and they are trying to save their party while robbing the American people just in case. Many will flee this country. And they WON’T RUN LATER! They know they are DONE!

    1. @frog mann You republicans are crying about an election that you lost fair and square. Your party is finished.

    2. @Braveheart841 I vote independant karen. and 15 million more votes than obama. you swallow more than blue pills.

  1. What gets me is that the Republican administration did NOTHING about how Trump talked to the people, he repeatedly said that the election would be stolen from him as well as repeatedly tell the people that the election was stolen. How could he ever have permission to speak like that against our country?? How did he even ever get away with that? That should have never been allowed, he was way out of line and should have been punished for that. We need rules set in place about how a president might speak to the public. His words incited violence and acted like a renegade against our Democracy, not a president of our country.

    1. This in reality was worse than the Civil War. Led by trump the rogue president, who only followed his own rules in which, he alone will benefit from. The Presidential Election of 2020 was not stolen. Just more voters voted against him. Four years taught Americans we had a trump not a president, who ever followed rules and he did not abide by his Oath of Office. To protect the Constitution of America, for the good of Country and it’s people. .

    2. They are a bunch of hypocrites, even to their own party. Look how they treated Liz Cheney for saying she was going to convict Trump, they wanted to take away her committees. Look at how they defended Greene and wanted her to keep her committees??? These Republicans have no morals, no intelligence, and are all about greed and power. You’d think they’d realize Trump’s base is not going to follow him forever, maybe after this, and taking the blame, never again. One can hope.

    1. All of the Republican Senators who will vote to acquit Trump are idiots. If there is one more MAGA extremist riot, those on record still supporting that nonsense will lose their re-election bids. Trump won’t be there to abuse his power to cover things up and spin it as a Democrat/media “hoax.” Over the next few years, the news will be peppered with reports of Trump and his cronies’ legal troubles. Enjoy the brief remainder of your political careers, morons.

    2. @Mark Nixon’s supporters stayed loyal for maybe a year and then started to fade rather quickly. There will be a thorough investigation and the truth along with the facts will come out. As Trump’s followers realize that Trump’s whole plan was to (A) stay in power and (B) take his supporters money. They will finally know that Trump lied and made them fools, but to Trump, his followers are expendable as long as he gets his (A) and (B).

    3. They have been for the past 5 years…and really, the argument could be make that they became a joke when George W was President…or when Reagan was.

    4. @Mark Overestimated…I would bet cash money that at least 25 million or more of that number no longer support him. Not after Jan 6th.

    1. @skaetur1 No other Law firm didn’t want to represent him..He doesn’t pay his bills.. That’s why he’s being sued now.

  2. Do you remember the song by David Byrne : “we’re on the road to nowhere”
    This is the Republican party now, rudder less, leader less, bereft of common decency and on a steep decent to oblivion.

    1. They stopped making sense long before they tried burning down the house. These slippery people now have a once in a lifetime chance to remove the psychos from their midst.

    1. @Wally Censorship Trump will survive both impeachments not because he isn’t guilty but because the GOP don’t care about our country ….they only care about money for their own pockets and to stay in power at any cost.

    2. @Wally Censorship You are definitely a 100% signed up member of the Trump cult…..all they know is whataboutism.

    3. @Wally Censorship: In Germany the leading Nazis were also convicted in Nürnberg between 1947 and 1949, 2 to 4 years after they left office.

  3. I guess that in the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we should have just “moved on” in the name of world unity.

  4. From the beginning, the defense argument has admitted one “key” point: Guilt of Trump. If they really believed he is innocent and they believe they could insist he is innocent, why did they need to bring the nonsense point such as constitutionality or Trump no longer being in the office?

  5. The unbelievable hypocrisy of them saying “let’s move on” after how many fking YEARS and millions of taxpayer dollars of Bengazi investigation ?!

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