The Significance Of Biden’s Vaccination Announcement Ahead Of G-7 1

The Significance Of Biden’s Vaccination Announcement Ahead Of G-7


NBC Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell reports from the U.K., where President Biden gives a joint address with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

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  1. Putin: Thanks for leaving me stranded, Donald. You promised you would get me back into the G7.

    1. Putin: didn’t my mayor pay Hunter ? Thanks for your approval of our pipeline not yours. And tell Obama thanks for Crimea and the red line in Syria. Is that what you want to say?

  2. Joe Biden’s going to be a total embarrassment to us when he gets on stage mumbles forgets where he’s at has no idea what the hell’s going on you can look in his eyes and you can tell how lost he is

    1. @Make Racists Afraid Again the blue hair and fat gut are why the guys don’t text back

    1. @Josef The risk is 1 in 1 million and 1 in 7 million died from a blood clot. COVID kills 1 in 100 and permanently injures many more. Please stop being hysterical.

  3. So wait a second, he’s not going to lie about it, ignore it, and go play golf while 500,000 people die?…..How refreshing..

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy Yeah, that will sure change the fact traitor 45 and the republicans killed over 500,000 people…

  4. ##【新】## Dr. Fauci 「確實」是美國的〈司法妖魔集團〉的重要成員!因此,世界各國的〈司法妖魔集團〉(及”中共”)「確實」共同合作【【包圍製造】】「”武漢肺炎”事件」(「毒殺(屠殺)世界各國的民眾」來共同斂大財)。++++++ 但,”中共”的決策者對於【剷除”放毒者”】卻做的比其他國家徹底。也就是說,”中共”的決策者派遣”狙擊隊”擊斃「放毒者」已經有一年多了,這也是為何,目前,美國的”武漢肺炎”確診人數高達「3340萬」人,而中國的”武漢肺炎”確診人數卻只有「11萬」人。
    ##【新】## 我曾經多次提到,教會是〈司法妖魔集團〉很多年的【長期合作夥伴】,因此,〈司法妖魔集團〉應該是【透過「教會」來放毒〈放”武漢肺炎”病毒〉】!++++++ 2020年2月義大利與南韓「最先」成為疫情重災區,而義大利與南韓都是「教會密集」的國家,這也說明了,〈司法妖魔集團〉應該是【透過「教會」來放毒〈放”武漢肺炎”病毒〉】!。
    ### 2003年的冠狀病毒SARS的疫情【在10個月內就完全結束】從此SARS就完全消失(即,SARS(能夠屠殺民眾)但沒有「流感」性能)。++++++ 專家曾經指出,武漢肺炎(冠狀病毒)與SARS(冠狀病毒)極相似,因此,”武漢肺炎”同樣也是(能夠屠殺民眾)但沒有「流感」性能。世界各國的〈司法妖魔集團〉(及”中共”)是“長期”的合作夥伴,他們為了斂大財,他們共同決定【以〈長期暗中派人放毒〉的方式來製造”武漢肺炎”的「流感」假象】,藉此,他們就可迫使〈他們的人民乖乖打疫苗〉並且每年都打,如此,他們就可每年都斂大財。++++++ 世界各國的公共衛生專家(包括台灣的公共衛生專家)”說謊”聲稱「武漢肺炎流感化」,那是因為他們已經加入他們國家的〈司法妖魔集團〉並且參加上述的(屠殺民眾)斂大財計畫。
    ### 〈司法妖魔集團〉是由〈“檢調、情報機構及警方”人員以及法院法官〉所組成。因此,〈司法妖魔集團〉是個【殺手兼裁判】的集團(註:裁判即法官等等)。
    ##【新】## 從1997年至今,我所寫的〈所有文章及所有”真相報告”〉全都是「完全免費的」。
    ##【新】【新】## 到目前為止,我只收到第三個”Stimulus Check”,我沒有收到【第一個及第二個”Stimulus Check”】。最近我打電話到IRS詢問,但IRS卻(找藉口)故意不處理,(可見)仍然有〈司法妖魔集團〉養的敗類阻止(或反對)發【第一個”Stimulus Check”】及【第二個”Stimulus Check”】給我。++++++ Note: I have applied for Stimulus Check on April 11, 2020 by filing [[Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info]] to IRS (Submission ID: 440895202010203ifg6q).
    ### daichs 2021-06-10 10:45 PM (Taiwan time 台灣時間)

    1. No one knows what you’ve said but you have a couple of thumbs up from liberals who think it’s racist to not applaud you.

    1. @Howard It was a reference to his latest act of hitting on the girl with the barrettes and crossed legs looking 12 years older.

    2. @Constituent A Are you blind or just stu stu stu stupid? Pervy grandpa joe is what this video is about Forest Gump.

  5. It wasn’t so much they were late with the move – i think they were hoping that more americans would wake up and get those vaccines. And that was important – he is supposed to take care of Americans first and foremost and has been doing so. Still, better not to waste vaccines or have to worry about their shelf life.

    1. @James Smith “if the prosecutor’s not fired you’re not getting the money.” Also Biden denied ever having met Hunter’s bosses yet there are photos of him with them. Perhaps the dementia made him forget.

    2. @Dog Poo Fairy That was the stance of the US Government and the EU. The prosecutor was corrupt and they wanted him gone. Wish you guys did your research.

    3. @Matt that’s the spin you believe. Just like when the New York Times ‘debunked’ Tara Reade’s allegations against Biden and everyone is supposed to accept it, or that Obama built the cages but there was a very good reason for it so Obama is still a nice guy. Don’t be so naive.

    4. @Dog Poo Fairy Did Obama put those kids in the cages indefinately or was that Trump? By your logic we should blame gun makers for gun deaths too.

  6. *Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*.

    1. Keep lying to yourself. Putin knows Biden is a chump. Chinese communists have already enriched Sleepy Joe and his crime family. You are an embarrassment.

    2. @James Smith Except the Bidens clearly are a criminal family making untold wealth peddling influence around the world using the Biden name. Hunters laptop, paychecks and associate testimony make it very clear.

  7. Imagine if Trump was giving away the vaccines? Of course, Trump is why we have the vaccines.

    1. @David You are not a US citizen so none of your business what happens in America or what happens with America’s government. Stop the slandering and mind your own business!

    2. @John Smith Pervy grandpa joe is a scandalous predator and I’m sure that’s not your name buttercup. Ever heard of the 1st amendment? Deal with it!

  8. Gonna look see if old Putin still has round moon face. Don’t shake his hands, in case poisoner is up to something.

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