The Truth Behind Tucker Carlson's Disturbing Trip To Hungary 1

The Truth Behind Tucker Carlson’s Disturbing Trip To Hungary


Right-wing FOX News host Tucker Carlson is broadcasting from Hungary and praising that nation's hardline policies. We discuss what's really going on with Democratic Strategist Don Calloway and fmr. adviser to Republican presidents Mark McKinnon.

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  1. The sad thing is that most of these so-called “patriots” actually WANT to live under fascist rule.

    1. ​@Home At Last “Hungary’s Prime Minister support free speech” oooh that was VERY rich!
      first, about that free speech… did you notice that those voices that cry foul of getting silenced actually get traction and wide publicity? Because if someone is silenced, you wouldn’t hear about that guy on the accord that he/she is silenced. Is it just me, or something is wrong here?!
      On the other hand, the first thing back in power in 2010, Orban created an institution called National Media and News Agency, which is in charge of controlling the news outlets. This fine institution can fine any newspaper, radio, or TV channel with the reason that “the news provided is imbalanced”. The fine is to be collected straight away through the executive branch. If you dispute the decision, you can challenge it in courts and RECLAIM the already collected fine, IF it was found to be unjustified after years of litigation.
      What’s “imbalanced” and who decides if news coverage is imbalanced? I’m glad you asked. It is down to that very fine institution. The bill, that cerated the Media and News Agency is very widely worded and leaves very wide room for interpretation. There is more: the governing and decision-maker body of this agency is filled up with members of Orban’s party.
      If this was not enough, all local, most of the regional, and majority of key national TV, radio, and newspaper outlets – major online platforms included – were bought up one by one by Orban’s personal friends.
      The outcome: local news talk of such issues as a cat saved from a tree, or a drunk driver caused an accident by failing to manage a roundabout and other “news” of similar caliber. What’s going on in the world or on the national level is effectively censored through fear of getting on the wrong side of the requirement for providing “balanced” news coverage. No meaningful news = no risk of getting fines, simples.
      Free speech with very sticky strings attached and with a very carefully controlled flow of information. This is the Orban free speech.

    2. @Home At Last Gotta get the new and limited Trump Card, probably sells out fast. Must have something to wipe my butt when toilet paper is sold out.

    1. @Eskil Tester Hungary isn’t fascist, but a fascist state is far better than a neoliberal regime.

    2. @Anton 2.0 Hey which political movement has a freakout over any information source that isn’t a GOP propaganda outfit? Oh right! MAGA. (btw i’m a conservative I’m just sick of whiny entitled toddlers trying to push the country I love towards fascism0

    3. @Implied Lines “please read my response above to this tired talking point of yours”
      I regret there’s 57 responses so while sometimes I might plow through them to find this mystery response, not today. Iif it is important, copy and paste it and it will show up in my notifications.
      ALL talking points are “tired”. That is why the are deprecated as “talking points”. But still frequently used as there’s only a few million people that I haven’t posted to yet.

    1. @Peter and we will not give up our country to the communist cult of the left. Probably be war at some point, huh? Dead people and all. China will be quite pleased that their plan worked.

    2. @Peter is that a humorous insult? Hmm. Well humor is quite subjective. There are some that still think SNL is still funny. Try harder next time.

  2. Also try reading “It Can’t Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis. It should be required reading in America.

    1. Excellent book, though it’s been at least 15 years since I read it. Authoritarianism can come from either the left or right. Both sides in the US have a strong streak of it but the left seems to be leading the way towards authoritarianism these days.

    1. Its more free than the current totalitarian US regime. At least in Hungry people dont get beaten up for their political views. In US there is violent communists who try to shut people up

    2. Poland’s giving them a run for their money. They’re setting up a clerical dictatorship despite their predator priests getting exposed 🤦

    3. @TJ Cole Europe, unrecognisable? In what way? It’s a collective of disparate nations loosely bonded by a common suspicion of each other. The French, Hungarians, Poles, Belgians, Spanish etc have no affinity with each other whatsoever. Left of center, right of center, it doesn’t really matter. What needs to be avoided is the extemism of Trump clones across the continent.

