The Politics of D.C. Statehood | The Week | MSNBC 1

The Politics of D.C. Statehood | The Week | MSNBC


The House voted this week to make the District of Columbia America's 51st state. While the bill’s future is uncertain, advocates are hopeful given the democratic majority in Congress. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents the District in Congress, explains the challenging history of D.C. sovereignty and the reasons she feels that this time is different from previous failed attempts.

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The Politics of D.C. Statehood | The Week | MSNBC


    1. @K. McKee that would be good to have 700,000 be able to vote for a Senator, Governor, etc. AM just not sure about Capitol of DC State

    2. Fun facts for trivia night, the USA has had several different capitals, with the first official capital being NYC after the constitution was ratified. There are a few other cities that were briefly considered the capital of the United States. York, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, as well as Annapolis, Maryland. Annapolis is where the Treaty of Paris was ratified, officially ending the Revolutionary War. There are more, but I am lazy and it’s too much to write out. History is fun, it’s really interesting to research and learn about this kind of stuff. Anyway, I hope you have a good week :-).

    1. @srgreeniii the majority and I mean 98% American, want a moderate nation right in between left and right, something from both area, but our political system, and leader don’t want any of that, they just want their side laws not both sides way, but i feel like joe Biden, it a person who would listen to both parties, and make a decision based on that,

    2. @Satsang Patel Joe listening to both parties are the problem. The republicans want to turn America into a corporation.

    3. @Traci Boylston Yes they do and by their actions. No one cares about the words the actions say otherwise.

    1. @johnabuick A person’s vote in Vermont or Wyoming should count much more than the vote of a person living in California or New York. I don’t believe in “one person one vote”.

    1. pro tip: watch movies on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching loads of movies lately.

    2. @Adam Maz LOL …how about we take away your right as an american citizen to be represented in congress and the senate? At some point in time your location was never intended to be part of the US either. Washington DC was established in 1790 which is probably a lot longer than your location has been a state and entitled to representatives in congress and the senate. But seemingly the only american citizens who should be entitled to representation are republicans. Should we wait for a GOP resolution that only republicans should be entitled to vote and be represented in the legislatures? Why not just make it illegal for anyone but republican candidates to be listed on a ballot?

    3. Corey….lol…no rights are being denied and others correctly laid out returning DC to MD or VA would resolve your goal.

  1. I don’t get what’s the big deal why DC shouldn’t be a state. In Germany, we have 3 cities, that are also states (although one of those is actually a 2 city state and only 2 of them are actual city states) and they also send their local representatives to our second chamber of the legislative.

    1. @Monica Haynes 3 city states. The greater madrid area in Spain is also a state, so is the greater Paris region in France (Ile de France), Bruxelles in Belgium is its own state, the federal capital area in Australia is its own state. There are plenty of city states around the world.

  2. Take a look at wyoming’s population. There are more antelope than people. And Gops separated Dakota into north and south states to get four votes vs two. There it is.

  3. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so that we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

  4. Would only make it thru Senate if people of DC looked like people of Idaho and Montana. Then statehood and representation would be a sacrament

  5. If the people of D.C. don’t have representation, how can they, constitutionally, be taxed?? Its literally an affront to the founding of the country and the very fabric of the constitution itself…. “taxation without representation” was the catalyst on which the United states was envisaged. It’s astounding it has taken us 200 years to work that out!

  6. The problem with DC statehood has nothing to do with political decisions. It has everything to do with the location of Federal Institutions becoming a part of state decisions on Federal institutions.

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