‘The tear gas is so heavy … I can barely breathe’: CNN Paris correspondent

Clashes erupted in Paris marking May 1, a traditional day of union-led marches, in the wake of hugely unpopular changes to France’s pension system that were signed into law last month. CNN’s Melissa Bell reports. #CNN #News


  1. Liberty! Equality! Fraternity! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

    1. We can provide security, stability, and a high standard of living for everyone. To do this, we need to build the *Creative* *Society.* And it can be done in a peaceful and legal way.

      The project is implemented by volunteers in 180 countries. Creative Society is supported by presidential candidate of the US, 2024 – Robby Wells.

  2. Is Melissa Bell a legend or what?!! The tear as was nothing to her who has been meters away from rockets and grenades exploding. She never ceases to amaze me — oh, and she is articulate, informed and factual…just breath-taking.

    1. Yes, literally breath taking. These reporters think they are the story.
      She’ll be replaced by someone younger and even more clueless.

    2. @Zelda Smith Man,you were SO close with the opening to your reply. “Yes,literally,breath taking,” is exactly the response that comes naturally to the original comment. Had you left it right there,you would’ve got a big,thumbs-up from me with laughing emojis. But,you lost me with your cynicism in the next two lines,albeit may hold true in future casts.

  3. “I realize how hard it is to breath and to talk with all that tear gas, so, talk to me Melissa!” LOL!!

    1. this is hardly a rukus and miles away from a fight… This is sutch a light touch no one is intimidated or diminished

  4. “oh, we protest just about anything, and you eventually get used t the tear gas” – French person explaining to me why they protest.

  5. It reminds me early stages of peaceful protests in Ukraine in 2014. Let’s hope that democracy going to be victorious again! 👍

  6. The people worked their whole lives for their pension. Don’t take it away from them. Mr. Macron, if you can afford to pay for French nuclear forces and aircraft carriers, you can maintain people’s pensions.

  7. For Americans watching: President Macron wanted to increase the retirement age. He was voted down democratically in parliament, so he used a special measure to override parliament and do it anyway. It was a test to see if he could stamp on democracy. And French people take democracy VERY seriously.

    1. Vi…too bad america doesn’t take democracy serious.please try to hold on and fight.

    2. I love that you have to explain it to the American audience. It just shows that the entire world is aware that the majority of Americans don’t really have any idea or seem to care very much about what’s happening in the rest of the world,as we’re all wrapped up in our own little bubble,over here.

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