‘The time to prepare is now’: B.C. officials warn more storms are coming #shorts

B.C.'s Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth says the 'time to prepare is now' and warned that more storms are headed for the province.

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  1. We get major storms every year only reason it flooded this year was because it was warmer out when we had that massive amount of rain that melted the snow

    1. No you don’t. You got one month’s rain in 36 hours. This was a once in 500 years storm not a yearly event.

  2. The time to prepare was 20 years ago. Now is too late. Its only going to keep getting exponentially worse every year.

  3. Well you could pay someone who does weathers magic to stop those storms since military knows I stopped a storm before let’s see if you CARE ABOUT PPL THEN TICK ROCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK ASK MILITARY WHAT I DID FOR MEXICO

    1. Ask nasa and military I took a storm grade 5 and brought it down to a grade 1 with crystals and energy work prayers took me 3 days to recover show you lol I am not a talent show brother

  4. Don’t build in flood zones… Duh. But that means you couldn’t have climate change victims… Or insurance scams.

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