The Presidents Club In The Age Of Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

The Presidents Club In The Age Of Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Co-author of 'The Presidents Club' and historian Michael Beschloss join Morning Joe to discuss the recent history of presidential inaugurations and the peaceful transfer of power from one sitting president to the next. Aired on 01/19/2021.
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The Presidents Club In The Age Of Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. “Melania to her divorce lawyers” You guys said that four years ago. You also said he couldn’t be trusted with the nukes. You said women will lose their rights. You said the Muslims would be deported. You said Mueller was going to put him away. You said there was a Russian pee pee tape. And you said you would get his tax returns.

    1. @Eh-lien He may be. But how about his daughter who is married to a jew? Don’t the kkk hate jews… Couch cough Jared Kushner…

    1. Yes, because they acted like mature adults and role models. Trump does not even comprehend that kind of understanding or language.

    1. @LovelyRita MeterMaid If he’s impeached in the senate, does that mean he’s impeached for a 3rd time? Being impeached in the house doesn’t carry any weight, you know that right, it has to be both the house and senate. You people think everything is a victory!

  1. We have been dragged, not led for four years. The entire world will breathe a collective sign of relief at 12:01 on Wednesday. Let the healing begin.

    1. Yep, we’re getting ready to breathe again, here in Australia. There will probably be a big sale in asthma puffers as those lungs wheeze back into action after 4 very long years.

    2. Yes, the whole world is glad he will be gone. But his creepy businesses are still around the world, E-gads! You would think people would boycott his businesses or whatever.

  2. I got tears in my eyes when he said George H. Bush told Chelsea Clinton “welcome to your new home!” It’s so sad where our country is now.

    1. @Spiritual Anarchist You are right. But it’s true! I’m also highly emotional about politics right now with the state of everything.

    2. @Christy_ In_Kentucky Well. I’m living in the Netherlands and haven’t been in the U.S for over 15 years by now. But i can’t imagine how powerless ‘normal ‘ human beings must feel right . Many people can’t believe what the is going on in the U.S these last years. Extreme violent and greedy people getting elected and gaining more and more followers. Let’s hope the U.S will join the rest of the free world again, with good education , healthcare and compassion . Anyway..Good luck and stay strong. 🙂

  3. Could you imagine the horror on Melania’s face if Trump were to say “I’m going to spend time with Melania”?

    1. @neb Betsy Devos: worth 1.1 billion (Amway heir), Wilbur Ross 506 million (bankruptcy advisory), Steve Mnuchin 252 million (Goldman Sachs), Robert Lighthizer 46 million, Linda McMahon 37 million (former CEO), Sonny Perdue 33 million, Elaine Chao $30 million (board member of News Corp and Wells Fargo), Ben Carson $16 million (and seriously… brain surgeon at the head of Housing and Urban dev?!)… and these are positions that required Senate approval.
      Let’s not forget Rick “I don’t know what the Energy Department does” Perry at the head of the Energy Department, but was last seen on the boards of three Gas and Oil companies.

    2. @HunsValley “self made man” omfg how can you believe such fairytales lmao xD Reality check: He’s the son and heir of a multimillionaire (today, Fred Trump would be a billionaire) who got everything paid by daddy (incl. admission to college + draft dodging Vietnam), then daddy gave him millions to start off. He tanked everything, was saved twice by daddy, then inherited the rest of daddy’s fortune, then tanked again with FIVE bankrupcies. btw how can you bankrupt a casino???
      Trump was a joke. Then, faking it til It worked, he finally had his own success: THE APPRENTICE. That’s his only true self made success: a “reality” show. That’s Trump’s life before 2016. He got bailed out by foreign banks known to launder money for the russian mob. That’s where his fortune “comes from”. So give me a break about the myth of the “successfull, self made businessman”.

    1. I wish They could take Trump off the list and not have Trump there. Just pretend like Trump was never there. There has to be a way to keep Him out of the business if the Country. We can’t ever trust Donald Trump.

    1. @Joe Publisher She wore a jacket with “I don’t care. Do you?” Written on the back in large letters. That was the message she wanted all to see.I’m not a fan.

    2. I agree!!! When you are with Satan for so long you pick up his traits and she will suffer for just being married to that man and following behind him.

    3. Everyone seems to be forgetting she was apart and pushing the whole Birther Movement. She showed the world who and what she was some people chose not to see it.

    4. @Nicole Salmon I didn’t realize she participated in that birther movement… do you have a reference I can look up on that point.

  4. It’s impossible to buy class! That’s something trump has spent his life attempting to do, but without success.

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