The Worst is Yet to Come | Strict Restrictions at Party Event in Jamaica - August 3 2021 1

The Worst is Yet to Come | Strict Restrictions at Party Event in Jamaica – August 3 2021

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  1. Fish dying off because of chemicals being dumped in the river, that’s not good for animals or humans.

  2. As vaccine available case rise??? send out the 18 variants and be done with it kmrt we all know unu want the whole world vaccinated we get it we tired of this heap of restrictions

    1. @The Awesome King no the people don’t need vaccine for flu. U still sleeping don’t have a clue what’s happening luciferian agenda Lucifer juice no King

    2. @JamIsland CarShow Where you around inv1960s when they had a large vaccination against poliomyelitis, well I was vaccinated by then and I am still alive and have taken the current vaccines.
      Science and religion two separate issues.

  3. Every day human try to pridict what them feel will happen as if them name God all because of the love of money Pharoah never know the Israelites would get away from him

    1. Amen…wi all put away God in all that’s going on…noone callin on God…but seeking man help…

  4. Is the fault of the prime Minister he should not reopen the entertainment sector no reggae sunsplash I do not care what they want to have in negril to keep the door closed sometime I find it difficult to believe the prime minister public officials politician and these are the people I’m saying should get capital punishment not children going to school implement a early curfew time 6:00 every evening sometime 11:00 12:00 I still see cars on the street moving up and down I still hear music playing it make me wonder if the police officers are doing what they’re supposed to do some police officers you could give them a Red stripe beer and everything good

    1. King whether he opens or lockdown don’t mean nothing to them, money is involved per vaccine per person, and creating a blame culture, scorning one another, oppressing, isolating, victimising, and dividing us all in the name of vaccination but yet Tourist ah come into fulljoy themselves but we can’t something nuh right yah.

    2. I’m of the view that this is the result/ the outcome that he had wanted, they want to reach that 60,000 mark and over the two years it was far from that mark however by the next three weeks we’ll pass that number by far

  5. The only way Jamaican people ever get the authority to see what’s going on first you have to go there the people have to act like hooligans next you have to behave like the people are not human being when election time do you know what they tell the people of this country such a beautiful country but it’s surrounded by bad politician bad public officials and the list goes on and on I used to love politician especially those on my side lately I dislike every f****** one

  6. The police who involved should remove from Frontline duty with immediate effect and sent home without pay

    1. King yes she should be taken off duties with no pay while investigation is ongoing ca cutting Princess’s hair without her consent is ABH(Actual Bodily Harm) is a Criminal Offence and gets prison time.
      They’re behaviour is getting out of control ca we have a crime Pandemic going on senseless killings and it seems government don’t care just with their scare tactics to scare us into have an experimental Vaccine. I know I’m definitely not my Parents generation, just be quiet and do what your told, no Sah I researched what AstraZeneca and Pzifer contains and it’s not for me and the ungle thing they can do is take away our Joy , Blame, Divide, Oppress, Isolate, Victimise and scare us.
      If it was so detrimental lock off Tourist then, I bet they won’t.
      Trad Safe Yah

  7. Why cut the young girl hair? Would they have done this to a man or boy who was in jail. Just look how short they cut her hair too. Imagine growing your hair for so many years and someone by force cutting your hair like that without your consent. No mother would like that, someone poorly cutting off all the hair of their child and almost left them bald. Imagine the teasing that child will endure. I am sure they had to take the child to a hairdresser to get a proper cut that the child could feel more comfortable. This isn’t even so much about locks, women understand the trauma this causes girls. Cutting an unknowledgeable, restrained unwilling, or otherwise unconsenting person’s hair is wrong!

    1. I notice that on one’s going to mention the fact that this act was perpetrated by another woman. I thought the world would be a better place when women got to places of power.

  8. If there’s any justice in the world, this young lady and her family truly deserve it. This police officer exercise an abuse of power and authority and she should be disciplined.

  9. Google ” event 201″ …imagine JFB doing a fire drill about gas cylinder exploding at a KFC restaurant and the exact same thing happen a month after…

  10. Good after Anthony, you looked exceptionally happy today, I guess it’s because our ladies gave us that 1..2..3 win at the Olympics.

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