‘There is no going back, America’: Stacey Abrams powerful op-ed for Juneteenth | USA TODAY

Juneteenth: Stacey Abrams powerful op-ed on USA TODAY.
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  1. FUnny how that ‘racist, evil systemic’ system made her a candidate for governor, high earner and bUying a big hoUse in one of Georgia’s afflUent neighborhoods.. 🤔🤔🤔

    1. I find it hypocritical of those who have built their riches here, are feigning weakness and despair. America is full of hope and opportunity for all.

    2. @Doran Vee What???!!! She has a voice and she is using it to help all of us keep in our hearts the massively important work we are now involved in to improve our racist society. She was able to be lucky enough to “make” it – she now she has an obligation to use her voice for all. I call this heroic!

    3. Earth ‘n Your ignorance is nauseating and things will go back to normal your an absolute idiot!

    4. @JimmyBobby904 Likely a female supporting a female, because that’s the feminist thing to do. Who cares what was said, she was “heroic.” LMAO

  2. *The best sign of success is to take ahold of the freedoms that we all have now!* Educate yourself, work hard, and succeed! Dont sit and cry. Doing is real success.

    1. I pray the Most High take back everything that was created under slavery…..take everything back to 1490! And I pray for the Armageddon!

    1. I pray for the Armageddon on this earth, for the tribulation, for world war 3……this is the only way hate can stop!

    2. Faith&Works …
      I understand where you’re coming from, my friend, but I’m praying that more souls will be saved before that happens.
      “The Lord is not slow concerning His promise, as some count slowness; but is patient with us, not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance”.
      2 Peter 3:9

  3. All this is coming from a woman who previously said she didn’t want New Orleans people coming in her State .

    1. Just like many states limited travel across their borders during the pandemic surge! Where it your outrage at those leaders?

  4. Aquilo que aconteceu a Floyd foi muito mais do que aquilo que nos mostram….uma morte para nos fazer crer ter-se tratado de racismo… policias brancos matando um negro…..sim ..é isso que se vê no video…..tocaram numa ferida…..mal fechada…..mas não foi isso…..o que eles quiseram fazer com isso ..foi que estourasse uma guerra racial…..porque como diz esse Soros….os negros são fáceis de manipular…..e servem bem aos nossos objectivos….à nossa agenda para uma Nova Ordem Mundial…….e…George Floyd……foi usado num ritual ao mesmo tempo?Um martírio Freemason?

    1. @Marcus Cooper Stacey said Its inconvenient to stand in line to vote but waiting on line for hours to a buy a pair of Jordans is not inconvenience?

    2. Legal Latino Heat She’s an absolute disgrace to the office she holds Joe Biden with half a brain wouldn’t even choose her to be VP!

  5. 60 wounded, 9 dead and a 3 year old injured over the weekend in Chicago. Here is an example of a city that bans guns. Is this the freedom that you are talking about? Cops standing down, Mayor wants police defunded. The reality is life in the inner cities is unspeakably violent. They are not only hopeless, but totally under the control of both the politicians and gangs. I am not sure which is doing more damage. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation has been a bit of a failure when one looks at the oppression and quality of life in the cities. Once again, I am not sure who profits more by the oppression of the people in the inner cities. The politicians or the gangsters. Rather like the plantation owners (politicians) and their overseers (gangs).

  6. Does anyone remember when she lost??? Her disbelief?? Let’s blame everything on racism!! I’m sure that wont end well!!! What about David Dorn? Black businesses owners with their business destroyed? Only mention criminals who were killed by cops which everyone condemns by the way even most other cops… AS LONG AS SHE GETS HER VOTE EH?? I have never EVER seen so much DIVISION and sh$t stirring by these politicians and totally biased journalists (which is a contradiction in terms by the way) journalists should report WITHOUT bias, that way we get full truth…. NO one likes police brutality black or white…BUT, these people THRIVE from division their bread and butter their RATINGS!! they are hypocrites and they dont give a sh$t about the black community!!!

    1. Damn, that’s crazy. You typed all that but didn’t even say anything or make sense. Lol, the school system failed you. 😂

    2. Paul 2020…
      They don’t give a sh$t about anyone. Stacey’s party is tied at the hip to the [NWO], who wants to rid the planet of 7B people. It’s imperative for them to regain power to further that goal.
      “In reality, they’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way”. Donald J. Trump
      Vote in November like your life depends on it… literally.

    3. @Praise God yep and when they advance A.I. machines, we will be needed no more to fight their wars or operate their machines

  7. Show me the racist laws plez show me some proof and ill stand with you i do not condone racist actions

  8. Yo wtf I didnt subscribe to this channel yet it came out on my subscription feed. Unsubscribed.

  9. Come on Stacy this racist system is giving you a good job a lot of money a beautiful house what more do you want? I want you to know this is not a racist system many people of color have come along way with jobs homes and they’re happy. The unhappy ones protest and riot and burn houses and businesses- what’s wrong with that picture ? Racism is nonexistent except for organizations like White supremecists and BLM – this must stop !!

  10. How come she only mentions the few white on black killings, and not the FAR GREATER number of black on black killings?

    1. 1650 a black man owned 4 endentured servants that were white and one black man on his 250 acre farm

  11. Miss Abram’s, please educate us on the ‘systematic’ problems w/ minority on minority racism and crime. This broad-brush ‘stoking’ has grown tiresome for those of common sense and basic intelligence.

  12. No going back, but California Dems want to repeal civil rights and the Progressives keep calling for new forms of segregation. Come on socialism and communism is literally going backwards!! But okay 👌🏽 I’m sure “there is now going back” , unless u vote democrat.

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