The Tragedy Of Jan. 6 Continues For The First Responders | MSNBC 1

The Tragedy Of Jan. 6 Continues For The First Responders | MSNBC

Former Senator Claire McCaskill, former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI Frank Figliuzzi, and executive producer of Showtime’s “The Circus” John Heilemann react to a fourth officer who responded on 1/6 dying by suicide and the attempts by Republicans to rewrite that day.

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  1. Nothing could prepare these officers to an insurrection , I am so saddened by what they had to go through , shame on all the republicans who made this happen

    1. @The Tweatles Biden 306 Trump 232 final tally in the electoral college. Nope Trump lost in a landslide.

    2. @Communication Failure7600 NANCY IS NOT IN CHARGE OF SECURITY. Get your lies straight. FAKE NEWS ALERT.

    3. @marge beauchamp that’s right she isn’t in charge. But if she wants metal detectors or masks the capitol police enforce those policies. So while she isn’t providing operational orders she certainly plays a role.

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis that’s just a way for them to say that she doesn’t work for BLM while she works for BLM. and you took the bait. i bet the Clinton foundation isn’t a money laundering scheme either, huh?

  2. As the GOP members continue to open their mouths without others denouncing it, I continue to target who I will vote against. I suggest you do the same. Way too much hate, denial, dishonesty and division for my world. VOTE!!

    1. @Buckler yah ok. Dont belive what you see with your own eyes. Reich wing media is attacking the police. Pretty sick. fascism at work.

    2. American Fascism is here and not going away – it has to be eradicated or democracy, and by extension, America, will fall.

    1. Agreed.

      Laura Ingraham gave the NAZI SALUTE after her speech at 2016 RNC & very, very little was ever mentioned about it.

      Sick & pathetic.

    2. @Miami Red Zone I bet you believe the Jan 6th Insurrection was just a bunch of patriotic Americans having a nice peaceful tour of the Capitol, huh? I bet you haven’t been courageous enough to watch all the live footage, which I dare you to watch here. Are you man enough to watch the truth?

    3. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords The feds are withholding most of the footage but when that gets released I’ll give you my expert opinion on the capital trespass

    4. @Miami Red Zone in the meantime, tell me what you think of the 43 minute video coverage of the “tourist day” at the Capitol Jan 6th. Can’t you think for yourself? Must you wait to be spoon fed facts and opinions? Man up and watch the video and tell me your own reaction. I will get back to you, so don’t cower and run and hide.

    5. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Nobody cares about the Jan 6th protest. The cops saying they offed themselves is only to avoid liability for who shot Ashley Babbitt the only REAL tragedy of that mostly peaceful protest

  3. The tragedy is the Republican Party. They are in a deep hole of stupidity. It’s hard to imagine them coming back from what the previous president started. The candidates in that party will become more unhinged and the ignorant will follow.

    1. @L.A. Thorne they asked the AG to investigate to see if the ones who refused to comply broke any laws, the AG has NOT said if they would investigate.

    2. The word / condition isn’t stupid..Better to pick from cowardly, immorality, or zero integrity..At least for the extreme majority..

  4. Republicans are siding with the Insurrectionists gaslighting about Tourists and denying them medals. They are kicking the real patriots the Police while they’re down. Let that sink in.

    1. @juul cat But, but, but….ANTIFA!! But, but, but….BLM!!!! So effing typical. Don’t you have any new material? Pathetic…

    2. @Miami Red Zone 1/6 was an assassination attempt on Mike Pence. The storm is coming for the DiGiTaL sOlDiErS and their leaders.

      gOd WiNs

  5. RIP to the Officers who took their lives. To those Officers who live with the abuse today, know there are Many who support you. Please if you can, get some help. Suicide is Permanent and there Will Be Justice!.

    1. Something some of you are not getting. Those police in the DC Buildings are not taught to use hand to hand combat and the equipment that was supposed to be theirs was locked away from them!!! That was not brought out on lots of channels. Those officers were thrown into a situation they were not trained to do and they didn’t have any way to deal with the situation in any way. I hope the rest of them find the help they need before it gets to them like that again. That also goes for their families too. Things happen in life that are so terrible to deal with.
      Did anyone hear about how many people that we lost after 9-11? They don’t normally air that type of stuff. Please don’t judge the people who we lost that day or after.

    2. Give me a break. You expected me to believe they killed themselves. They were SUICIDED* just like Epstein and Rudolf Hess. EX: Someone killed them.

    3. @Octavius Chan Of course you don’t get it. You’re not a U.S. citizen. Focus on your own country hypocrite.

