The White House Is 'Adding To Their Leverage Pile’ In Covid-19 Fight 1

The White House Is ‘Adding To Their Leverage Pile’ In Covid-19 Fight


Founding Director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University Dr. Irwin Redlener and associate editor for Real Clear Politics A.B. Stoddard discuss President Biden trying to find every avenue possible to mandate vaccines

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    1. @Paul Knowsit You claim polio has an 85% survivability. Polio doesn’t transmit well. it’s like a .5% chance to even get infected assuming exposure. Focusing on one statistic of a virus ignores the entirety of the virus.

    2. @Shaun Anderson The virus kills more people including a 13 year-old in a day after she got tested.
      For those of you who believe @Shaun Anderson ‘s nonsense, search in YouTube for Doctor Mike Hansen ‘s channel with the video for “Do the Benefits of Covid Vaccine Outweigh the Risks?” You will know more about who can be affected by which vaccine and how often it happens.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis sure they have to follow the law just like everyone else, yet if I am harmed from their product, they are completely immune from prosecution. Sorry, that’s a deal breaker.

    4. @Chad Leach NO, they are NOT, the law that trump put in place only lasts until 2024, after that you can sue them, like I said they are NOT totally immune.

  1. Number of children saved from murderous pedophiles by QAnon members: 0
    Number of children murdered by QAnon members: 4

  2. Amazing success with the Vaccine protecting people from Covid, millions of lives saved. Now Biden needs to produce a vaccine against the Taliban infection.

    1. Those are not real vaccines ; they have not been tested …it’s a scam to lower your immune system … go google infowars

    2. A true vaccine introduces the virus in a small quantity, so your immune system builds a defense against it. This shot blocks the virus from attaching to cells leaving no immune response. There has been no known case of someone recovering from covid and getting sick again from the same virus. But there are thousands of cases of people getting the shot and getting sick or dieing from covid.

    3. @WIL S Sigh. There are a lot of different types of vaccine and they are made in different ways, what is not “real” ? I suggest you study some biology, perhaps go to a college and get a science degree, then look at “real” scientific peer reviewed papers on virology and vaccines and stop googling crap, it will rot your brain.

    1. @john smith Did CNN tell you that? That goes against all known medical science to date. There has been no known case of someone getting sick twice from covid-19. People have tested positive twice but not sick twice. From either variant. You are brainwashed to fear the variants now. Wake up. The mainstream media fear mongering has done a number on your mind.

  3. There are so many shills in the comments it’s painfully obvious that MSNBC is getting it so bad that they literally have to send shill accounts to defend this administration online.

  4. I Would’ve laughed SO loud if she said “Abbot and Costello” LOL Maybe next time lol


    “Ask not what you’re country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”

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