    4. @Barnabas Toth Plus Orban is openly pro-russia and pro-china. — now that is rather strange for a fashist, but franco in spain was not sure about his allegiance either. may be ,that keeps these dictators alive for so long. weasels!

    1. Excellent comment. Stalin is a personal hero for most MSNBC reporters. They believe in a socialist dictatorship.

    2. I couldn’t find that quotation. Do you have any idea of whether this was given in an interview, or possilby some other type of publication?

    3. What kind of coup are you talking about when they were just strolling in there having a look around. Did you guys see the whole video? Or do you just concentrate on the dramatic ones? Prior to that, the Democrats sporting an all black mask outfit have been burning and destroying cities, toppling statues across the U.S. for the whole year. What do you Democrats call that? Peaceful demonstration? Actually yes. Heard that from mainstream media.

  3. Carlson is typical of the elites who think ordinary working people are disposable and only useful for their labour. Carlson is a trust fund baby who has no conception of what it is like to struggle day to day. The irony is trump supporters are voting for their own future suppression.

  4. Can we stop calling FOX content “disturbing” yet? They’ve long ago moved on to anti-democratic and seditious.

    1. @cc 1k how is that?? When All the other networks are the ones pushing it? A govt pushing a vaccine on you and telling you to walk around with papers to prove you took a shot ,what exactly is that???

    2. @cc 1k The complete destruction of degenerate behavior in society, a prosperous nation where the family is the bedrock, Christian values, ethnic homogeneity, strong leadership, pride in one’s nation, peace, etcetera.

    3. “Can we stop calling FOX content “disturbing” yet?”
      Strange that you require someone’s permission to do that. Is this normal for Democrats?

  5. Bizarrely enough the CIA “takes care” of such things in other countries yet somehow they let traitors run free in America.

  6. I feel a failed coup with nothing being done is a practice run. If we let it go they may be successful next time.

  7. Donald’s not going to run in 2024.
    Look at him, his health won’t let him.
    I will be surprised if he’s able to walk in another year. The bone spurs must be catching up with him.

  8. Has nobody yet realized that the Cyber Ninja’s “audits” are designed to provide voter demographics to gerrymander the districts for the 2022 elections?

    1. @Ellen Casteel Then how do they know who voted? My ballot comes from an envelope with my name and address on it.

    2. @W.E. Rob Look at you being the big man using all the buzz words. Your knowledge of communism i would have no doubt goes as far as you being able to spell it. Go and live in a communist country and educate yourself on the subject before you start making a fool out of yourself on here with your ignorance.

  9. Vladimir Putin has his ” headquarters” in Hungary,along with his spies,files.and computerized records of his dictatorship in Russia!! Vladimir Putin is Not a human being to be trusted in any sense of the word!! Russia is Still Communistic,regardless of what the overall media states! Putin IS Still a dictator,No ifs,ands or buts!

  10. Fascism is an ever-present temptation. Tucker has fallen right into it, no matter how much he giggles.

    1. Fascist, Nazis? 77 years after WW2? You got to be kidding me!! How about communist or Neo-communist? After all they are still with us, jut look at these talking heads.

    2. Ironically, the right says the left is headed toward authoritarian rule, and the left claims the same about the right. It depends on which biased news sources you watch. Or you could watch both, make up your own mind, and be better for it.

  11. Basically , Viktor Orban is now GOP’s role model. Something inherently wrong with the Republican party.

    1. Why? It’s a sensible things to do for a country to protect it’s people, it’s culture, it’s value, it’s Border. And you antagonizing that was once sensible argument and important works to do for a nation? Try to lessen your weed and alcohol problem and come back talking when you’re already sober

    2. Thats because he believes in freedom and democracy – unlike the current US administration that operate like a socialist dictatorship

  12. To those who want an autocracy I say move to one, they’d probably love to have you. America is unique because it’s a democracy. Love it or leave it!

  13. The irony is that our democracy has been slowly slipping away under the heavy influence of the wealthy donor class on the left and the right. And don’t forget the privately owned news media.

  14. Let’s just ignore the fact that Biden admin just ignored the Supreme courts ruling on banning eviction. All corporate media has become trash.

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