The Withdrawal Of U.S. Troops From Germany Is Being Called A Gift For Putin. Here’s Why. | MSNBC

The Trump administration just announced the upcoming withdrawal of nearly 12,000 U.S. troops from bases in Germany. Experts say this damages America’s alliances with Germany and with Europe as a whole, and advances one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s key objectives – to weaken NATO and dim U.S. influence in the region. Aired on 7/29/2020.
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The Withdrawal Of U.S. Troops From Germany Is Being Called A Gift For Putin. Here’s Why. | MSNBC


  1. Since Trumpkov pushed for Putin to be reinstated, the G7 should kick the USA out!
    Far East Movement’s song was 🎶Like a G6🎶

    1. @netzoned Did Putin Head Tweak You with Magic Dem Flipping Russian Collusion Facebook Ads again?
      Vlad the Dem Flipping Impaler continues his holy Dem Flipping work. See Ya Flipper! Welcome to the Republican Party.

    2. What problem can G7 solve in today’s world without Russia? Just wondering ? A club of losers that can only talk without real action.

    3. @Кукишь Rerbitd With or Without Russia, the Institution does not produce quantifiable resolutions to Problems even to the point of identifying Problems in need of Resolution. It appears to create more problems than it Solves. Much like NATO and the UN, G7 appears to perpetuate ideas of non specific problems so it has a reason to exist.
      For example; we must have NATO to protect against the Russian Menace. If Russia is no longer a Menace, there is no need for NATO therefore Russians must always be a menace to society. Our World is cluttered with Institutions which are not capable of dealing with serious World Problems. The faster such Institutions are retired or pushed aside, the more opportunities exist to get on with handling serious Issues.

    4. @Michael Mcgarrity NATO has not been a military alliance for a long time. NATO has turned into a business scam for the United States to siphon money from the European Union. We (USA) protect you (EU) from the terrible Russia – buy our weapons and pay for the bases.

    5. @Кукишь Rerbitd I agree with you but that is not what it is portrayed to be by most Politicians. We have many serious problems at home in the USA which if addressed may provide a far better Return on Investment than NATO.

  2. “…whether or not there are financial incentives …” I am guessing whether rather than not … Trump is so transparent he knows he is going to lose and his businesses will crumble under the weight of litigation and investigation when he leaves office he is looking to daddy Putin to bail him out

  3. Russia can’t afford to spend as much on their military as before. Pulling out from Germany is a great gift to them.

    1. John Watt let me help your English comprehension. Russia is finding it financially increasingly challenging to continue with their expenses. The latest US actions is helping them to cope better.

    2. @J M M: What do you think you are doing with your life when you insult a stranger you have never met? You are media-mad. This is proof of my diagnosis. If you would rather think you are just mad, or stoned or drunk, that’s on you.

    3. @John Watt I did not insult you; you were wrong, as there was nothing wrong with Ismail’s English.

    1. @Sam McCormack HAHAHAHA..!! Good one, little sammy..!! HAHAHAHA…!! I thought you were serious there..for a second..!! Hahahaha..!

    1. @Sam McCormack Please read and educate yourself before making inane comments. It just shows that you are lazy! Google the uranium deal and get your facts straight. People like you give the rest of us whiplash because of all of our heads shaking at your blind ignorance!

    2. @John C You should educate yourself before posting such uninformed opinions.
      You can spend trillions over trillions of Dollars on military, with a Commander in Chief like you have, no amount of technological and strategical investment will suffice.
      Also, it’s not the rest of the World, and it’s not Germany either, who asked you to play the World Police. Power comes with a price, it’s never for free. And then again, imagine if Germany suddenly spent over 5% of its GDP worth in military, it would be the US who’d intervene quicker than you can cough insults… Geopolitics just ain’t your thing, neither is the concept of historical ties and alliances. Now go cough at one of your fellow Trumpists instead, they’re not bothered by science or knowledge. Auf Wiedersehen 😉

    3. @RandomNature you have not a lot of reading compréhension skills, I said I’m not American first, I’m French, and also the USA wants to stop being world police under the trump administration, they are asking us to pay for our own defense, and you argue against that. You are either misguided or you are a walking contradiction so conflicted inside your head you lost touch with reality and now you became like a 90’s warmongering republican. It’s amazing today to see the republicans be the ones who are anti war, leaded by Trump and to see you guys trying so hard to be against trump that you would argue that air is bad if trump says he likes it 😅 he broke you, you don’t realize yeat but trump broke you.

