The Republican Party Is ‘In Moral Crisis’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

The Republican Party Is ‘In Moral Crisis’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Joy notes how the GOP is overlooking the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against Matt Gaetz, but instead ‘care about women who speak the uncomfortable truth, like Liz Cheney who they are now trying to excommunicate from the party.’
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About The ReidOut with Joy Reid: Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. Reid, who is also a best-selling author and public speaker, joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor. Drawing from her decades-long experience in politics, passion for addressing the intersection of race, justice and culture, as well as her signature tenacious interviewing style, Reid kicks off MSNBC’s primetime lineup by delving into American politics as it unfolds.
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  1. You can’t have a “moral crisis” when you have no morals! _repugnicants don’t possess the proper intellect for morality_

    1. @MrSnicker14 did you mean censure? Because the person above was dumb, but you’re not much better…

    2. @Fbi Agent really? So the fact Trumps 2017 tax cuts begin to roll back for the bottom 90% this year, that according to the CBO over 70% of big business donations go to republicans, and that this past weekend Ted Cruz openly admitted in an Op-ed that if you pay him he’ll overlook anything that businesses want? It was also Mitch McConnell who sued the government so corporate dollars would be considered covered by free speech laws, and that political action committees didn’t have to reveal who donated to them?

      All of that was for big business, but you can only claim dems are the party of big business with no actual evidence?

    3. @Tēōdēdē interesting revision of history, Webster’s does define the origin of fascism as Mussolini who was a far right leader and multiple definitions of the tenets of fascism point out it was started to counter communism and socialism which are left wing extremes. Go spew your neo Nazi BS elsewhere flake….

  2. Madison Cawthorn’s sexual allegations are still out there also. His victims are yelling for his investigation and for him to resign also

    1. @Sheron Edge quick deflect away from the reality that republicans are corrupt traitors

    2. @Sheron Edge get a fricken life Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr, and Eric have all committed high crimes and your repeating lies EDUCATE YOURSELF

  3. Any repugnicants making another trip to Moscow this 4th of July for more “meetings” with no press allowed? _they’re following master Putin’s game plan perfectly_

    1. @SW Game I kinda think you’re right, Democrats don’t really know how to fight like Republicans will/do.

    2. @Mark Keller is that why every Trump supporter cries when they’re confronted? Gaetz makeup was running last time he was on camera, guessing his 17 year old ex was sad about a Disneyland ride…

  4. The sad thing is that they don’t care. They’re just following the example of the Orange Clown.

    1. @Void OfTheDarkness you’ve had your account for 5 hours, maybe smoke some pot and chill before you stroke out…

    2. @Jim Myers not saying everyone who has a newer profile is automatically foreign, they got my last one banned for pointing out the knowledge of 1st grade punctuation is a prerequisite for things in 2nd grade and beyond, but the ones who are angriest are usually the ones who troll for money or are foreigners.

    1. I’d also described the republican party as I quote, “ worthless.” Even the leader of that party, he always disappoints us, too. An absolute sinner. And that means, that Donald Trump disappointed me and my family. Even if I haven’t seen Fox News, I still wouldn’t recommend watching it.

    2. Others call them “trump zombies”. No one held corrupt trump or his corrupt adult kids accountable during the sociopathic narcissist’s ugly term hence, except for 2 members of the GOP…everyone else has allowed them free rein to be who they’ve always been…corrupt, racist, privileged sociopathic narcissists….now everyone else in that party think they can do the same.

  5. I’m dreaming of a tRump PERP-WALK…
    It doesn’t matter who goes first.
    Micro, Minnie, Junior,
    Or fat Don Senior,
    Just can’t decide which one’s the worst!
    I’m dreaming of a tRump PERP-WALK…
    Each new headline makes my heart jump!
    May the SDNY not slump;
    And make every perp-walk a tRump.
    (Hopefully before “White Christmas” comes back!)

    1. Yeah, I’m still cackling over that. I actually listened twice! It’s a new one for me, but so far my favorite

    2. The first thing this stupid woman has ever said! I love the facial expressions Whoppi makes when she speaks!

  6. And an integrity crisis, and an intelligence crisis, and an identity crisis, and a character crisis, and an ethics crisis, etc.

  7. They claimed for years to have the moral high ground while they slept with hookers and turned away from reality to line their pockets and pretended that they were good But we saw through the charade!

    1. @MrSnicker14 You want to know what’s really funny , Sappy? Rudy’s laptop is getting confiscated and Hunters isn’t and that’s after Rudy’s son said; ” if it could happen to Rudy it can happen to anybody!” LOL

    2. Republicans always looked down their self righteous noses at the Democrats, always implying that Democrats had low morals, were anti family and had no “real American values. When all the while, they were the ones. They are now completely exposed for the hypocrites they are and always have been. It will be laughable when they try to label & sell themselves to voters as the “family values” party or the “faith based conservative” party or the “moral” party. They have no values, no faith inspired compassion and no morals.

    3. @Avalon 2 once again what office does Hunter Biden hold? Oh wait he isn’t in office, but Gaetz and Trump were who both have multiple allegations against them are. Shouldn’t you be outraged by Disneyland right now? Gaetz ex girlfriend is…

  8. Why isn’t this just making the news and TV
    People we should all be really upset with this bull

    1. Trp needs to go to prison and thrnbto see his maker. Beelzebub. God bless America. Ban tros family from social media.

  9. Good to see that MeMeMeMeghan can still make everything about her. It’s nice that some things are consistent.

  10. When a poor man commits these same exact crimes, they go to Prison. Justice for all my a$$

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