1. The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, The Night Of, Lovecraft Country, When They See Us, etc. He was a legendary actor who did some amazing work. RIP.

    1. I even liked his role in The Road. A lot of people don’t know about it but that’s a really good movie.

  2. I just love his GQ interview. He is SO Brooklyn. I remember that interview making me actually love him as a person, not just an actor. True Brooklynites are a dying breed, so the news of his death truly shook me.

    1. @Wolf Heart Gaming I know. Many others do too. This is like somebody calling the cops after seeing a wanted poster just to say they haven’t seen the missing person. If you don’t know who he is, keep walking. Don’t stop to piss on people’s feet.

  3. Him on The Wire and maybe even more on Boardwalk Empire was so incredible. So sad. If this was fetinal again they need to outlaw that crap
    from everyplace on earth.

    1. Please educate yourself ozz. It isn’t fentanyl that’s killing people. It is Drug Policy. Explore The Drug Policy Alliance.

  4. Although I don’t know him, he’s my brother. My heart goes out to all who loved him. May he rest in eternal peace.

  5. He was a brilliant actor, and by all accounts a wonderfully generious and kind man. Sometimes the greatest artists carry the greatest pain to accomplish their craft. I’m grateful for what he gave us in the time he had.

    1. shame on the ones that knew he was on drugs and needed help,but turned a blind eye. We saw this with MJ just people who kiss azz and dont say truths.

  6. It’s sad, he will be missed. It’s painful that he couldn’t get past his addiction. I hope others get help, and people understand and love people through this disease.

    1. Its a horrible problem today. He will be missed. Guess he just could not kick this disease. May he RIP

    2. Explore the Drug Policy Alliance. It is a good place to learn the truth about what is actually happening and learn ways to actually help.

  7. These two guests/eulogists are expressing a beautiful depth of appreciation for this man and his artistry. 🙏🏼

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