The Road To Impeachment: See The Mountain Evidence Build Against Trump | MSNBC

The impeachment inquiry into Trump’s Ukraine plot has quickly evolved, as House Democrats have moved with a swift timeline to gather evidence, investigate and vote on two articles of impeachment against President Trump. MSNBC’s Ari Melber highlights some of the most pivotal moments of testimony in the historic impeachment inquiry. Aired on 12/27/19.
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The Road To Impeachment: See The Mountain Evidence Build Against Trump | MSNBC


    1. LOL…………..the T-Rex of Presidents storms through the House midgets and scatter them like kittens. LOLOLOLOL……………every time Nan bangs her choppers in front of a group of reporters, TRUMP’S NUMBERS SHOOT UP!!!
      Keep it up libs…………..YOU are Trump’s secret weapon.

    2. Trump’s approval rating is now at an all-time high and jumped 6 points with independent voters. Plus he set a record for most money raised in just 48 hours after impeachment. Thanks Nancy!

    1. @Michael Timely
      Nope. I studied it. The South Carolina state legislature was democrat and declared separate due to slavery.
      The GOP shut them down. It only took 600,000 dead mean and years of war.

      Mike, this is so old and so debunked and tired.

      Liberals like to take credit for the welfare state.
      You moved your slaves from one plantation to another.

      You just gotta keep dem down on da farm. Poor, sick and hopeless. It must be genetic. You never seem to learn.

      You’re out of your league here Mike.
      Give up while you’re behind. It’ll only get more embarrassing for you.

    2. @j walsh
      You are punching up j. Give up. Trump is using the impeachment for fundraising. On the day the House voted on the articles he raised $5,000,000.
      Keep it up j. You’re Trump’s secret weapon.

    3. ​@Michael Timely
      “We won’t organize any black man to be a Democrat or a Republican because both of them have sold us out.
      Both of them have sold us out; both parties have sold us out.

      Both parties are racist, and the Democratic Party is more racist than the Republican Party.”
      MALCOM X

  1. Trump has been a life long criminal and con artist. At the time he rode that escalator down and announced he was running for President, he had ALREADY scammed thousands of people out of millions of dollars through his Trump University fraud for which he was fined $25 million dollars! And, he had ALREADY stolen money from disabled veterans and kids with cancer through his FAKE CHARITY to illegally fund his campaign, fund his decadent lifestyle, pay legal fees for his failing businesses, and to buy paintings of himself to hang on the walls of his tacky golf clubs. And, he was ALREADY guilty of bank fraud and income tax evasion! He should have ALREADY been in prison!

    1. I pay a large amount of taxes, for my vote, so I would be dumb not to use it. But, my vote doesn’t count in this flawed democracy, so I am paying for nothing, and I think it’s “something”…when it’s not? The majority of Americans didn’t want Trump for president…but, he is president anyway. How does voting matter? The reality is…we are NOT a democracy / republic. I don’t know what we are as a government, other than corrupt.

    2. @taltal milal –

      There is the notion that a president can not be charged with a crime. However, when Trump is out of office, he is fair game for ALL of the charges that he should have gotten, during the Mueller investigation. (Like 10 obstruction of justice charges, and for various other criminal activities that put other people in prison, like Flynn and Cohen. The emolents clause, enriching himself, tax evasion, etc, etc).

  2. Only way anything will come out of this impeachment is if Moscow Mitch is eliminated from this impeachment business.

    1. That and if 17 republican senators vote in favor of impeachment, which will never happen. Impeachment is dead on arrival.

  3. Trump: “I did nothing wrong, and to prove it, I’m going to block all witnesses from testifying, and I’m going to block all evidence from being introduced in my trial.”

  4. Everyone was in the loop including Mike Pence. Wow what a White House.
    Time to clean house they’ve done enough damage to our country.

  5. And the majority of GOP are all complicit in his crime-spree too.
    How else would they be able to betray their own country in order to side with him as they have thus far?

  6. The republicans thought jumping aboard the Chump train would be a quick trip to personal wealth and rich white empowerment.
    Now they find themselves trapped on a runaway train going too fast to jump off of & barreling towards a dead end at the gas processing plant.

  7. i disagree with the title. it’s not a mountain of evidence; it’s a mountain range of evidence. We have several mountains of evidence that we can see, and several we can’t but we know are there because Trump has put up a fence to stop people from going over to look at the other mountains.

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