The UK's surprising Covid-19 success story 1

The UK’s surprising Covid-19 success story


The British government had one of the highest national death tolls globally during the pandemic, having dragged its feet to impose lockdown restrictions and shown reluctance to enforce rules. CNN's Scott McLean reports the government's foresight in backing coronavirus vaccines has turned into one of the most surprising success stories.
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  1. Congratulations to PM Johnson. At long last Britain came to realise the importance of not politicising the Pandemic and encourage worldwide cooperation to fight Covid19.
    Will America learn from Britain?

    1. Britain has become an Orwellian police state and all for a virus that has an average mortality age of 82 year old…. its hardly a fucking success over here.

      The government policies have been a bigger fucking disaster than a chest infection.

    2. I doubt it, the people that politicized it are in office.
      Media is trying to stay relevant so they keep using it, giving democrats no chance.

    3. @Africanknight88 I think the US and much of Western Europe could be looking at a continuous ongoing disaster, open borders with voluntary quarantine and large numbers of antivaxxers in US and France in particular. If the virus mutates around the vaccines or not enough vaccinated there will be more troubles ahead.

    1. Remember, Johnson was open to America buying the profitable parts of it. Hopefully Biden’s US won’t be so keen.

    2. They have a smaller population so they are about half way to significant immunity and real drops in daily numbers, maybe by March. That success publicized will put a fire under the administration and roll out of J&J vaccine may get done as fast as possible. I expect to get vaccinate by June, if Trump were in charge of this I probably would be thinking next year.

    3. The NHS is not fit for purpose. They need funds reduced and made to earn them back through results. The NHS has failed the people, they have let thousands suffer and die because they are only interested in covid.

    4. …apart from the families and friends of the 30,000+ who were turned away by the NHS and died for having non-covid issues.


  3. Because they have Orange Man who sets priorities right and works accordingly for his citizens, not against them. “Amen and a woman”.

  4. After losing so many precious lives, there would be no any success even the pandemic was stopped today. Please respect lives, especially human lives.

    1. not at first, originally they went with a ‘herd immunity’ and it blew up so bad mortality rates hit 15% according to John Hopkins records. They couldn’t respond to their cases with basics like oxygen etc but then turned it around.
      Boris getting sick seems to have helped kickstart that initiative lol

  5. Britain has closely followed the WHO guidelines on lockdowns & travel and WE have been diligent… yet still hit very hard.

  6. Sometimes we faff around, but we always get there in the end. I’m no Boris fan but he’s done the right thing spreading the risk by buying large doses of all the vaccines EARLY, then leaving it to the NHS and British Army to control the logistics and actual vaccination.

    1. Boris may be a clown, but he’s much better than the idiot seditionist despot wannabe who used to run the “United” States.

    1. You might want to start with Q-Anon believers. Their motto is _Where we go one, we go all_
      There’s literally nothing more sheep-like than that.

    2. Isn’t that what you sound like? Blindly taking a vaccine when nobody knows the side-effects or long term damage, all because your government said it was safe?

  7. Yeah he must be thrilled not to have to work with Donald McFondled anymore! At least theres real talk and not all ploys and getting info and there can be lite hearted conversation!

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  9. The UK struggles at first because it’s one of the most densely populated counties in the developed world, and its succeeding now because we are an island nation so do things our own way, and also because we left the EU we didn’t have to make nice with the French and their non vaccine

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