The Secret To Passing A New Assault Weapons Ban | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

In a Beat special report, Ari Melber examines the roots of America's gun control dilemma today and what Congress can learn from the 1994 ban on assault weapons.
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The Secret To Passing A New Assault Weapons Ban | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. Moms MADD : They only squander your money on themselves. Oliver North called them out for it, and they stomped him for it. Corruption and Money Laundering at the top. Keep your money and spend it on ammo. That’s what I do 👍

    2. drtbk09 : Read the 2nd Amendment, son? You’re not planning to take down the government are you? SMH

    3. @Joshua Turpentine Freedom Loving Americans. This Communist Democrat Party is a Adolf Hitler rerun of the 1930. Hide and watch friend.

    1. Hush Money, you will go the way of David Koresh one day, dude. Don’t be stupid. Those guns are only going to get you killed.

  1. Australia hasn’t had any mass shootings since the gun ban/buy-back scheme following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre – that was like 23 years ago.

    1. Correct, the NRA is an Organization made up of Freedom Loving Americans. Not Zombies marching to the tune of the Communist Democrats with no brain functions..

    1. Americans don’t have a uniform set of values…otherwise we wouldn’t need the law. Trump is your product, and you let him get to where he is today…he should have been jailed when successfully bribing half of New York’s City local government.

  2. Christ- 2997 died in 911 Compare that to the 8932 with 4 and a half months left in the year. I think I’ll pass on remembering the 911 anniversary. It just stinks of hypocrisy in the light of the current numbers of gun deaths. Peace

    1. Gun free zones are criminal safe working zones laws against guns only hurt law abiding citizens and empowers the criminals

  3. Amnesty International, China, Venezuela and Uruguay have all issued travel warnings to the US because of the gun violence.

    1. Ani Fosler hmm nobody knows, might as well have one just in case you win the Murphy’s law lottery

    2. Actually, there’s a group of paid riflemen paid by farmers to shoot wild hogs. There are so many that they need semi automatic rifles. There was a video article about them.

      Beyond them, no one but special law enforcement units need them.

    3. Bokushingu’s Kendo TV that was a joke, don’t you get it? The guy who has the feral hogs uses a regular rifle

    1. Putin: “It’s like $hooting goldfish in a barrel with an AK-47. But no gloating, I have another American presidential election to manipulate.”

    2. If that’s what he thinks, then he’s wrong. Because, yes in the short term, he’s winning, but at the same time he must be acutely aware that once the people he supports are out of power, the new leadership will target him. And then, over the long run, he would lose, because he would have succeeded in nothing else than further isolating Russia from the rest of the world. Which is a big shame. I consider myself as an admirer of Russia, but not like this! If he wanted this to be a successful operation, he shouldn’t have been so open with what he was doing. Everyone knows he’s guilty and all his denials don’t fool people. Sooner or later this trick won’t work anymore.

    3. Was…is…will continue to be! If you’re not an activist against this class war of the very wealthy against the poor and middle class, dare I say it…you deserve what you get!

    1. No it was not. Thank you!! It’s sooooo ridiculous that’s people blame the NRA when it’s the politicians who’re taking the money and maintaining the status quo.

      Where’s the blame of the politicians? Their hands aren’t tied; they’re stretched out and full of cash!!

  4. Every other month, we have a gun related terror attack, & with that schedule, what day is a good day to talk about common sense gun control? My guess, today.

    1. Cher Chikatilo : On the very day he was at ground zero of a Nazi atrocity, his goons were rounding up the very people targeted in the Nazi’s, “manifesto.” Trump has all but ENSURED there will be more atrocities. He’s literally showed America that Right Wing Terrorism WORKS. He just Capitulated to a Terrorist.

  5. UK had the Hungerford Massacre in the ’80s the shooter used assault weapons the Uk Parliament banned them outright just like that.

    1. Australia had the Port Arthur massacre in 1997 where 36 people die and Australian parliament banned assault rifles and had a national guns buy back scheme. Australia is a safer country from banning assaults rifles.

  6. 9:18 This is exactly the correct response to “stop politicizing a tragedy”. That talking point is a good trick and I’m embarrassed to admit I used to fall for it but it falls apart under scrutiny.

  7. your nra donations buy a french guy tailored clothes from boutiques in beverly hills… and almost a mansion in texas. big, tough republicucks.

  8. Tourists are being warned to avoid the US because of gun violence. This is our America now!

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