The RNC Kicks Off With A Flurry Of GOP Endorsements… For Joe Biden | Deadline | MSNBC 1

The RNC Kicks Off With A Flurry Of GOP Endorsements… For Joe Biden | Deadline | MSNBC


Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Washington Post White House bureau chief Phil Rucker, and former Democratic Congresswoman Donna Edwards weigh in on the over two dozen former Republican members of Congress announcing their support for the Democratic candidate for president. Aired on 8/24/2020.
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The RNC Kicks Off With A Flurry Of GOP Endorsements… For Joe Biden | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Hippy Sue to the Rescue thats already been investigated . There were very few violaters. Most of them were republicans.

    2. @Charles L Jones Trump’s done a very good job. These liars can’t offer a single truth about anything Trump has actually done wrong. They simply hate the man due to his personality.

  1. “Watching the trump family turn the government into their own personal slot machine.”

    Gotta love Nicolle Wallace!

    1. Trump is trying to pass the trumps off as royalty…He is not..he works for THE PEOPLE..he is in the PEOPLE’S HOUSE…he is allowed to reside as long as he is president

    1. @Tim If you think farmers are “unintelligent” pray tell what education did you receive professor? After all you think all ills are at Trumps feet and despite the overwhelming evidence of the DNC corruption “orange man bad” is still your motto. Also best not to mock those that feed, cloth and protect your embryonic stage of thinking. After all being smart does you little good if you’re starving and don’t have the knowledge to sustain yourself.

    2. @Zk the DNC ratings were HIGHER than the RNC ratings! I guess that makes the trump national convention the WORST IN HISTORY!!!

    3. @Zk I’m not making that up. I heard it on the news. I don’t watch faux news, though. Where did you hear that? Fox? trump? I believe neither (and neither should you!)

    1. @Secret Oktober78
      Better Biden than a fake billionaire business man who has had bankruptcy after bankruptcy including mail order brides proving Trump is totally unstable and not fit to govern!


  3. The two party system is screwing you over. After you kick him out you need to sit down and have a hard talk with yourselves.

  4. Ronald Reagan- man who increased child poverty by 50% in ONE YEAR. “A country for all”, you been had…

    1. … the most egregious Union Breaker of all time. Starting with the Air Traffic Controllers. Simultaneously the selling of patents the Japanese , Koreans & Chinese that led to the dismantling of American Manufacturing. Reaganomics is still the plague that keeps on killing

    2. You forgot how well privatization and deregulation worked for us. It doesn’t, but it is the foundation of the greedy and corrupt GOP.

  5. Wow! “The only way I will lose is if the voting is rigged!”
    Let me run for Miss America using that sentiment!

    1. ATM is closer. Slot machines, especially at a Trump Casino, don’t work reliably to enrich Trump and all his people.

  6. Michael Steele is a gem !
    “Trump family turning the government into their own personal “slot” machine” the host nailed it!

    1. @Cynthia Neighbors you cant blame china. now that hunter lost his job fixing things in the ukraine he can get a consulting job in china. suddenly the bad guys will become the good guys if sleepy joe wins. everyone rehabilitated. the virus cured by no testing and problem swept under the rug same as he did with the swine flu under obomber.. close your eyes and be happy.

    2. @crocodile2006 of you want to know what party has been the most corrupt just google it. Republicans have had more charges more indictments more convictions more sentences more jail time …..and they lead in flying colors. Now what was that about corruption.

    3. @Cynthia Neighbors it doesnt surprise the that someone who thinks that not being able to spell president reagans name correctly is normal but also that same person cant understand plain english. nor that the individual is so arrogant they place themself as a benchmark for high intelligence.

    1. @Katt x i admire conviction….even if it is misplaced. as for winning or losing the liberal media claims you have absolutely no chance of losing. america can pretty much be divided into 2 catagories…………..those who trust the liberal media and those who dont. they say trump told 20,000 lies but they let you down bad in 2016 when they assured you trump would lose and yet here he is. if the 20,000 liar is still there in 2020 i would question who was the liar…………..the “20,000 liar” or the accuser.

    2. @anthony gomes They were right. He had no chance of winning. He didn’t win. The people voted against him. Electorates voted against their districts. Hilary was the people’s choice.

    3. @damama46 electorates voted against him in their districts? you are completely ignorant of how the electoral college works arent you?

    4. @anthony gomes Not against HIM, against the people in their districts, who voted against him. Thus, not the people’s choice for president. We chose Hilary.

  7. “What kind of a president undermines the elections in his own country”? Well dictators of course. It’s right out of the playbook!

    1. @Hush Money is one of many TROLLS do not respond to him that’s what he wants, the more absurd the comment the more they want you to respond don’t give them the satisfaction

  8. The more I hear Michael Steele speak, the more I like him. Another Presidential term for the Donald would be a disaster for our democracy.

    1. a term for biden would be 5 dollar gas and disaster for the economy. biden says he will shut down the nation to stop COV19, even though cases have been dropping. he says he is for main st and not wall st but if you think when the stock market drops jobs will be created you are indeed a pathetic fool.

  9. Trump: The only way we will lose is if it’s rigged. Reality: The only way we will win is if we rig it.

    1. And, looks like he’s failing at rigging. All his plans are backfiring! All his minions are getting arrested!

  10. Why has there never been a minimum job requirement for the presidency?
    Shouldn’t a job as important as running this country have a requirement of several years experience serving in a state or federal political office???
    Should we allow someone with no political experience get on the job training at the expense of the American people (170K+ and counting, russian bounties…)???
    And the same for major office appointments (minimum relevant experience)(postmaster general, FBI, CDC…)???
    WTH!!! This needs to change!!!
    Pass it on!
    Things need to change!

    1. I said that 4 yrs ago how is sum1 with NO experience in government whatsoever and bragged about not paying taxes can run n e thing – they can tell me how to cheat the system but def not run it.

      But people who were pro- claimed he was such a gr8 businessman that he would str8en us out and it was time for sum1 other than a politician to b in that house.

      Well u got EXACTLY what i knew u would. A reality show full of Tomfoolery. Thank u heads!

    2. You can all thank the effing tea party for the start of this shitshow. They were enamored with the “outsider”. Don’t elect anyone with political experience.

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