The World Reacts To Joe Biden's Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

The World Reacts To Joe Biden’s Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Media outlets around the world along with world leaders are reacting to Joe Biden's inauguration. Aired on 01/21/2021.
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The World Reacts To Joe Biden's Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. No people are lazy, they love being told what to think and when to think it. It’s the only reason CNN and MSNBC still have an audience.

    2. You say love, stability, logic and fairness are pretty universal.
      46.9% of American voters and a few on your thread say “Nah: hold my stupid stick!”

    1. @Anna he’s been lying is whole life he lost his 89 presidential run because he plagiarized one of his speeches and he’s saying he has no idea what his son Hunters up to we know that’s a lie

    2. @mark Evans So Biden used some of what other politicians had said in their speeches, without giving credit to them, does not mean “he’s been lying his whole life.” But then, trump has been lying just about every time he opens his mouth, at the tune of at least, 25 Thousand times, FACT CHECKED LIES by 10/26/2020, since 2016 alone!
      If trump was fact checked back to 1989 just think of the numbers!
      And Hunter is a grown man, responsible for his own actions, and since you “know that’s a lie” -why don’t you ask Hunter what he is “up to” man to man, instead of conspiracy theory garbage.

    1. @Tera Tokomi I haven’t been “brain washed”. You are attacking people without providing any facts to support your attack. Are you wearing antlers and furry pants?

  1. So happy Biden is president now. I’m from Belgium, but it’s a huge relief also felt here. In this country we also have extremistic groups, and this sents a message to all those who want to break the democracy for their own false claims and ideas. Democracy will prevail!

    1. @Tera Tokomi no, he truly has brainwashed you. If you cannot see through his lies, it is you who is brainwashed.

    2. @Tera Tokomi it baffles me how easily he’s fooled you. But hey, I’m talking to a Trumpanzee here, one who is devoid of any logic or reason. Not like I can convince you anyways. You’re not worth my time. Stay stupid and blind forever by the right wing media and conspiracy theories, fool.

    3. ​@Tera Tokomi Could you point out where you think you have corrected people here? All I can see is a few churlish comments you have made, devoid of facts.

    4. @A Clark Hey bud! Is that underpowered and skewed brain you used here the same brain you use to vote with? Yes? Well then no wonder con men like Trump can so easily trick you. Get a new brain, bud!

    5. @A Clark I’m curious about you. I want to know if you were dumb enough to believe you were actually proving your false statement by posting that list of city pollution levels, or if you knew it was garbage but you thought that we would be dumb enough to fall for it. Either way, the only thing you proved is how dumb you are. I mean, you would also have to be pretty dumb to think you would get away with hoodwinking us with such a clumsy attempt
      The only thing you have proved here is that you are dumb enough to wear a MAGA hat.

  2. Not those who hate and seek to destroy but to all other Americans this new president will slow down the aging process.

  3. It’s a new day, a new life…better days are coming for America and the world. Biden will need America’s help to put things right.

    1. Biden is inheriting a MOUNTAIN of extremely difficult problems — many created or exacerbated by Trump. We have to come together as fellow Americans to overcome these challenges.

    2. @Jake Crapper (1) Trump’s negligent, incompetent mismanagement of COVID-19, which has caused (2) massive job losses and (3) a severe economic recession. (4) Trump has sown division and stoked racial conflict. (5) Trump has installed corrupt, unqualified, incompetent and sometimes downright seditious “leaders” in the various government institutions. And I’m just getting warmed up.

    3. @WiseCentaur You dems are, at least, consistent: You always accuse others what you are guilty of. That’s why we know you so well: just turn everything you accuse us of 180 degrees, and viola, it’s you.
      Get a life.

    1. People were saying (not asking) why do we care about Biden. Well boris johnson was going to split my country in two and the day after the election he changed his mind.

    2. @S H no how your allies, the ones that have fought alongside you, react, how can you have supported such a weakling……

    1. The world is also wary–Joe’s election wasn’t the resounding rejection of Trump that many of us hoped it would be. Many are afraid that Trumpism will return in the next couple of election cycles, given the size and vociferousness of his base. We need to remain vigilant, roll up our sleeves and work. It’s still not time for brunch.

    2. @Jake Crapper Placards and t-shirts from last year’s protests:

      “If Hillary had won, we’d be at brunch right now.”

      And “roll up our sleeves” is a very common English idiom that means preparing to do some serious work.

      P.S. Your name. . . middle school much?

  4. Omg this brings tears to my eyes. The entire world is sick of trump and his drama.!!! They were / are relieved also

    1. @Tera Tokomi
      Just for the sake of yourself you have to find your way out of the confusion that you are currently in.

    2. For real. Here in the relative safety and distance of New Zealand I woke up for the first time not wondering what the orange menace had done today.

  5. From the U.K …we have politicians here,and media ,who are now distancing and dissing Trump ,Jacob Rees Mogg, and Boris for starters!!!

  6. It has prevailed and donnie is gone a great day the trump’s are gone stay that way trump failed in business and definitely failed at being president

  7. Sean hannity is definitely having a bad day oh well hey Sean get over it and lou dobbs also take a couple of Tylenol and go to bed…oh then they will wake up and still know trump is gone…. oh well

    1. @Richard MacLean Absolutely. There’s a greater awareness just how precious and fragile our democracy is.

    2. @Richard MacLean a little “d” soo i am still sceptical about not replace “demo” with “pluto”.
      The left win not the people (who get screwed up by both “party”) so as long as it won’t be the case i can’t really call this a “democracy”
      The real work start now , media propaganda and fake opposition won’t be a wise choice this time!

  8. Yeah people that voted for dumpy don’t understand how much he has destroyed foreign relations and that whole “America first” BS is going to end up making “America last” if we don’t change course!!!

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