The People Of Puerto Rico Are Not A Mess. The Government Of Puerto Rico Is A Mess | Deadline | MSNBC

Actor and activist Rosie Perez and former New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito on the large protests in Puerto Rico calling for the governor to resign
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The People Of Puerto Rico Are Not A Mess. The Government Of Puerto Rico Is A Mess | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. He thinks the governor of Puerto Rico is the President of Puerto Rico. Rather pathetic for someone who is supposed to be President of the United States and its territories – including Puerto Rico.

  1. The exact same thing can be said about America and Trump. Trump and his administration deserves to be protested and resisted. That doesn’t mean that you hate America, it means that you hate what he is doing to America.

    1. Exactly right. Americans need to follow the Puerto Rican people’s example and rally together in protest of trump’s immoral political ideology.

  2. Why is this clown talking about the Miss Universe pageant when asked a serious question about the political crisis in Puerto Rico? 🤔
    It’s almost as if he has no idea what’s going on and his tiny brain can’t think of anything else to say. 🤔
    Stable Genius strikes again! 😃😄😂

  3. Trump is the best thing that’s ever happened to Putin and white supremacists.
    So Who’s more corrupt, Trump or the governor of Puerto Rico?

    1. @Speed Life How is he doing a great job? Because of the GDP? We are driving the GDP right off a cliff. GDP is an 100 year old, arbitrary number that does not reflect the health and happiness of the people. Suicides and drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death and life expectancy has decreased for the third straight year in a row. 🙁 And what good is low unemployment when you have to work 2-3 jobs just to pay the rent?  Only the top 20% of the most wealthiest people use the stock market. All this is to say, what we need a system that doesn’t only work for big corporations and the 1%. but one that puts *humanity first*!

    2. Also wrecking our environment by removing environmental regulations for big corporations and removing public safety regulations for the FDA, CDC et al is not what I’d call winning.

    3. Truth is all government shouldn’t be trusted. Because every single one them are corrupted.

  4. Trump’s comments on Puerto Rico are as tone deaf and sociopathic as his response to Nadia Murad.
    Nadia Murad: “ISIS killed my mother and my six brothers.”
    Trump: ” So where are they now?”
    Nadia Murad: “In a mass grave in Sinjar, because they’re dead, like I said.”
    Trump: “Oh really, so how are they doing?”

    1. Says you? Minorities are working more now than in the past. I am a minority and I can tell you even my friends are working more.

    2. @Speed Life “Minorities” continue to work and more!! I do Not know any “minorities” not working. *The driving fear for some of our sisters & brothers of whiteness…is they will become minorities, “in their country!!”* That’s why those who fear and hate ppl of colour demonize them!!!

  5. Trump still doesn’t know and or understand that Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam & Northern Mariana Islands are responsibilities of the US Government & Trump, that Trump is the president of those islands as well as the US of A.

    1. @dannyheat123, uh, living here is enough. Telemundo and Noticectro both covered it, and 4 articles too

    1. He said he was the best thing since he is watching out against the current corrupt politicians of the island and he also approve funds for the Island. I can tell you I have been there and seen how those funds have been used. Still a lot of work to be done.

    2. Absolutely well said dear friend! He (Trump) really, really respects absolutely nobody!!!

  6. Jesus trump you cannot as a president be proud of miss who ever that’s not the job of a president, common man. You are losing period.

    1. Losing says the Fake Liberal Media? Oh of course that’s the narrative they always push whenever there is a Republican president.

  7. Bonespurs had a Building project in Puerto Rico that went Bankrupt for $250M and he left them holding the tab.

    1. You’re right. I remember reading about that. Thanks for the reminder. So sad. People just don’t care how corrupt Tromp is as long as they think they’re saving money. Money is not the only thing in life that matters.
      Please check out Andrew Yang if you haven’t already. He is the only candidate I’ve seen that wants to put humanity first. He’s even getting Tromp supporters because his policies are not right or left but forward.

  8. The fact that it was a mayor making a world wide plead for the people. And not the ‘chief in command’ is a mayor red flag, in retrospect.

  9. Good to see Puerto Ricans are exercising their right to stand up to corrupt government. 🇵🇷

  10. I honestly do not know how it is possible that the supports of the maniacal psychotic don’t realize that he (Trump) is really (honestly) an absolute maniacal PSYCHOTIC!!?

  11. Rosie is still soooooooo Beautiful…After all these years, i’m still in love with that woman.

  12. Down with the corruption in Government! I support the people of Puerto Rico! DON’T Fear Keep Fighting. Be Freedom Fighters!

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