The Real Housewives of NYC Cast Member Talks About Race And Reality TV 1

The Real Housewives of NYC Cast Member Talks About Race And Reality TV


Eboni K. Williams describes her experience on the show as “challenging” but “impactful” as she works to represent Black empowered women.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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The Real Housewives of NYC Cast Member Talks About Race And Reality TV


  1. Turning to Real Housewives for a critical commentary on race in America is like going to a maga rally looking for….a critical commentary on race in America.

    1. @Monique Watkins Triggered racist women says what? (Since you can see color in names and words.)

    2. @Brandon Tillery maybe? But it is from ALL race’s to be honest. Every race you can think of. .. …. … Always that group of bad apples you know?

    3. @Colorado IsME Just because black people speak truth does NOT mean they’re racist. Why are white people so scared of truth and facts?

    4. @Monique Watkins What facts is a reality TV star giving us here? Race has nothing to do with it, reality tv is trash and so are the people who exploit themselves on these shows.

  2. Some “racial reckoning.” A token black woman on a braindead t.v. show. I don’t like “real housewives…” either.
    Edit: I wonder if my comment will be taken down?

    1. @Thomas…Indeed some racial reckoning, I however, disagree with the tokenism part. I just hope her hair is not weave ‘cos these days one can’t tell the difference. That aside, she’s beautiful, highly educated & upper class in America in general. Still she’s black woman in the cast.

  3. With shows like this being of interest to so many people, I have very little hope. I’m OK with that, but get tired of listening to people complain about “REAL” things in life when what they really value trash like this TV crap.

  4. Slavery wasn’t taboo in civilization until a bunch of white guys with wigs sat down and made it so.

  5. Why do these shows call themselves “Real Housewives”? Are the majority of housewives in the country fake?

  6. The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.
    Aldous Huxley

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