The Search For Missing Students: How A California Educator Is Solving The Attendance Crisis | MSNBC 1

The Search For Missing Students: How A California Educator Is Solving The Attendance Crisis | MSNBC


Millions of students have disappeared from the classroom during the transition to remote learning. Indio High School assistant principal Richard Pimentel tells MSNBC's host of "American Voices" Alicia Menendez how he’s helping students reengage with their education amid the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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The Search For Missing Students: How A California Educator Is Solving The Attendance Crisis | MSNBC


  1. Have in person learning would probably help the issue. It’s working well in other states. Recall Gavin Newsom. The second worst Governor in America.

  2. education is most valued when it is both voluntary and earned. Those who don’t wish to avail themselves of schooling should expect to earn less in the market until they decide to learn to earn more. Just as we may wish another to eat healthier, we value more their free choice to do as they will — if we don’t wish to teach them authoritarianism.

  3. Perhaps of schools were open there would not be a truancy issue. California teachers must believe the science the superintendence must open school because the science tells us that students and teachers are going to be safe in their classrooms.

  4. Have a little patience everyone, the covid relief bill that just passed includes funding for schools to do whatever construction updates are needed to meet CDC Guidelines.

    Things like updating ventilation systems takes actual time, and construction supplies for starters… And its worth it to not see children get strokes from covid induced bloodclots.

    1. They will be vaccinated before the schools are updated. I am confused why did they not do a one week on one week off or something & keep the children in school. I have heard of many schools who did not close & have not had to close. Each classroom is tested each am with one swab being submitted (companies doing this for free), then if it comes back positive they send in individual tests from that classroom.

  5. Ummm, they’re not missing, they’re home with their family. they don’t belong to you. How about you rethink education before trying to get students back … starting with getting rid of standardized tests

    1. They level the playing field to all students whether it’s the SAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT,… I’ve got to seriously question your motive or your extremely dense and are lashing out because you didn’t get into the school you wanted

  6. When killers use guns against people that Don’t have guns, do they stop the killing with guns or laws?
    And if people have to give up guns to stop people that are killing us with guns, how do you protect people if you don’t have weapons… And why do you want the police and military to give up their guns?
    You don’t just want average at home jane doe to be home alone without protection, do you?

  7. Why didn’t she ask him what types of issues impeded the students from engaging? I mean.. he went out there and and asked them. I am curious what the reasons are.

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