The Taliban Are Hunting Down Our Allies And Killing Them, Says Veteran 1

The Taliban Are Hunting Down Our Allies And Killing Them, Says Veteran


Kristen Rouse, a U.S. Army Veteran who served in Afghanistan, discusses efforts to save Afghan allies — including her own personal interpreter — who are trying to flee Afghanistan.

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The Taliban Are Hunting Down Our Allies And Killing Them, Says Veteran


  1. So how is it different now? The Taliban, Al -Queda, Isis have always hunted down our allies. Could the whole operation have been handled in a better way? Of course. It was though, time to leave Afghanistan

    1. @UC4cQ_lpfb9LFGqWYUWzZDEQ “he put his head down” “here’s a list of people I’m supposed to call”… okay, so?? Take a break from YouTube mate..

    1. It won’t be a problem in those nations people are so desperate just like the idiots who lineup at convenience stores to buy Powerball tickets thinking they’re going to be the lucky winner

    2. The Airlift took out 116,700 people including US Troops, Afgan people. That was the biggest airlift in history. The people who are left had plenty of time to get out. 116,700 we should be celebrating this. Instead MSMBC is trying to look fair and balanced. It’s the same shi* they did with Trump in 2016 misreporting and saying look at us we are criticizing Democrats so we can’t be biased. This is how and why Mainstream Media gets a bad reputation. I don’t see how under very trying circumstances this could’ve gone any better.

  2. money talks- I have a feeling there will be an exchange of lot’s of money for each person- that’s STILL less expensive than continuing to spend 2 BILLION dollars every month

    1. Not necessarily. If you consider we took in thousands of refugees and left behind countless billions in military equipment that has to be replaced, there’s not going to be a cost savings. Not to mention, Biden said he is going to redeploy the small number of soldiers elsewhere; they aren’t coming home.

    2. Possible. CNN reporter said it best…”Taliban looking for International Assistance…and continued aid.” That kind of says it all.

    3. It’s all a rainbow warrior publicity stunt. It’s all a Biden Team state department regime change set up. Lucifer and the book of the sacrificial lamb. One global monopoly nation under the “Abortion is love, death to the Patriarchy” rainbow chomo flag. The rainbow torture chamber of the expert interrogator. The C.I.A. and the Shah of Iran, brutally stabilizing the tribal oil supply lines.

    1. The same can be said about terrorism, but that won’t stop America from doing what they can to make themselves feel better. As long as America is happy, right?

  3. We have known since May 2020. Can you explain what exactly stopped this family in obtaining their visa?

    1. Trump blocked special immigrant visas for the Afghans, and instead released the terrorists from jail and handed over the country to the Taliban. Trump set us up to fall.

  4. 125k evacuations, that’s like the US evacuating the entire city of Round Rock, TX.
    “They fought to help us…save and prop up their country for them.”

    1. @nemonucliosis 6k and there are only an estimated 200 left, the majority of which have dual citizenship and family still in the country.

  5. The media has created the impression that the need for getting out of Afghanistan was created suddenly. But the Americans in Afghanistan have known for months that the U.S. was getting out of Afghanistan. Unless they wanted to stay there, there is no logical reason why the non-diplomatic and non-military U.S. citizens decided to hang out there to the last moment…!!!

    1. What do you have to say aboutt the millions of dollars worth of US weapons left behind? did the Biden administration not know they were going to pull out?

    2. @Jesusiscoming Soon After wasting trillions on Afghanistan why worry so much about millions..???…And besides, the Merchants of Death, the very people that got us into such wars, probably wanted some equipment left behind. After all, selling spare parts can be at times more profitable than selling the entire weapons…!!!

    3. @Jesusiscoming Soon The same as what happened to the weapons when trump made our troops pull out of Kurdish territory and abandoned our allies.

