The Year Since George Floyd's Death Saw Some Police Reform Victories 1

The Year Since George Floyd’s Death Saw Some Police Reform Victories


Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, talks with Rachel Maddow about the many jurisdictions that have seen progress toward police reform as a result of the largest mass protest ever in the United States that came in the wake of George Floyd's murder by police one year ago.
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  1. I honestly feel sorry for the people in this country who are so desperate to hold on to the power of a white voting majority, when they know that they soon will be a minority, not realizing that the way they’ve treated those minorities is about to how they are going to be treated in a few decades. I guess empathy and self-reflection isn’t a strength of the maga cult.

    1. That’s never going to happen. Blacks are only 12% of the population. There are 255 million white people.

    2. Yes. We are now in a time where equal treatment under the law is seen as discrimination. We in the maga cult believe you are responsible for your own choices and the outcome of those choices. It is not my fault someone decides not go to school not to work while the rest of us hard working (Latino) peop,people, get ahead because we choose the right path

    3. @Spring is Here! Caucasian population has decreased since the 1950’s, and will continue to drop over the next 10 years. The population will be nearly 55% while hispanics will go nearly 21% and Asian and African Americans will also increase. This is due to the age factor of white Americans that 55 million are over the age of 65. May they live long and happily.

    4. @Akitsu Maru Wrong! The white population every year keeps going up. There are now 255 million whites in the United states and growing. While the black population is only 41 million and going down. Nice try twit!

  2. Be sure to enjoy a fentanyl cocktail on Saint Floyd’s Day. That’s what George would have wanted

    1. @Red Jam i can tell you what the weather is in Colima Mexico my russia loving trool clown

    2. @The Corzo Family
      Come on skabeeva Bogatishev you can do better than that Komrade
      I have faith in you Pavlov

  3. Reform doesnt mean defund the police, we are seeing crime skyrocket in cities cutting police budgets and the FBI data shows crime up across the board in every category of these cities, so if our party is going to win elections going foreward we need policing and more common sense solutions ,not leaving citizens on there own to protect there business and property any way they can , if this continues trump will be back again in office if this continues and if our party doesn’t figure out that we do need law enforcement and not the wild west opened back up like they are doing currently

    1. You are not lying. Some people are waking up to see what the dem party and their never ending virtue is doing to minority communities. I hope someone other than Trump runs with the same ideas but if not then he has my vote.

  4. Have police departments made real changes to hiring policies , training and secure cam data.
    Are all officers complete history easily available for review for their next potential employer.?
    Are historical complaints not scrubbed from the files.
    Every Officers history shouldn’t be Public But it Must be up for clear review .

  5. God bless my America , The one that believes that we are all related as human beings, brothers and sisters helping each other

  6. And we’ve also seen a drastic spike in violent crime.
    Still no mention by left wing news outlets on the 30+ gunshots at George Floyd’s memorial site today.

    1. Red Jam – on a side note, it’s funny how a practically brand new faceless troll account that knows a ton of different Russian names is accusing others of being Russian.
      Go away Noreb.
      Nobody likes you.

    2. @Crimdor
      Awe my favorite recycled semenov goleeeboi skabeeva
      You’ve been using this queen vladz troll account tooooo long
      At least recycle a different one little buddy

    1. @Bones yea by your other comments can tell how mad you are that Derek Chauvin GOT CONVICTED FULL ON ALL 3 CHARGES. Justice served and theres nothing you can do about it but come to YT to cry. Impotent.

  7. They forgot the part where George Floyd square gets shot up in broad daylight on the anniversary because there are no police to combat it.

  8. Yeah, a shooting at his one year memorial. So tolerant, so stunning, so brave. LMFAO! Feed on one another, it’s what you’re best at!

  9. The United states is only 12% black, there are 255 million white people. Believe me they are not thinking about George Floyd. Lol

    1. These people don’t care. All they care about is making themselves feel virtuous thinking they are helping minority communities while pds in those communities are defunded,crime spikes and they go home to their towns with a fully funded pds patting themselves in the back.

    2. There is apparently 2 types of Racism these days:
      1: political (Fake) racism Used to push Insane agendas
      2. Classic Racism (which isn’t as Common as you might think)

      Let’s not confuse them, And for the record The current government Has no idea What it ACTUALLY means, Perhaps they don’t even realize They’re the real Racists (Even folks of color agree) It’s Another thing i try to explain to people That just don’t get it! (My Apologies If You already know all this) you might be surprised how many Are completely clueless how this works)

  10. I guess we’re all gonna forget he was high on meth and fentanyl and fighting the police for about 10 minutes!!

    1. Not as quickly as your mom forgot about you, son . . . Stop being such a Karen? You lost that one too. Let it go . . .

    2. @The Corzo Family This is why people should have to get a license to use the internet. Who has EVER, “painted him as a hero,” madam? He’s a MURDER VICTIM

    3. It doesn’t justify a police office kneeling on his neck for 9 mins. and 29 seconds to take every last breath from him!. We all have skeletons in our closets. Does not mean we deserve to be murdered by white racists cops!. Or to be murdered by anyone. Where is the empathy?


  12. Let’s all bow our heads for a moment of silence for this cracktenol head of magnificence. Who enjoyed using counterfeit money and performing home invasions holding guns to victims pregnant stomachs.

    What a hero!

    1. Imagine talking like this, in front of children, in a restaurant, or shop? You wouldn’t, because you don’t want people, especially your family, to see you as a perpetual, “victim,” who’s so bitter, impotent and racist, that you have been unmanned by your emotions . . . Talk to someone? You don’t have to be a, “victim,” unless you choose that? Instead of seeking a, “strongman,” to rescue you, take charge of your affairs. Stop looking for emotional handouts? . . .

  13. Now, if everyone would realize Defunding the police will do nothing, And Stick to reform, Things might work out!
    And For the Record, *Reform* Does NOT mean Sending officers out unarmed ( i feel i have to repeat that because apparently There are those that have no idea how law enforcement works, or the consequences of Abolishing the law enforcement as a whole) It’s something i wouldn’t even have to explain to my teenage son, let alone a grown adult)

  14. Anyone reading this: Will you please go to the Lawrence O’Donnell video, and give the words of Darnella Frasier (the girl who videoed Floyd’s murder) just a few minutes of your time? We OWE her that much. She DESERVES to be heard. She is an American Hero who has changed our world, forever maybe? Give her THAT MUCH. Two minutes, to listen to her words. She’s earned that.

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