    4. @Danu’s Dragonfly easy for Americans to say when you people are in everyone’s business, all the time. How about you follow your own advice, so America’s problems aren’t also mine? It’s disgusting that you people would tell others to myob when that’s precisely what Americans never do.

    1. @Dino there were more insurrectionist than cops, do you really think they are going to start shooting??

    2. @Dino Docile? You got that right – tRump supporters are utterly docile – they were ready to do as they were told. It also means a stupid person.

    3. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 4 years the president waged war against the people of America, and other nations

      His Cvd response
      – His attitude about George Floyd
      – His actions when the football player took the knee
      – Central park 5
      – Obama birther conspiracy
      – Muslim ban
      – Mocking disabled
      – Immigrant rhetoric
      – Mexican rhetoric
      – Calling other countries shotholes
      – Constant insults
      – Calling everyone against him “fake news”
      – Ripping the country apart
      – Seperating kids from their families
      – Calling vets suckers and losers
      – His thoughts about dating his daughter
      – The hot mic and the pageants
      – Manic tweeting

    4. @Dino exposed for working with the qult that attacked our capital. The storm is coming for the DiGiTaL sOlDiErS and their leaders.

  6. Thanks. Play that but play first Donald Trump’s speech before the attack plus others. Then, follow them up with Lindsey’s, McCarthy’s, McConnel’s, Barr’s, etc commentaries pointing fingers at Trump as the sole responsible for the January 6th Capitol attack. Americans need to continually see this until accountability is accomplished regarding that tragedy.

  7. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election.

    1. @Wark Mahlberg said _”The 2020 riots were a Democrat supported crime wave. $2 billion in damages and over 30 citizens killed.”_

      According to you, anyway. Just remember that it was ReTrumplican cultists like you who tried to overthrow the government, and also tried to undermine a constitutionally mandated governmental process so that you could install your golden idol as president. Also, ReTrumplican cultists like you continue to support your golden idol, who gladly takes your money, and you think nothing of it. He isn’t even the president and you still have your head up his capacious hoop.

  8. You seriously need to get corporate donations out of politics. How can any political system function when it’s based solely on who raises the most money rather than who actually knows how to do the job! It filters down to all levels & to have police unions subservient to it as well is just mind boggling.

    1. that was part of the voting rights bill. I read the whole thing and to me, this was the most important part. It also ensured that people couldn’t lie or slander in election ads. The GOP might not have mentioned it and even tried to hide it, but the part I refer to ensured that all dark moneys had to be reported, put limits, and essentially tried to get those donations and shady lobbyists OUT of politics. I knew instantly the corrupt GOP would never let that pass.

    2. Get all the secret PAC’s and organizations like Heritage Foundation/Bradley foundation out of politics too: they are literally running the country.

    3. novel idea. someone get elected for their views and ideas rather than how many big corporations fund them….

    1. Yes, we did. A shameful spectacle that the right is attempting to make even more disgusting with their denials and snubs.

      Don’t worry to our good American cousins, we are recording the real history, not what that minority of confederate trash wants it to be. I wish we could do more, it’s infuriating to watch things down there continue to spiral out of control.

  9. I thought it was pretty cool when that police officer testifying to Congress, said we should go to his house. I totally 100% support that idea.

  10. “Moral monstrousity” – so true
    Morally bankrupt – exactly
    Perhaps this is what other countries have believed of us all along. And rightly so!

    1. I think we (in Canada, anyway) can separate Trump, and his administration’s lack of morality, from the rest of the administrations over the years, especially administrations who felt the import of being a global beacon for democracy and human rights.

  11. Medals of honor to all those that fought for their lives to protect Americans in danger, on American soil, not in some foreign country

    1. The republicans voted against giving the officers who fought in the Jan 6 insurrection medals. What a F…ing DISGRACE! Talk about pure evil!

  12. What’s just as tragic, is the abuse these patriots are getting, not just from the cowardly republicans, but by those who are gullible enough to side with the Trump cult; these officers deserve better, they deserve a medal and recognition for their efforts that day and every day; they put their lives in the line to protect everyone.

  13. I am impressed with how these men held themselves during the hearing, with such bravery, honor, and grace while sharing their horrific experience of Jan 6, as well as the toxic response from the GOP “leaders” and right-wing “news” media. THIS is true American Exceptionalism and Leadership! They will forever deserve our gratitude.

  14. We need to boycott the advertisers on Laura Ingrahm show and whoever else on fox is saying the lies.

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