The *real* reason Republicans want to get rid of Liz Cheney 1

The *real* reason Republicans want to get rid of Liz Cheney


It’s looking more and more like Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney will lose her House leadership role due to her willingness to criticize former President Donald Trump. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains what this potential ousting means for the GOP as a Party, and who is the likely replacement.


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  1. Do you think it’d be the right move for Republicans to remove Cheney from her leadership post? – Chris

    1. @peter baxter “Conservatism is dead”, really?Then tell me why NY, Cali and a few other blue states lost electors and house seats and red states like Florida and Texas gained seats. Texas gained two in fact. For the first time California lost a seat. If conservatism is dead then why are people fleeing liberal states and moving to conservative states Pete?

    2. Cheney’s demonstrating integrity and principle (as much as never thought I’d be defending any Cheney), but in history, she’ll be one of the too few voices of reason within the gop.

    3. @Abigail WC I’ve been cooking books throwing items in water #nopen and waiting for living assasitance to hit me back up #access prayers how do you feel about hands on defense it’s alot of ways to sneak a gun in being able to disarm a attacker is just as good as shooting one

    1. @Antonjlavey This isn’t Andorra,San Marino,or Montenegro.Smaller governments work fine for small countries,not a large country the size of the U.S.You can shove that Libertarian crap into the most handy orifice available to you.

    2. @D Redman Smaller government works because Texas work and the government isn’t in everything. I’m Republican stupid. That’s why Elon Musk moved here.

    1. @Ray Cis you don’t know the Cheney hunting story?
      Nobody died in that scenario. You must be a dumb kid just starting to pay attention to politics if you don’t know that.
      The Cheney’s are what a real republican is. Not whatever this trump cult you kids have turned the republican party in to.

    2. @Ray Cis says the guy who posts such trash about our Vice President for no damn reason other than she’s a woman. You know your comments are public right? Like all of them. Stop trying to fan the flames.

    1. @Rick Blue And the country needs to abide by the Constitution and have a congressional hearing when something is threatening our democracy….. Like witnessing possible election fraud

    2. @Rick Blue That’s why we need a congressional hearing. We need to figure out why these people reported fraud and why they don’t know each other or live in opposite parts of the country. The hearing is not a trial.

    3. @You Tube Yes there does need to be a investigation and people need to go to jail if they broke the law. We all need to talk to our congressman daily both sides and see who answers to our comments and push it to be discussed and prosecute them all just as we would be done to us

  2. I’m pretty much a rabid anti-GOPer….But Liz Chaney in her actions is as far fm main stream GOP as I am!!

  3. “the American people recognize this has been a partisan issue from the start”

    then the American people vote and throw trump republicans out of office

  4. These people are supposed to be working for us, not spending every waking moment jockeying for position.

  5. THE GOP is doomed and ruined– no loyalty to we the
    people (us) only to their golden
    “Idle ”

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