1. I got to give Trump credit, he was able to scam 75 million people into voting for him. It’s so sad!

    1. @NiNi J he didn’t run for president in 2000…he had a campaign n withdrew because he didn’t think he could win…facts that are over 20 years old you should get right, do a lil research, quit spreading dumbshit and no I do not support Trump

    2. @NiNi J Exactly… the truth about Trump has been in plain sight for a very long time… but your point really sums it up. Out of his own mouth, “Everybody love’s me” and “Everyone is out to get me”. …. the guy is a carney… just keep lying until people confuse the lies for truth.

    1. @Steam fish White rice no problem but our fight is far from over 2022 election is coming soon don’t forget that.

  1. Pretty much everyone knew Trump was without moral etc., but Lindsay and Co have really shown their true faces during these past years and especially the past months.

    1. So Biden’s assistant general attorney having a meeting with Facebook and Twitter ceo before the election is not sus?

    2. Take the stand and spread the lie. Skip the stand admitting there is no fraud. In a short time there will be a choice made, then there will be no doubt left.
      Tell your Senators that Frump’s conviction would prevent the chaos from happening ever again. https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact
      Regarding the Unconstitutional defense, it does not hold water. this is a CNN video about a Harvard Constitutional scholar explaining why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJmtXNHq6SE.

    3. Trump was telling the truth. This election was controlled by Chinese Communists.

    1. 50% of the new Republican party is made up of kkk, QAnon, proud boys and many other clowns, it’s so sad!
      How can we justify voting for this party?

    1. @Surprise623er What have I assumed. I know I am not an American so I am not voting in America. I am a commentator without taking a side in the American election process.

    2. @I hate CCP,天安门大屠杀1989年6月4日,共匪,五毛,光復香港,時代革命 I met a lot of Americans working in and touring China. They were happy to be there or they wouldnt have gone. China is a cultural haven spanning thousands of years.You miss out .

    3. @Judy Telles that’s incorrect unless you mean Republic of China, aka Taiwan. PRC is devoid of culture.

    1. @TNT Storm Because CNN lives to slay Trump. Without him, clearly, in CNN’s opinion, there is no “news” worth broadcasting.

    2. Dude yes. As low as those “women for trump” all the way up to the commander in chief himself. History will look back on us unfavorably if we don’t appropriately address this right now. The calls for unity from the rightwing are an attempt to absolve themselves

    1. @TNT Storm He still has quite a hold on the Republican party. Many “brain-dead” followers in Congress. A stain like Trump, will take a while to get rid of!!

    1. @Carl Beane Hillary accepted the loss on the very next day, when it was only projected by the networks. Also there weren’t 60 lawsuits trying to overturn the election.

    2. @TNT Storm yes, where have you been? trump is better at being a faithful and doting husband than he is at being POTUS. yikes. think about that.

    1. @Guess What it’s wayu more than 400k actually. and trump promised us it was limited to 15 people, remember?

    2. @victor armand The Biden Administration announced they will be housing separated immigrant children in “semi-permanent, soft-sided structures”

      The media brutally attacked Trump for using “tent cities” for immigrants

      Where are they now?

    3. @Guess What i’m not. but trump left biden a mess… should we just ignore that? trump royally screwed the nation with his woeful response to the pandemic. he’s the reason the nation is in shambles.

    4. @Guess What 2 weeks. To even begin to unravel the unimaginable disaster that Trump created in 4 years. Give him a minute

  2. Trump knew that he didn’t win he never believe that he didn’t win it all was a con job! People died because of his greed and selfish ways … hold him accountable!

    1. @Billy Pardew Does it talk about voter suppression and gerrymandering? If it doesn’t it is ignoring the elephant in the GOP room.

    2. @Billy Pardew Where do I say the election was rigged. I don’t because there was no fraud. When will you knuckleheads actually understand that there was no fraud? Your own administration said it was the safest election ever. 64 lost court cases about the election presided over by more than 90 mostly GOP appointed judges and when push came to shove you didn’t even argue fraud because there wasn’t any and who ever would present such a case without any proof would risk losing their licence to practice law. Plenty of GOP members agree there wasn’t fraud but Trump will maintain there was till he dies even though there is no evidence. He only does it because his ego can’t cope with losing.

    1. @Keith Haralson oh and Take the L….ya lost….everything…..the house…the senate ..and the presidency….all thanks to you’re lord daddy.

    2. potato head biden speaks so clearly, never stutters, and never falls asleep for interviews… would rather have a president that is tough love and walks out on one sided interview/interrogations. Can’t see the unblance? You got issues. Mainstream media is dying, the pyramid of power that holds it up, has gashes and holes, for ANY EDUCATED mind to analyze. Why put faith to crumbling institutions? You enjoy being terrorized by the news companies? This isn’t about left, or right. This is about what is wrong vs what is right.

  3. That night he tried to call the election before it was even over lmao and the Repub snowflakes…weak and melting.

  4. Trump – ‘they have levels of voting that if you agreed to it you’d never have a republican elected in this country again’ – eliminating voter suppression.

    1. @zaiks0105 it’s not up to me to prosecute trump, but let’s talk about your behavior in nearly every comment slandering the media to drive your narratives home

    2. @Poppy Kneegrow Oh, I accepted it on the same week as Jan 20. I’m simply asking why Trump should be in jail. If you cant stand it, get off the Internet

  5. Trump’s legacy in one word.
    This word became a daily norm when he became instigator of every thing false.

    1. a word invented to ridicule anyone who ask questions..Trumps ruined thier child trafficking murdering empire..evil is coming down soon.

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