The Significance Of The Minneapolis Police Chief Taking The Stand | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1

The Significance Of The Minneapolis Police Chief Taking The Stand | Katy Tur | MSNBC


NBC News Correspondent Gabe Gutierrez, the president of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton, and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler join Katy Tur to discuss today's testimonies, and why it's so significant that the Minneapolis Police Chief takes the stand. Aired on 04/5/2021.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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The Significance Of The Minneapolis Police Chief Taking The Stand | Katy Tur | MSNBC


  1. This whole thing angers me. It was so obvious to those of us watching that what Chauvin did was way beyond excessive.

    1. @T. R. Campbell strawman!!! Your beliefs are no concern of mine I’m gonna guess you work in such profession? Lmao

    2. @Don Cuomo meth? really? that’s your excuse? you’re stupid, then he COULD’VE gotten medical treatment, he could’ve received CPR. He was still breathing so why didn’t officers let the paramedics get to him? Oh right because Derek was too busy shoving his knee on George Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes. I call BS.

    3. @Taylor Alexander Taylor does George hold any responsibility for killing George. On a scale of 0-10 which none of you idiots will reply does poor dust by now Fentanyl George hold for his own death. Do reply with your stupid opinion.

    4. @Taylor Alexander The police asked him was he own any drugs and he said no. They assumed the thug was telling the truth, heaven forbid to racial profile.

  2. Bad cops will always cost the state more millions than they are worth. Cheaper not to hire them, cheaper to fire them.

    1. The cops testifying against him so unequivocally + his record of previous excessive force + the reputation of their union boss, make me wonder if the department previously tried to discipline or cut Chauvin loose, but the union stopped them. I remember reports that many officers in that department listened to the union boss, more than to the chief, that after the department banned tactics of “warrior” training, the union still offered it for free, in officers time-off. Plus Floyd & Chauvin briefly both worked as bouncers at the same club. It seems like maybe department leadership was more than ready to see Chauvin GTFO.

  3. The question becomes: Could a sober man live with a man kneeling on his neck for nine minutes! No. . .

    1. @Clay I have only one thing to say about the video on George Floyd’s death. When George Floyd said “I can’t breathe” I heard an officer “reply then get up and get in the car” this while officers were kneeling on his back and neck. They told him to get in the car while making it impossible to do so. This alone for me would be enough to convict them of at least manslaughter if not first or second-degree murder. As far as I am concerned they tortured that man to death.

    2. That is not even the question, in George Floyd’s predicament it made him extra susceptible to excessive force! “That’s excessive force” Which is against the code and not the job of the officers. It is clearly defined, it has a clearly documented history… and is precisely why that is not their job…

      Floyd was down, he was apprehended, he was not resisting… those subdue tactics should not have lasted any more than 60 seconds if that was even necessary! EOS

      Now like it or not they have to try this case carefully because this man was an officer and there are a lot of good cops out there that want to see due process… but it ends with a guilty verdict! Manslaughter at least, and I know it’s arguable that it should be more.

    3. @Don Cuomo why is he a thug who did he rob? Thugs Rob commit strong arm robbery who did he do this to. They yolk and Rob people. Who did George Floyd do this to I’d really like to know. Where can I find that information? By the way…
      ( that’s what you are!)
      I guarantee you can’t even say why you’re calling this man a thug. Three out of five people get arrested in this country.
      so because someone has a $20 bill that is counterfeit that makes them a thug. What proof do you have that he knew that the bill was counterfeit. He certainly didn’t leave the scene of the crime or go inside he wasn’t too worried about it. Criminals usually run he didn’t run. Even if he would have stood there and there wouldn’t have been any issue the only thing the officers should have done is given him a citation this is a misdemeanor what that call is is a misdemeanor for a $20 counterfeit bill that’s not even a felony. It’s a misdemeanor sit a DWI is a freaking felony how many people got those huh.

    1. It is sad this country always get threatened when certain people do not get their ways. This threat has been going on for over 400 years. How about hold yourself accountable and if you want change then become a cop.

    2. @Butch Davis some people like a very hot summer. Besides the failed insurrection needs some company anyway.

    1. And Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for minutes after the other officer said he couldn’t find a pulse. The “needed to control this sizable guy” excuse kind of falls flat on its face regardless of how much they try to sugar-coat it when the guy had cardiac arrest – can’t be a remotely credible threat without a pulse.

