The Women Over 50 Fighting To Protect Voting Rights | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Voting is a human right and must never be taken away. As austistic person whom can speak her mind the State will be happy to take my rights away.

    1. We need to know what rights are being removed so we can stop them. The Georgia law actually increased voting based on what I read.

  2. Automatic registration at 18, Election day is a National Holiday , and since the working poor still have to work – absentee ballots should be sent out by request and counted if processed by Post Office before polls closed.
    John Lewis Voting Rights Act NOW
    Republicans can only win by suppression and subtraction – thus they should not ( and CAN not win)

    1. HA! And democrats can only win by cheating and in several ways. Talk about suppression, guess you haven’t heard of Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philly in the ’08 election.

    2. The General Election should be a national holiday and should be held the Monday after the Super Bowl.

  3. Hey MSNBC: Here’s an idea. Perhaps your piece on activism of women over 50 could have been enhanced by interviewing one or more women over 50. It’s not like they are difficult to find. lol!

  4. REPORTER: “Do you support Jerry Nadler’s bill to expand the Supreme Court by four seats and would you commit to bringing that bill to the floor?”

    PELOSI: “No. I support the president’s commission to study such a proposal. — It’s not out of the question.”

  5. The moment everyone is truly equal is during the vote… one vote per person. It being 2021 we should be accommodating the large population, instead there is suppression.
    The sad thing about this country is we have to constantly have to battle for rights, our human rights. Can never take anything for granted, because evil/greed seeps in steals when there is rest.
    The battle to protect, respect and ability to vote will insure our equality and it is through voting won! Vote and take it not for granted!

  6. By the same token politicians who run for office should have to pass psychological inventories, pass H.S. Civics assesment testing, be conversant in immigration/citizenship protocols and pass a background check before 1 vote is ever cast for them…

  7. To get a voter registration card you must have identification…So more identification is redundancy ….just more money spent on a new project that could be better used….

  8. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 thank you for fighting for all of us when our representatives fail America.

  9. Get IDENTIFICATION and vote … simple . Show your IDENTIFICATION and vote .
    There .. now you’re protected .

    1. @Teresa Ellis it is NOT that easy for some folks to get an ID, you need a birth certificate to get an ID and you need an ID to get a birth certificate, to make it harder those without a birth certificate were born at home and never registered with the state

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis …. you have 3 years to get that done …. I would think that is enough time … get a ss card too … how would you collect retirement ..

    3. @knightnrmer there will be lots of agencies begging to help people get an ID or another proof of identity.If it is that hard,and someone has no form of ID you might ask why

  10. When Shaniqua is put into any position of authority, that civilization is dead.
    No wonder the world laughs at America!

  11. I love that they’re not just fighting racism…but ageism as well! Thank you ladies….keep fighting, we’re with you!

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