    4. Had nothing to do with Putin. Angela Merkel just didn’t want to sit down with a clown again, she canceled the G7 meeting. So the orange clown thought of something to retaliate, end of story. Same with Tiktok. This company is under investigation because some users tricked to Trump campaign so that the Tulsa rally ended in a desaster. Just retaliation again, which is going to hurt the US as well.

  4. These next coming months are gonna reveal trumps true colors….trumpsters must decide whether to put love of country or love of trump above their hate for dems

    1. lol, they dont care for the country, all they care for that he enables them to live in their own bubble of truth… even its far away from our reality…!

    1. @Renee They share a border with Russia. We are not “babysitting” Germany. It is a strategic location for us, as well as security for our allies.

    2. @Elizabeth Ayres ROTFLMMFAO
      Ok karen
      We can’t even keep our own borders secured we need our troops home… Germany has had many many years to get their own military up to snuff…

    3. @Renee We are not living in isolation. That was a century ago. What happens in Germany, happens to be important to us strategically. Are you blind? Not to mention we have security agreements and alliances all over the world. In case you haven’t heard, nobody wants to come over the border or let us into their borders. We are the Typhoid Mary of the world…. a giant, raging case of herpes or whatever…. the diptard in the Whitehouse has seen to that….. Karen

    4. Letting Putin in this country is treasonous ,inviting the Taliban to come here even though they cancelled, was an act of treason also

  5. On April 18, 2019, a redacted copy of Mueller’s report was released to the public. The Mueller report builds on the U.S. intelligence conclusion that there were two campaigns to elect Trump— one run by Trump and one run by the Russian government. The Mueller report clearly identified connections between the Trump campaign and Russia…

    A total of 272 contacts between Trump’s team and Russia-linked operatives were identified, including at least 38 meetings. We now know that at least 33 high-ranking campaign officials and Trump advisers had or were at least aware of contacts with Russia-linked operatives during the campaign and transition, including Trump himself, Don Jr, Manafort, Flynn, Jared, Papadopoulos,  Rick Gates, and Roger Stone, just to name a few. But what’s worse, is the fact that they all lied about these contacts. None of these contacts were ever reported to the proper authorities. Instead, the Trump team tried to cover them up, every single one of them..

    The question every American should be asking is why were there so many contacts(272) between Trump’s people and Russian officials and operatives, and why did Trump and his people lie about those contacts?

    Make no mistake, Putin is America’s enemy, and not because we want him to be, he’s America’s enemy because that’s what he has chosen to be. Trump is a Russian asset, and not because that’s what we want him to be, he’s a Russian asset because that’s what he has chosen to be. We should treat them both accordingly with the choices that they have made..
    Semper Fi..

    1. David J
      Richard Burt, Carter Page, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were all receiving payments from Russians connected to Vladimir Putin WHILE they were working on the trump campaign.

    2. *@ David J* Kudos. Well spoken. It seems many on this page and elsewhere missed the watershed moment (IMO) of General Mattis breaking protocol and speaking out following the Lafayette Square/Bible photo-op clustermuffin. Those who do not see the daylight ahead need more of what you put up here. I have been using a different tack for the most part with the same goal.

      Again, Sir, well done. I hope you follow the first link. Semper Fi.


      Down Home Cookin’

      _Top 40 from the Back 40 (playlist)_

    3. ​@Anthony Enright _I admire your clarity of thinking. Unencumbered by reality, facts, truth, compassion or patriotism, you have found your way to Occam’s Razor that accomodates your cowardly insecure denial, hate-driven bigotry, and treason by reveling in your arrogance which fills the void where intelligence otherwise might dwell. You illustrate one need not be right to be sure._

  6. Benedict Arnold’s ghost can now rest in peace, because thanks to Trump, Benedict Arnold is no longer the biggest traitor in American history.

    1. *@David J* I wish that was just a snarky joke. I specialize in snarky bad satire against the Trump cult, and you actually speak truth. That is really sad. That should be hilarious, and it ain’t. It is the stone cold TRUTH. Not only Nixon has been upstaged, but Benedict Arnold can maybe rest in peace . . . finally. Great comment.

