1. During the Bush era the CIA operated multiple so called “Black Sites” here in Europe for interrogation of terrorist suspects with advanced interrogation methods. We in Europe are more than ready to open these “Black Sites” again where the CIA can take care of american insurrectionists.

    2. @Piotr Trebisz People don’t know that Bush Sr. Was a CIA Director before he was Regan’s Vice President.

    1. That’s why Biden’s staff gives him massive doses of ego enhancing drugs before he makes a public appearance and tells him not to take questions.

    2. @Paul Wright – Please Osama, get help & take your meds. Getting an education, of course, would cure all your ills but hey…

    3. Democrats are a domestic terror organization. They deploy Antifa and BLM to riot in the street just like Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Should be no surprise since the Nazis were inspired by the Democrat KKK.

  1. It’s almost like the war was a bad thing for our country and has led to a less stable situation… 🤔🤦‍♂️

    1. @Censorship Is real yes funny how the threat is from our society and not theirs 🤣🤣 your argument makes no sense. The only terror threat in this country is from yallqaeda.

    2. @Reaper Dragon if you paid attention to the comment I responded to you wouldn’t look stupid..
      The the comment is about the war in Afghanistan. So how is it whatboutism.
      But as usual you deny dismiss and deflect from the topic on this thread.

  2. Sept. 18, 2021 will be GREAT. Our intelligence will reap so many ID”S on these terrorists. Just shows you how dangerous, stupid, they are.

    1. How many “terrorists ” do you think there are ? 70 million….80….100 million ?

      I mean let’s just say….you can use fear of arrest, death or destruction and convince 60 million terrorists to be reducated and submit. What do you suggest to do about 20-30 million terrorists?

  3. So what is the relation between the domestic terorrism with the foreign country??

    I’m mean… why United States start bombing the middle-east??

    If you only searching for terorrist… you can do it without needed to demolished a whole country…

    Is that any different berween war on terror with the war on foreign??
    Luckily… the next event will a place for a great war… so we can take a ravanged…

    1. You’re right. If you use any “key” words, it is deleted. Also notice that, despite overwhelming negative comments, the number of thumbs seems to grow.

    1. @sedec paracec The one positive thing about failing Democratic cities is that there’s a lot of #1 deposits on the streets that they’re able to use as glue to put Joe quickly back together again.

    2. Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot in the back of the head for saying ALL LIVE MATTER at a protest BLACK LIVES MATTER.

      Not one DEMOCRAT OWNED news source other than a very few YouTube channels have covered this.

    3. @David Cohen There wasn’t any coverage on liberal news networks of that lady in a gorilla mask who threw an egg at Larry Elder, either.


    1. The courts ordered BLM to remove the “L” from their name because they found their organization to have NOTHING to do with saving lives. So now they go by the name Big BM!

  4. I can’t watch the solemn 9-11 ceremonies without thinking about the hundreds of Americans now abandoned in Afghanistan, women beaten down in the streets, and Afghan allies murdered in front of their families while their daughters are given away to Taliban soldiers as child-brides. Thanks Biden.

  5. Blood bat of Rome, to banshee feast upon the heart of the Patriarch, to kneel and Satanic curse the name of your forefathers, for Pete’s sake Peter puffers yes

  6. Still don’t know how fake news and liberal media keep calling Jan 6 an insurrection when hardly an AR-15 was seen…. 🤣

    1. Well, suddenly we hear the sirens
      And everybody started to run
      Jumping under doors and tables
      Well, I heard somebody shooting a gun

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