1. I first noticed Pompeo when he “ran” the CIA out of the White House (spending more hours a day at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave than at CIA Hdq. I watched 3 of his 5 identical Sunday performances in which he (1) spewed the same memorized spiel, (2) refused to answer all the same questions, and (3) not only failed to convince me of anything, but also appeared unconvinced himself. This is success?

    2. Pup Pup Man

      Imagine being so stupid you can’t tell the difference between news and a political discussion video.

      You don’t need to imagine – just go look in a mirror.

    3. Pompeo? Isn’t that the guy who believes it’s his mission to get all the Jews back to Israel so that the world will end?

    1. Yes cause never mind ‘like your plan keep your plan,’ ‘my server did not have any classified emails on it,’ ‘Benghazi is the result of a YouTube video,’ ‘Iran is now governed by moderate leaders,’ etc etc etc , huh dippy?

    1. Pompeo has the most compelling portrayal of a Komodo Dragon I have ever seen.

      Don’t you believe he would eat his own offspring?

    2. @ruth depew I spent several days on Komodo Island some years ago, which I documented in my book, Lost Latitudes. Dragons will eat their own young if food is scarce, but none of them are as ugly as Pompeo.

    1. @General Sanders You may think you’re speaking Russian, while in fact you’re loudly chewing $hit, cum rag.

    1. @The Great Anointed Lord Trump. Los Lunas is 20 minutes from Albuquerque. Know a little geography. Use Google maps if you need to. Get a clue. Buy a vowel. Go play in traffic.

  1. State: Massachusetts
    Town: Hull
    School: Hull Memorial Middle School
    *Carl were all big fans please mention us on the show*

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