The Senate Adopted GOP Rules In The Impeachment Trial After Heated Debate. | MSNBC

The Senate Adopted GOP Rules In The Impeachment Trial After Heated Debate. | MSNBC 1


  1. They blocked all witnesses and documents in the house and now they’re blocking them in the Senate, WTF is wrong with you people?

    1. Ken Rimmer Schumer only wants witnesses that he considers “relevant” to the case. He was willing to let judge Roberts decide on relevance but why would republicans voluntarily give up that power

    2. M Murph well of course, but this has nothing to do with your statement.. it was already voted on and witnesses will be later. No details on who have been made.

    1. Just getting started. MSNBC has been finished. Completely outed as FAKE NEWS whose audience are made up of people who believe more abortions and the disarmament of law abiding citizens are the only things needed in this country

    1. @Dizzy Duke To bad for you. Your not a very good judge of character. It okay, some people only have a iq of a 100.

    1. You do know he committed no crime. Democrats run a sham impeachment. Trump will be re-elected. Hope your okay with that.

    2. @JD says the party that handed the presidency over by screwing sanders to run Hillary lmaooo. Lets talk about corruption.

    3. I’m always telling people that all Democrats believe in is unicorns and rainbows… And I looked up and behold a Democrat with a picture of a unicorn and a rainbow!!! Lol life complete! Thank you!

    1. GOP is not alone. I’m burning the Gownin argument immediately here but the Nazis had the support of the PEOPLE behind them. Yes, trump is there. Yes the GOP is there too. Yes, the peripheral enablers do their part. But the PUBLIC opinion is the foundation.

  2. They think holding this in the dark will hide their misdeeds.
    Lies and corruption shun the light of day, but history will shine a light on ALL INVOLVED eventually.
    The first IMPOTUS in history, will FOREVER be remembered for being Impeached during his first term.
    Enjoy the Impeachment Legacy.

    1. Reg U , u need to get out of the MSNBC bubble , the rules actually mirror the Clinton trial, and we have not reached the stage when the Senate votes on the persons they wish to see testify

    2. The things they hide in the Dark will be post all over the Freeway, Cities and Internent…😁😁😁😁

    3. The impeached will continue to be a defendant in thousands of cases long after this one is settled.
      His day of judgement is coming.

  3. I don’t believe in an afterlife, or karmic justice. I believe that if we do not demand justice with witnesses in a fair and open Senate trial, there will never be consequences for a president who breaks the law.

  4. Nadler was telling the truth when he called them LIARS. There was nothing to admonish. The world’s greatest deliberative body does not want to deliberate the facts, only the false narratives conjured by this administration. Last I checked, false narratives are LIES.

    1. They think we are stupid and we will forget let’s show them we are smarter then they are they can cheat and lie but we are voting them out in 2020 so they are out

  5. Republicans never address the issues they only address the process or divert attention to someone who calls them habitual liars and they are habitual liars.

  6. Republicans: “Where’s the evidence, where are the witnesses?”
    Democrats: “You’re not allowing us to bring witnesses or evidence.”

    1. @Stan Jay
      The Clinton impeachment trial had 3 new witnesses and new evidence that were called for by the Republican minority in the senate. In fact, new testimony is heard in every judicial impeachment trial. Always has been, always should be. Had Dump not obstructed by blocking witnesses and documents, this would have been over weeks ago.

    2. @mike taylor Look so you might see the behavior. Listen so you might hear the lies and spins by trump and his team of liers.

    1. Wow, do a Google search. Democrats started the KKK, voted against womens right to vote, voted against blacks getting the vote, voted against desegregation in schools, and fought the Republicans in a civil war to keep slaves. Why else do you think Republicans payed for the march MLK had in Washington. Because we judge on character, your side judges skin color, gender, and sexual orientation.

    2. They are well aware of what the majority of voters think, so I believe there is no way they will allow an election, certainly not a fair election, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they simply cancelled the next election to hold onto power. I put nothing past these people who have clearly chosen evil: nobody could look at Trump and not see it.

  7. Omg……..what a farce!! The rest of the World knows that his Impeachment will be a cover up….DT is an odious and lying POTUS and is not trusted and never will be. I feel sad for the citizens of the USA who are going to suffer from DT’s elitist policies and the erosion of the USA Constitution!!Do the ROP really think that the Intelligence Services of other countries are not aware of the real truth. The USA is now viewed as weak and corrupt because of DT and his Republican sheep!!

  8. Now we have a trial with No evidence or witnesses allowed before hearing arguments.
    King 1
    Democracy 0
    Constitution; toilet paper

  9. The advantage of living in the Pacific Time Zone. The Senate is completely dysfunctional and no doubt will acquit Trumpy.

  10. Americans are confused and misled by disinformation if they believe that the GOP will somehow be swayed by the purpose, meaning and democratic, republic foundations of the US Constitution; that the GOP will somehow “wake-up” and realize that Trump really is guilty of the two articles of impeachment against him. The truth is, this is really about POWER; keeping it, maintaining it, and extending it over years to decades, and if they have to support a wannabe dictator to keep their power – so be it!

  11. Hey Justice Roberts, the “world’s greatest deliberative body” is now the bottom 8″ of an untended septic tank. And you’re covered in it.

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