  4. *Mr. Floyd was prone and handcuffed, period. He was coldly and callously murdered in broad daylight with bystanders helpless to stop it!*

    1. @Jack Galmitz actually, Chauvin is being charged with 3rd degree murder which does not require intent. “without intent to effect the death of any person, caus[ing] the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life”

      just being extremely callous in regards to another human beings life is enough to get you on this. So yea I would say by this definition Chauvin is clearly a murderer.

    2. The bystanders were cowards. They did nothing but the BLM folks have no problem to start riots.

  5. A man who is unarmed, handcuffed and lying on the ground is not a threat. Chauvin wasn’t all alone, either… there were several other cops there. He simply wanted to hurt George Floyd,

  6. Why is it a big deal for the Police to hold Police accountable for committing crime? That’s their job !! We gotta raise our standards.

    1. Just wanted to write the same thing.
      “Maybe the chief of police wouldn’t want to take sides here. It’s surprising that he did. I mean, we’re talking about a case where a cop kneeled on a man’s neck until he didn’t move anymore and kept kneeling on it until that man died. It’s obviously a controversial case where the police might want to take the side of their collegue…”
      How broken of a system do you need to have, that it is news-worthy for a Police department to not wanting to hold a cop accountable for MURDER?!

    2. It is changing, it should have changed more a long time ago but it is changing faster now than ever before. And in this particular case I believe there will no doubt be Justice for George Floyd.

    3. @Nicholas Strong
      Whatever you say, I’m not sure what filmed and posted is supposed to demonstrate outside of the public outrage furthered by the demand for justice given the clear facts of the case, but I will contact you back when the former officer gets sentenced for manslaughter.

      Which is How This Ends.

  7. His testimony and the other detective were awesome. Completely destroyed the BS defense of, he was doing exactly what his training taught him.

    1. I sure the defense lawyers are awere of how George died. But Lieyer and Laywer are closely related!

  8. The way George Floyd behaved while interacting with the police was similar and even milder to the way some drunk people behave in bars. Nothing that a waitress with experience couldn’t have handled. 
    The perception of police is covered with a filter so thick, they get flooded with adrenaline and react in the worst way possible where there is no danger. George Floyd wasn’t doing anything that couldn’t have been handled with some emotional intelligence.

  9. You can’t give somebody CPR while they gasping for breath that’s like that Dumb and Dumber scene in the restaurant.
    Chauvin is like the brother on 7 Mile, ” Dead Man Walking”

    1. You’re right, CPR is for dead people… People gasping for air should be put in a recovery position and checked to see if their airway is clear….

    2. @Anthony Lee And people having panic attacks should be calmed down not further antagonized or threatened.

    3. @Nubian Goddess Of course it does, if he’s still alive(breathing) use Narcan, if he’s very recently died, use CPR…

    1. @Nubian Goddess Cuomo is innocent but please Chauvin the coward did not turn him over on his side so that he could breathe.

    1. Kinda strange how all these racist cops get hired by black people in towns cities and states run by democrats. I wonder who’s really to blame

    2. They hire too many paranoid and trigger happy policemen. Just what kind of training and movies are the teaching them anyway??

    3. @birdlynn they are unfortunately are training “warrior cops” rather than those who “protect and serve” the community they are positioned in. Maybe if the police lived in the neighborhoods they are supposed to protect and serve they might have a better view of those who also live there.

  10. Chauvin is saying Floydds death was attributed to drugs. Chauvin is not medically trained or has any medical experience. He is in no position to state the cause of death is drugs.

    1. Not true he was trained as a police to give cpr and he was taught to turn a person on their side so that he could breathe. One cop on neck restricted his flow of blood. One on back restricted breathing with another holding his feet until his breath left him.

  11. The police chief stated that passing a fake $20 bill was not something that they usually arrest and take someone into custody for, so why was Floyd being arrested and taken into custody in the first place?

    1. not only that but they run up to his car and point a gun at his head shouting at him instantly….as a black man you literally think your about to die for nothing

  12. Chief of Police is not ‘against’ the officer, he is simply, with integrity, speaking truth.

  13. Nice reporting.
    Wonderful Chief who tells the truth and with such a stoic manner. He deserves a medal for honour.

  14. So the Defence’ best strategy is to suppress witnesses. And the GOP’s best strategy is to suppress voters. I wonder do we see a pattern emerging.

  15. The chief was sooo professional you would never know he had anything against Chauvin, his testimony was factual all the way

  16. Her last statement sure is impactful. No CPR given while Mr. Floyd was gasping for breath. Multiple officers right there watching.

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