The Women Over 50 Leading Vaccine Distribution Efforts | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

The Women Over 50 Leading Vaccine Distribution Efforts | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Forbes' Randall Lane discusses the women over 50 leading coronavirus vaccination efforts including Kathy Wengel of Johnson & Johnson, Sally Susman of Pfizer and Dr. Corrine Le Goff of Moderna.

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The Women Over 50 Leading Vaccine Distribution Efforts | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Wisconsin Man Thanks to Trump we may never know the true numbers of people who have died due to his negligence……I suppose all of the other countries in the world are in on your lame conspiracy theories…..hope Putin is paying you well for doing his bidding…

    2. @Elizabeth Ayres Trump huh? Hmm I wonder why when he said on Jan 31st, NO TRAVEL FROM CHINA and Declared a NATIONAL HEALTH EMERGENCY, the Dems, Media said he was Racist, over reacting, this was like the Flu.Many said up until March 13th, go out and eat, ride the Subway, see a movie. Yet people seem to forget VIDEO exist them saying exactly that. I sure hope women with your profession has lost to much money from John’s during this.

    1. @Ricky Bobby Short Buses must have a parking lot in your front yard. Trump put more sanctions on Russia than any president ever. He gave Ukraine weapons to defend against Russia. He had tried to get permits to build in Russia for years but had been denied. Now wouldn’t BFF’s work with each other? Common sense and critical thinking isn’t high on your list huh?

    2. @Wisconsin Man REMEMBER HELSIKI ! Trump I don’t believe my security team …I believe Putin!

    1. covid believers… one death is too many. vaccine believers… it’s only one death. vaccines have been used historically to brainwash us. No vaccine has ever prevented or eradicated disease. All vaccine have caused cancers, auto immune disease, diabetes, autism, and more. All vaccines have caused massive death and injuries, but it has been widely covered up. The c ovid vaccines was made years ago and tested, all the animals died b/c the vaccine re-programs the immune system to attack itself, making the body defenseless against disease and viruses.

    2. @J. Karpinski
      Gramps get a life and a brain.
      My business supports you brain dead conspiracy theorists that the world laughs at.
      Trump, your fearless leader believes Covid 19 is a reality.
      Didn’t Trump and his administration get vaccinated?
      You are your own victim of death.

    1. Not with people like you who still buy the Covid lies. Our country doesn’t stand a chance, it’s been dumbed down to the point of no return. People refuse to think for themselves and believe whatever their TV tells them to believe.

    2. *Klaus Schwab The Great Reset Book, Agenda 21 (2021) Agenda 2030, Covid- Pass leads to, Digital Dollar, Social Crédit Score System, Quantum Dot Tattoo.*

  1. Finally! Let the women do their jobs. Working for the betterment of all people. That’s what women do. We FIX things!

  2. Kudos and gratitude to these women, and thanks for highlighting their work! Gratitude to all the medical professionals and all those keeping our supply chains running

  3. Meki who got the vaccine fast tracked? Let’s not give any credit, like him or not but he did , it’s not political its America

  4. If vaccines work. Then why are fully vaccinated people still wearing mask ?
    Guess they don’t work if you still have to wear a mask.
    Democrats aren’t sending a very good message by still wearing mask while being fully vaccinated.
    Maybe they should follow the common sense of republicans.
    That are sending the right message of you don’t have to when fully vaccinated.

    1. Does people know what it took to make this vaccine, that’s been put in their arms is there a labeling saying the ingredients it’s made off

  5. My Wife is a retired nurse in her 70s and she has been volunteering on weekends to administer the vaccines. I’m very proud of her.

    1. Pro tip : watch movies on Flixzone. I’ve been using it for watching a lot of movies recently.

  6. In my opinion. One of the reasons I got the shot was to contain the virus so businesses could open up sooner. Don’t understand why any republican doesn’t want the shot. Companies are hurting and going out of business. I thought that was what republicans represented. They may not trust what’s in the vaccine. I’m skeptical myself. We never know what’s in most shots. But if I go out I would like to go out trying to help my family and businesses out of trouble.

  7. The time of giving trump credit for the roll out of a vaccine that has been developing for 15 years is over , the people presently at the front line are the ones who have made the reduction of the COVID happen ,thank you for letting us know who these people are…

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