'The Trump Monkeys Were Really Running The Show': DOJ Roiled By Trump's Big Lie 1

‘The Trump Monkeys Were Really Running The Show’: DOJ Roiled By Trump’s Big Lie


Joyce Vance, former U.S. attorney, talks about the extent to which Donald Trump's lies about the 2020 election penetrated the Department of Justice and why a criminal investigation of what is increasingly looking like a coordinated effort to overturn the election is warranted. 
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    1. @omi god Now this may come as a shock to your side that never has to worry about censorship but YouTube routinely purges conservative accounts for questioning American elections…..in America.

    2. @omi god who gets to constitute what is “misinformation”?
      CNN? The pro Chinese CDC? The AP? Snopes?

    3. @Bob Stone so, you’re too stupid to understand that the “Russian interference” changed exactly nobody’s vote. And you’re not smart enough to know that Putin’s candidate lost the election.

    4. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII XD like believing an election was “stolen” when you have no proof! XD

  1. “Trump monkeys” Well there’s an unbiased commentary. We must be getting close to what really happened.

    1. @Howard Moon  wow bro. I thought you were at least MILDLY educated on the issues. Goes to show what happens when you assume. Educate yourself.

      Also, its been FOUR YEARS since I made a video about video games. Idiotic dingbat.

    2. @Howard Moon wTF do you mean “diagram that statement” mean? And you “dare me”? Lol, I don’t care about your dares, wee Child. Save your “dares” for the playground.

    3. @Donna Brockbank That was the worst “insurrection” in recorded history. At least come up with some original material. Quit parroting the MSM.

    4. oh and violent criminals have access to internet So they propagandize too. or violent criminal wanna bes. which can be politicians to reverends and everything in between.

  2. “The truth of the matter is, my policies are so mainstream that had I set these policies in the 1980’s I’d be considered a moderate Republican” -Barack Obama, 2014 Univision interview.
    That is how we got Trump.

    1. @William Yahwehson You got swindled twice.
      First Obama, then Trump.
      Once you understand how the world and country works, you can never bring yourself to support any democrat or republican ever again.

    2. @Ruger 14 No. The racists voted for Trump because he said that the Black President wasn’t an American. Keep up.

    3. @Kern Albert but Joe is racist. so you voted for a racist president…..i don’t wantmy kids being raised in a race jungle -joe biden

    1. I don’t want this to be misunderstood period but just one thing with this phrase bothers me. So I’m assuming you guys might consider yourself Christian? So what Christ is the lord we are his flock sheep, from what I remember we are his sheep. have little problem with this because it sounds like you’re not willing to be good Christians and follow Christ Our Shepherd or your bragging that you’re the goat. Maybe wolf ? Or perhaps more rebellious in the line of Satan and his Dominion. So you understand why I’m trying to make sense of this phrase nowadays. And I’m not against you or what you believe mostly in part that this is one little phrase that bothers me

    2. @jeck jeck It describes Democrat voters since they believe anything they watch on TV. They think Covid is a deadly pandemic and they would support another lockdown like an obedient sheep if the media, Hollywood, and government tell them to.

    3. @Nikhil Newse We listen to the medical community, the ones who would know what a pandemic is, not some far-right quacks. Also, sheep are not obedient – show me a trained sheep obeying commands.

    1. @Devouring Democrats are real Americans.
      How are Confederate flag waving racist traitors Americans ?

    2. @Coco Crisp Would it be defunding the police, aborting babies, or taking away our 2nd Amendment rights, that make Demonrats American ?

    1. @Yea Right lol, how deeply have they brainwashed you. You believe whatever they want you to I guess

    2. @LotWizzard wrong again fascist,Robert byrd the former kkk grand wizard even supported Hillary and biden..admit you’re a white supremacist and move on fashie

    3. @John Sozio snowflakes applies to liberals. I will grant that you were creative trying to hijack those terms rather than make new ones

  3. can these two explain what these “wacky theories” they keep referencing to are, or do they not want to get into those details cause it doesn’t suit their narrative.

    1. @RazorStormInc He’s getting a little long in the tooth , but I guess he would gave it his best shot.

    2. @Dan Greene haha, if Joe Biden is the Hans Gruber of this strange reality, then…
      Yo, imagine that. Joe playing a demented old Hans who barely survived the fall from the Nakatomi building.

    3. @RazorStormInc No I think Joe Biden is a demented old man, who could never in his best days been Hans , that required a level of intelligence and daring that senile old Joe aint got. He maybe could have been the FBI agent.

    4. @Dan Greene The fall screwed his brains. The scene I imagined was absolutely godlike comedy. A cognitive McClane trying desperately to understand the plan of a nearly braindead Hans.

    1. Yeah that should show up on EVERY fox channel. When they get sued it’s always ( we are an opinion show ). Taint that funny.

    1. Think about it…as victims of biased and deranged media we probably saw the worst they could come up with. The insurrection replicated an orderly high school field trip. Killing the unarmed woman was fiercely wrong!!!

    2. @Scott Davis prove? So the headline the other day was about the 4th Capitol police officer to have committed suicide within 7 months after the fake made for TV insurrection. But let me guess. You believe they actually committed suicide and that the trauma of the fake made for TV insurrection was what caused these men who probably seen far worse to end their lives.

    1. @Mike Mullet another fake profile created only a month ago. For what reason? A complete loser far removed from reality sees the propaganda cult their entire life revolves around crumbling.. fake profile to the rescue. Here to preserve the propaganda by insulting anyone the TV tells them to hate.

    2. @Pablo Silverstein I am not fake. I am Sanctified Elder Master Anointed Prophet, Bishop Dr Apostle Michael Sr, Esq. I have deep knowledge of The Word, and have been pastoring for more than 27 years.

      I hold a PhD in Theology and Philosophy from the Liberty University School of Divinity with a concentration in Creationism and Lizard People Studies.

      You may have noticed “Esq” at the end of my name. This is because I am also an Attorney in Christ. I hold both a JD and a Master of Laws from the Liberty University Christian School of Law. I am licensed to practice law in 7 states in the Natural, and to present cases before the Father in the Courts of Heaven in the Spiritual.

    3. @Nikhil Newse Not only the Deep State. Also The Illuminati, The Bilderberg Group, The Freemasons, The Neocons, The British Monarchy, The Shriners, The New World Order, The Globalists, The CIA, MI-6, Mossad, the Bohemian Grove, the 13 Bloodlines of Satan, the Green-Skinned Bean Eating Children of Woolpit, the Velveteen Rabbit Collective and the Lizard People.

    1. @Wigit You can easily see the pictures of BLM riots with Google search. Your tiny brain can’t comprehend it though.

    2. @Wigit How’s Portland or Seattle looking?

      Any news of any other cities having to board up windows or call out riot police?

      No info you heard about the Burning, Looting or Murdering from multiple cities?

      The list goes on…

      Just because you choose to ignore it, does not mean the rest of the planet does not remember.

      “Lol, I can’t even.”

    3. @Jimmie Swindle XD oh I see you have your deflectors up and ready! So much for the party of “personal responsibility”!

  4. Do people realize giving these reports a ” thumbs down “, will only increase their volume and frequency? They’ll simply upload more just like it.

  5. The importance in the investigation is to focus on how to prevent this from happening again. Social media is completely complicit in finding their useful idiots to go out and run wild and be manipulated into committing heinous acts.

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