    1. @LCCATCX And because Merkel, in reaction to his invitation to Putin, declined to attend the G7 summit, he theatened to pull the troops.
      But Merkel wouldn’t bend to his will. She has bigger balls than Trump ever had. But according to Stormy Daniels, his balls are rather tiny, so it’s no competition.
      Trump is a pathetic loser, a maniac and he was part of the Palm Beach Pedophile Club. Whoever voted or votes for him: You are a pathetic clown, hence why you like
      him so much.

    2. @T. R. Campbell This is some lame bot-crap with fake narrative…
      Russia profits at a margin of $58 per barrel, before the covid crisis, which brought demand for oil down to a unprecedented level, the oil price was above the profit line for Russia, as a matter of fact, during the Obama-era the oil price was brought down to below 50 at its lowest. This was after Russia annexed Crimea, and before Russia retaliated by attacking the democratic principle and trust in the US democratic process.
      tl:dr Go home bot, you’re drunk …. (vodka?)

    3. Trump do the same like all others befor him.Only the gamestyle is diffrent.Cheers to the City Flint from Obama.

    4. Please provide evidence of your assertions. Please list what has been done for to benefit Russia
      If we look carefully we can see that the Russian economy has been hurt by the actions of the United States. We have broken the Russian stranglehold on European energy by providing Europe LMG. Directions to no longer threaten to freeze your açai shutting off natural gas. Also decimated the Russian economy by unleashing Americans energy sector. Relatively inexpensive barrel of oil now greatly impacts the Russian economy because Putin needs at least $100 ppb. We are far from that and in the direction economy and Putin is being damaged by American policy.

    5. Gooey 911 We must remember the warnings that the main stream media which includes MSNBC are compliant with the corrupt and entrenched political class and the globalist. We learned from the Mueller report that there was no Russian conspiracy, no Russian collusion whatsoever. MSNBC it’s not an investigative body. Faux determined that there was no Russian collusion or conspiracy which agreed with the Mueller report. Congress attempted that and we learned that there was no Russian collusion.

    1. It’s okay, the yankee imperialists have another 1,000 military bases trying to dominate the globe.

  7. Oh, how Putin must be jubilant!
    He easily achieves his ends, with the deranged and foolish American President, whom he manipulates as he pleases.
    I am French and I assure you that it sucks

    1. Oli Ka They better get to spending if they want to feel safe. People complain that our military budget is to much well this is one of the reasons

    1. I am honestly wondering if we are going to be given the chance to, what with all his recent authoritarian moves.

    2. @Vivian Perino
      That would be awesome. There’s no way you hacks can keep this scam going for much longer than that.

  8. While some might consider “president” Stupid’s malleable quality as reminiscent of Silly Putty®, most would simply regard the bozo as a POS.

  9. Putin was KGB agent in Germany, he speaks german, it was his job back inthe days to turn people arround. Did he do it with Trump? 100%

    1. Putin most likely has the tape when the 2 “ladies” enjoyed trump watching them (or whatever) doing their business to ruin the matress in that Moscow hotel room. trump cannot have this tape to ever be leaked. Putin totally owns him. trump does whatever Putin wants him to do…

    1. Larry , no one want Hitler but Ford and many others invest in him.He kidding to get the power.Trump ? And all the others are only puppets from people behind him.Thats the point he get the job .If iam talk bullshite you can tell my why he is the president ?
      election system of the USA ? Thats no
      democracy thats a joke.

    1. @Nickson Pinto China is a financial threat not a military threat. China has not been trying to invade sovereign states. With the exception of Hong Kong and Taiwan and Nepal which are actually part of of China they have no history of trying to move into somewhere else

    2. @L.U. Rehuher It isn’t atleast not from where we see it. As long as Russia is not messed with atleast for the time china is dealt with. It does not appear likely a situation would occur where China and Russia Join hands militarily or even economically. China’s biggest trading partner is US whereas for Russia it is EU. I am no proponent for Russia but when you say US even along with EU currently can deal with combined might of China and Russia, you ought to be joking.

    3. @Florian Eimer I am not in Putin’s Russia but just not want Germany siding on axis.The last time it did, Germany had it pretty bad.

    4. @DD No country that is communist or authoritarian(in exactly) the wrong way remain just a financial threat and not evolve into a military threat. I don’t think the strategy of the US is limited to 1 US president, we see it first taken by bush jr, then by Obama (pivot to asia) , then by trump. And I am pretty sure it would be continued by next US president. In general this would be in World’s interest in general.

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