There are two major problems with Canada's ban on flights from India says infectious disease expert 1

There are two major problems with Canada’s ban on flights from India says infectious disease expert


Infectious disease expert Colin Furness says there are two major problems with the government's latest travel restrictions.

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    1. @Scoopy Entertainment Seems like Peanut Butter got all quiet for some reason. Maybe someone took his right to reply to a simple question…

    2. @SplendidFactor Its not too late. If you turn off the taps of new strains, new travel related cases coming in then you just have to stop the spread within the nation. Taiwan, NZ, Australia have all sorted this out.

    3. ​@Morgan Freeman Citizens have not only rights but responsibilities also. Stay home and don’t go overseas to bring problems to our families. Borders have to be shut down. Period!

  1. Refer to Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi MD. Uninsured experimental injections mean new (variant) cases, sickness and death “side-effects” (See VAERS)..

    1. Do not refer to Dr. Bakhdi. Sucharit Bhakdi is a retired Thai-German microbiologist. In 2020 Bhakdi became a prominent exponent of ideas about the coronavirus pandemic that ran counter to the scientific consensus.

    1. It’s not a faulty test. It’s not a test at all. It’s a complete farce. Take away the false positives and deaths attributed to covid that were not and this pandemic loses steam real quick. Ontario and Alberta both have court dates challenging their so called experts. There are virologists, immunologists, and other qualified doctors who are bringing some questions and real stats, backed by real science, to the table. Let’s see the government payroll talking heads try and silence them and call them conspiracy theorists and yahois like they do to citizens who have concerns and questions. None of what government has done would pass the Oakes test. Bottom line.

  2. So the point of this I guess that the government needs to crack down on and fine the air travel companies that are purposefully circumventing regulations.

  3. To little to late. Par for treadeau s course
    Don’t forget the pay 3k$ fine and avoid quarantine altogether

    1. i think its a 750 dollar fine if you dont quarantine ,and 2000 dollars to quarantine in a hotel, guess travelers will take the fine its cheaper

    1. I’m definitely on your side, but stopping international visitors has nothing to do with the Canadian charter

    2. What does banning non essential VISITORS from flying into Canada have to do with the charter? I mean I know trudeau treats non -canadians better than Canadians, but somebody’s uncle from India is not least of the charter.

  4. One, the virus is already here and two, the rich and powerful will use this announcement in lieu of doing anything to help their citizens.

  5. The problem is many don’t fly direct but take a connecting flight through London. That’s how the UK variant came here.

    1. All flights inbound to Canada require a negative COVID test prior to boarding. The problem is that the testing is not 100% accurate.

    2. @jmintube and you can test negative up to 14 days while carrying it before showing symptoms, it’s why we’re always two weeks behind

  6. We should just lock everyone up, keep them from going to work or seeing friends, and keep kids from school in order to keep anyone from ever catching this thing…
    Oh wait…

  7. We need an election now!
    This government is completely incompetent and only care about lining there own pockets!

    1. @N G while I agree that our current ‘leaders’ are beyond unfit to be in their positions of power… who exactly do you think is worth voting for right now?

    2. Our political system is trash, and only attracts arrogant imbeciles, which has unfortunately become a reflection of the average Canadian.

    1. @Fat Cat I’ve always wanted a leather bead bracelet and then that way everybody will know I am just cool

    1. Pandemics usually last 2-4yrs…. we are still early… be grateful to have a new normal summer by 2024… you have been warned

  8. Im on a visa forum. They are already altering their plans to take indirect flights to Frankfurt and UAE with Canada as the final stop.

    1. I can’t wait to bail these airlines out to the tune of billions after all this. That will be the cherry on top.

  9. They should be sent back as a deterrent to others taking an indirect flight !!!! Or issue a warning and those who don’t heed the warning should be sent back. The warning would be the responsibility of airlines to warn every passenger arriving in Canada !!!

  10. There will always be loopholes. If the testing and hotel stays were working, we wouldn’t be having this discussion

    1. Then close it. That is what government is for. Why is it even a choice to get a ticket to avoid the hotel quarantine? Many countries has a minimum 14 days hotel and their lives have been back to normal. Take a look at Australia.

  11. This expert is saying what to do…….stop all visitors! However, it’s too easy for that so more infections.

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