    4. @Jesusiscoming Soon Oh yeah Jesus already came and said he will be back when all the Trumpturds die from Covid

  6. How many lifes to take if US extended in there?!! How many soldiers?! To safe 1-100, 1000 ppl u can guarantee how many soldiers not die?!!? U know the consequence of war..thats it.

  7. The Taliban deal was done months ago. How long have they been trying to get the people out and why is the media suddenly focused on the matter at this midnight hour?
    Just asking questions!

    1. Just so we are clear, meghan whomever, who pretends to speak as a soldier and stolen valor is attempting to shut down my voice because she thinks she deserves the last word..The sad part is that she tries to stick up for an inept, incompetent, incoherent, coward and braindead person who occupies the wh and has the ultimate decision to change the mission or objective in the middle east but, instead allowed innocent civilians and soldiers to die..if that wasn’t enough, disrespected the fallen members of our elite military..
      Impeach braindead joe !!!

    2. @R C Did you think Kabul would fall in less the a day? Nobody did. That’s the reason all those weapons are in the Taliban’s possession now. Anyone who thought there wasn’t going to be loose of life in a airlift/ evacuation this big is full of it. 116,700 people were evacuated the most in history. The mainstream media is using This as criticism of Biden’s administration are delusional. The people who are “trapped” had months to make good their escape. I’m not a fan of Biden but most of this criticism is unwarranted B.S.

    3. @Maria M THEY WERE. Since FEBRUARY, multiple times a month, people there were told that our troops were withdrawing and if they wanted out they needed to get out. The US even offered to pay for all of their flights out. But few heeded the warnings. I’m tired of people acting like this was a sudden thing. It wasn’t sudden.

    4. @Nicole lmao!! No, I’m just sending you a reality that liberals cannot handle but, even the majority of you agree that braindead joe failed in Afghanistan..

  8. Don’t say that if it isn’t true, They Had better be allowed to come home if found And until we see them coming back in bodybags, Watch your mouth.

  9. My heart goes out to the devastation throughout the world as well as home in the US!!! HELP US GOD!!!

    1. @orange man RAD
      Trump made an agreement with the TALIBAN and not the corrupt puppet government the Americans installed.
      That speaks for itself.

  10. That was a great interview. She spoke her mind without blaming or shaming anyone. You can tell on her face and words. She is desperately looking for a solution to help her Afghans friends. I am touched by all she said. Biden needs to as she stated Find an agreement with Taliban or neighbor countries to get those left behind out of Afghanistan. 😔

    1. @Marc You sound like a level headed person with a good grip on the situation so let me ask you; do you think that the government could be made less corrupt and ghost soldiers less common by changing their culture? I’ve spent a lot of time reading about Afghan culture and it seems like they are less outraged by lies and double dealing than we are in the west. It’s as if the mentality is, “If I can fool you and get something for nothing, I’m smarter than you.” Maybe I’ve read all the wrong books, but some of them are by Afghans themselves! Thoughts?

    2. @Brooklynn Graves all the people on the list are out of the country, Really and where did you get the list from? You must be connected to peps in high places. Do tell me ooo smart one….

    3. @Brooklynn Graves Taliban fighters have access to a large amount of biometric data of persons who helped the US and their NATO allies or worked with Indian intelligence, several media reports said. This crucial data landed into their hands courtesy of the US, who left the embassy amid a chaotic evacuation.

  11. Funny, when Trump pulled troops out of Syria, I don’t recall seeing military on TV pleading for their Kurdish friends… As if the media deliberately kept the Kurds as one nameless mass of people, distant and abstract.
    To be fair, though, the soldiers themselves might have been ordered to shut up by the then Orange in Chief.

  12. Stephen Miller owes U.S. Taxes Payers four years wages for not doing his job. He should be sent to Afghanistan whith Trump.

  13. This is traumatic for a generation who spent their entire adult life deployed. We need to help them, and help these veterans deal with this. Welcome to the system.

  14. In the future, American’s need to learn the language instead of relying on and endangering people from the Countries we are trying to help.

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