The Washington Post Reports 13 Police Officers Suspected Of Role In Riots | MSNBC 1

The Washington Post Reports 13 Police Officers Suspected Of Role In Riots | MSNBC


According to The Washington Post, at least 13 off-duty law enforcement officials are now suspected of taking part in the insurrection at the Capitol. NBC News is working to confirm this information.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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The Washington Post Reports 13 Police Officers Suspected Of Role In Riots | MSNBC


  1. Traitors. Prosecute as domestic terrorists. All must be held accountable and go to prison in this attack on USA democracy.

    1. @Eddie Vest you are such stupid and bias, also underestimate our democracy! If you are afraid of Communist, you should not vote for Trump- a dictatorship and authoritarian! Your Trump idol is Hitler and he wants to become hitler.. He want every people worships him.. You are one of them!! Your Trump businesses with China in the last 10 years and paid more tax for them than US! Wake up! traitor and stupid are the two words for people like you who put your trump over our flag and our country!! Do you realize that the capital did not have any attack since 200 years ago, And You and those people followers were destroyed without even care about it.. Our great founder G. Washington died and many people had died to take back America from Britain and they had to rebuild Capital Hill, .. it is 200 years that We have to protect and rebuild this country.. Those people like you never have any love for this country,, Because of the man like Trump- not even worth a dime, you threw away your country and yourself also..! Shame on you!!

    2. @Mary Buford ,George floyd had no business being so high on Fentanyl and passing a fake bill he also wasn’t the hero the weirdos made out to be,so by your logic it is okay to be a know criminal with the law and society is okay?

    1. @Craig Wheeless These crooked commies are going to steal their pensions regardless. It doesn’t matter if they’re obedient to this tyrannical administration or not.

    2. @Category5Hurricane – bar them from owning rocks. Starve them, punish their children. Submit or suffer the wrath! Yes?

  2. Shouldn’t those 13 insurrectionists be in jail? You guys need to start locking up the government officials involved in this attempted coup.

    1. @Patton Moore 1st off a trial is always required by law although I guess they could maybe get around that with the patriot act but it doesn’t mean they should it’s important that we set the example we want to see in the world and using the patriot act in that way is not the example I want to see. It not only could be a very controversial move on both sides as the patriot act was a very controversial set of laws but it just isn’t the right thing to do, not for all of them. There is a difference between the ones who simply showed up at the capitol to spread ignorance and those that actually attacked the capitol. They definitely do all hold a certain level of culpability but certainly not the same level of it across the board. I saw a video of one of the trumpers actually putting himself in harms way to help a cnn reporter escape unharmed from the crowd outside if he deserves the same level of responsibility as the people breaking barricades fighting with police and chanting “hang mike pence” then there’s something wrong with how we’re doing things. It is very important that we uphold law and order while dealing with the people responsible for this insurrection otherwise we’re no better than them. We can not allow the terrorists to bring us to their level.

    2. @kathleen mcallister
      The left is no longer motivated by anything beyond hate & spite.

      Pointing that out sways them no more than pointing out the dead to a hostile army.
      They hate you. And, as of now, they have every lever of power (big banks, big tech, big business, media, academia, etc)
      Behave as if we are living under a hostile foreign regime.

      We are on God’s side so victory is assured. But when we win, don’t forget how much they hate you & how much they want to hurt you.

    3. @bLoWc16 – facts? Your corporate owned media outlets spread nothing but propaganda. People like you never question a thing. you are highly uninformed. Before you claim that you research the facts, actually do so. Read police reports, affidavits, statues, transcripts,etc. at that point, you will be very upset to know how far you have actually been misled.

    1. @Cat Dooley qualified immunity only applies to officers while on-duty. Description of the video clearly says off-duty LEO, qualified immunity does not apply.

    2. @Samala Ekaailouulu while that may be the title, the report mentions the police that were on duty that day that are also being investigated.

    3. @Cat Dooley oh yes, those ones. In that case, qualified immunity would only theoretically shield officers from personal civil liability, but if their actions were found criminal, qualified immunity would not help them. And the latter case may even make them ineligible for qualified immunity.

    1. yes!!! count the politicians involved, starting at the TOP….#1 donald trump #2 donald trump jr. #1 moscow mitch……ect, ect…..far more than 13!

    2. @E.A.W Tzipporah of course there are. You can add, Biden, Schumer, Polosi, Schiff, Waters and most of the DNC.

    3. The police were sent home at 6am. told not to return to the capital. ~ Capital police asked for extra security, was denied from both House and Senate, Nancy and Mitch?

  3. Who’s surprised? American Law enforcement, has had multiple loyalties, since there inception.

  4. “Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses!” “So now you do what they told you. Now you’re under control!…” You know the rest of the lyrics.

    1. You’ve been duped. This was a set up to try and make conservatives look bad. It’s working and you’re proof. This whole comment section is filled with brainwashed people like you. #unreal

    1. @Kalina Phan Because of all the credible evidence that was presented and blatantly ignored, half of the country believes the election was rigged and therefore unconstitutional. All this may have been avoided if the the Courts and the DOJ would have done their due diligence investigating voter fraud. Now, half the country will never except Biden as a legitimate president. Moreover, they’ll likely use the Twenty-fifth Amendment on Biden so an even more dreadful future awaits you! Now is the time to find Jesus if you haven’t already. God bless America.

    2. @Alpha Trion what were the underhanded reasons Trump had for supporting the military? Seems like a stronger military is a good idea–China definitely thinks so.

  5. Ok why is this surprising! The KKK had police, sheriff’s, Deputies and Judges in their ranks. People, people this is The United States of America……..

    1. @Deez Nuts so why weren’t you there coward? I love you armchair Patriots and radicals and Rebels. Crawl back into your hole worm. Somebody might step on you.

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