Theodore Tappa Whitmore | TVJ Sports Commentary - Sept 7 2021 1

Theodore Tappa Whitmore | TVJ Sports Commentary – Sept 7 2021

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  1. Caveat, I haven’t seen the last two matches in full. However Jamaica for all its flamboyant footballers , play some of the worse football imaginable. Very boring static football. I know with the right system Jamaica can beat top world teams but they need to find that system.

  2. The midfield have nothing to do with the Panama last whenever Panama play against us … all they have to do dribble down the middle of the Jamaican team and the get confused no one going to the ball they just pointing to the other players …. They don’t see the game trough losing to the US in the last few minutes of the last two gold cups and losing to Mexico in the first game

  3. Please get rid of Tappa for me, please I’m begging you guys. Jamaica is not going to make it to the World Cup If this guy is still coaching the team

  4. Tappa is ignorant in terms of tactics and the revolution of football. Its beyond me that as a former midfielder, Tappa is unable to put together a ball handling midfield especially knowing we have capable players. Tappa needs to be relieved of his duties NOW. His limitations have been reached long ago in respect to coaching the National Team. The embarrassment must stop Now.

  5. Honestly speaking if we are to qualify, Tappa can’t be the coach. A ledgen for us surely but sometimes we need look aside such and think about what these Player and the whole reagge boyz want to achieve. It’s still alive JFF, act now mn.

  6. Rate Whitmore as a balla but he is not the man for the job. With the players jamaica have + the English player we should be playing better football. Even if we lose

  7. Jamaican are ungrateful and have short memories..Tappa was there when nobody wants the job as head coach…NO MONEY…he fought hard over the years, but now that we smell World Cup lingering now the wagonist want him out…JAH JAH

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