1. …needs a more permanent solution, like build that wall… around Mar a Lago 😆..🤧..😷

    2. @Insignificant360 Exactly..$600/night in their hotels. How is this not being paid attention to. Also UK Ambassador on how he was forced to TRY to change major golf tournament to the Orangeball’s golf course?? Why aren’t these being investigated..for the love of God??🧐🤓🤯

    3. More Americans will celebrate the news of Donny the Dunce eventually being found dead in his prison cell than celebrated the assassination of Osama Bin Laden

  1. Any member of the Secret Service that doesn’t believe a President is in fact the actual President should be removed from duty immediately

    1. @Bianca Culpo money. But they shouldn’t be there. Too risky for the president. For the country.

    1. Love her book on Florida orange..”A Stable Genius” co written with Phil Rutger, another top journalist~👏👍🧐🤓

  2. That’s what happens when u have an stand alone agency that doesn’t oversee themselves!! Corruption always follows!!

    1. We as regular citizens know that but the ones in the Government?
      They’re too engulfed in their power ..

  3. Hmm, maybe if the Secret Service didn’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars every weekend renting rooms at Maralago for the last 4 years….they’d have enough money to do their job. 🤔🙄
    Speaking of which, Mnuchin never did disclose those annual expenses. I wonder why? 😅

    1. Rooms Should be for FREE – Since Trump decided that’s were they should stay..
      Or Trump[ and Group should stay at Holiday Inn!!

  4. This is me wondering why there are never such breathless headlines about teachers being cash strapped.

    1. @Just passing through. I read up on the Cloward-Piven strategy. I just don’t understand what your point is.

    2. @Mark Moore if you are unable keep up with the conversation then you’ll have to backtrack.

    3. @Just passing through. oh look what a surprise. You’re avoiding answering another question.

    4. @Mark Moore So you haven’t the ability to recognize a question you ask me and the answer I gave in response. Find it and I’ll answer your second question. You’re not doing very well Sir.

  5. Secret service’s reputation comes mostly from movies who idializes them beyond reality. Same with the FBI.

  6. I’m not surprised they were “stretched too thin” between doing the Hokey Pokey with half of Trump’s female relatives and trying to find a bathroom they could use within driving distance of Jared and Ivanka’s.

  7. Here’s one way Secret Service can do their jobs effectively within their budget: *Bar Presidents from staying at luxury resorts they own, and billing the service millions to stay at their property* 🤬

    1. @Lawngue Blackduke That, too. If Presidents and lawmakers are required to take an oath to the Constitution, so should their protectors: *Support of, or facilitation of treason against our lawful republic should be grounds for IMMEDIATE dismissal.*

    2. @William Springer McConnell said there was so I think i will believe him and not a Trumputin troll.

  8. Sounds like the Secret Service needs some serious overhaul and reform. They have to be committed to the constitution or they shouldn’t be there.

  9. What do they want common folk to do when everyone has a storm trooper bodyguard and no one knows when they will give Order 66.

  10. The new administration will undoubtedly take care of this problem very soon . It just another one of those things that criminals from the past administration left behind to be corrected and it will be .

  11. If the secret service is actively recruiting I’m curious where they are finding the best and brightest.

  12. After the secret service members openly showing support for the insurrection, I can understand why Biden wanted to purge the service of Trump personnel.

  13. 3:11 It’s funny to see Hallie just chilling watching the footage, and then surprised that the camera return to her.

  14. Due to trump’s unending golf trips that profited his own properties and the business trips and vacations of his family, the Secret Service budget was rapidly used up 6 months into his only term. This American citizen does follow such details and, for your added information, trump extended the protective details for his family members before he left office. Your tax dollars at work. Based on the excellent reporting in this new book, it’s past time for an in depth investigation of the Secret Service and the Treasury Dept. under “Munchkin.”

  15. If an SS agent has to be told to be non-partisan, it should be part of their exit interview.

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