'There Needs To Be Consequences' For Trump Lawyers Lying Says MI State Secretary 1

‘There Needs To Be Consequences’ For Trump Lawyers Lying Says MI State Secretary

"This cannot become the norm in our democracy": Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson tells Lawrence O'Donnell that "there's a lot of accountability that needs to happen" to Trump lawyers who told dangerous lies in courts to try to overturn the election.
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  1. Every politician who swears an oath to uphold the US Constitution should be banned from public service if they support the passing of any law that is ruled to be unconstitutional.

    1. Laws passed by 2/3 are called amendments and are not illegal or unconstitutional. Funny how it’s states rights, until you don’t like what the state does. Then it’s time for nine unelected/untouchable people to decide.

    2. I agree. All these performative “laws” that GOP officials are announcing in order to tickle the fascist toes of their base– laws that violate the rights of some Americans and embody impunity for the acts of anti-American “patriots” are essentially betrayals of their oath of office.

    3. Most of our politicians don’t know what our Constitution says and therefore are clueless as to what is or is not constitutional. Forget about the fact they are also ignorant in what a Republic is and how our systems of checks and balances even work. Our people and our politicians are ignorant, but how they love to scream “This is unconstitutional” when it doesn’t fit their narrative. Just like ignorant Stacy Abrams doing a documentary on “Democracy” while supporting socialist agendas and helping to steal elections. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so damning to our freedoms.

    4. @Charles A Smith What part of the constitution is that again? Screaming unconstitutional when it doesn’t fit the socialist agenda is ignorant.

    5. @GOPfacistLOSERS Again LOL Then both sides (Republican and Democrats) would be arrested and jailed. However, my bet would be those in charge won’t be touched.

  2. Old rich guys never suffer the consequences of their actions. So much blood on such tiny hands. This is why the political and justice system is broken.

    1. @America First pretty well. When biden finishes fixing all the institutions that fat Donny trashed it will be better.

    2. Biden uses Military Base to fly Illegal Migrants to Cities all through out the US. Non of them are being vaxed for Covid. Way to protect the American being. Keep breaking the law Joe, you go.

    1. yes WH is filled with them but I would not stop there you got to go after people like Hunter Biden too.

    2. @Michael B. ~~ Cheeney ‘s big mistake taking us into the current quagmire in Afghanistan still has him and W running around free as birds and they need to be excited for what they did. Just saying . The Biden kid did not murder thousand of troopers who wee lied to .

    3. @Frank Malinaro Vast majority of US troops that died in Afghanistan died under Obama and Joebama watch ….they wanted to increase our presence in Afghanistan……so if that is a crime they should be first in court.

  3. min 4:15 wrong question, should be : How many times are they allowed to lie before they are disbarred and/or arrested?

    1. Seems like there was a story long ago saying something about not bearing false witness. Oh yeah, it was in the book that Trump held upside down for a photo op.

  4. We need a federal law that says if you are caught lying then you loose your credentials, the employer gets equal treatment, you go to jail for 20 years w/ no good behavior release, & you MUST move out of state never to return.

  5. Accountability needs to come, top to bottom. How long will the colluding congressional republican oath breakers run free spreading their authoritarian propaganda?

  6. Hold the Elite Strike Force accountable. Guiliani, Ellis, Powell, Wood, and everyone else. Shut them down.

    1. Yes, it is a shame that politicians involved are facing no consequences. One was even caught on video providing a plan/means for the rioters to invade the Capitol through the backdoor and there is a video of he leaving the backdoor open allowing their entrance. What more evidence is needed for him to face prosecution? Corruption is eating away our Democracy. We are looking more and more like Latin America in the 80s.

  7. Arrest Ellis! She just claimed she is leaving the Republican Party because” they are not fighting hard enough to support trump” by swallowing the big lie. She is another raving lunatic. Her and MTG should start a book club and actually start reading about real life, not the insane world they live in!!!

  8. the “I was just following orders” defense didn’t work too well for the Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials.

    1. I suspect on judgement day Dr. Fauci will be using the same excuse–along with many others. Fauci is allowing experimentations that would make any Nazi proud.

  9. Wow, what a well spoken woman!! A formidable opponent that could chew up and spit out any of Trump’s Clown car lawyers!

    1. And yet she didn’t. She is busy being the dean on Detroit City Law College. CNN trawled her up cause she was a blonde Democrat shill.

  10. How much is it costing USA to fight off all the lies, costly Court actions, abuses at Capitol riots, etc.?

    1. Yes so they should arrest him already and he should not have any bail set because he is a flight risk!!!

    2. @Anna Jorgensen no flight risk if he flies first class one way trip ticket to Moscow or Pyongyang.. Make-A-Wish foundation can accommodate his wishes..LOL

    1. @thegreen iguana what if they have a client that they know is guilty because he confessed to them?…..are they supposed to inform the prosecutor? you can’t have attorney/client privilege AND complete Honesty in Court…how would that work?

    2. @TR E Ye3. And considering Powell made the argument in her slander case from Dominion that she was obviously lying and nobody should have believed her doesn’t help her case here. She admitted that she was lying.

    3. @TR E OK 3 month old account. You are a bot, troll, or an operator of another nation. If I was you, the digital age can truly track your direct location. You will be found, we will get you.

    4. @TR E False equivalence Arguing against claims made against a client isn’t the same as filing frivolous lawsuits. Trump attorneys Ghouliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis KNEW their “election fraud” claims were false because they’ve even admitted in court many times they had no proof of fraud. While at the same time claiming in public they had evidence of fraud. In the OJ Simpson trial, prosecutors had to prove OJ was guilty. But they failed because there was insufficient evidence that OJ k!lled his wife. Cochran’s job was to refute their arguments and one of his arguments was asking where’s the evidence that his client committed the crime. That isn’t the same as committing perjury or filing frivolous lawsuits. That is why your argument is a false equivalence

  11. They all need to be held accountable to the point that others would not want to follow that bad example

    1. @Michael Bjørk The American Congress is made up of over 75% lawyers and you wish to claim that most lawyers don’t lie. I would suggest that for far too many lawyers lying is the default position. I suppose we are dealing in semantics, but when you “twist” the truth or “omit” facts, I would suggest that is, by definition, lying. Saying “I don’t know” when you do, is lying.

    2. @iganatiousjr Lying is intentionally stating something you know to be untrue. Twisting facts to suit your narrative is not lying as you are basing your argument on actual facts and it then comes down to a matter of opinion.

      Also, though 75% of US congress people may be lawyers, I sincerely doubt they are the majority of lawyers in the world.
      You cannot judge an entire profession based on those who are not currently following it. It would be the same as judging every single male actor by the acts of Bill Cosby.
      While there are most definately liars and cheats who are lawyers I still see no evidence to support the claim that most of them are.

    3. @Michael Bjørk I’m afraid your analogy of “bad actor” Bill Cosby (pun intended) is a bit of a red herring. I never said that all lawyers lie all the time, I said that the line that there should be consequences for a lawyer lying was the funniest quote of the year, as 75% of congress are lawyers, they lie with profound regularity, and there never seems to be any consequences for those actions. There is a categorical difference between a general rule and a universal law. If there actually were consequences for lawyers lying, Congress would be a very unpopulated place. Twisting or omitting the facts with intentionality is tantamount to uttering untruths; ergo, lying. However, if you insist on being obtuse in your reply to my comment that I found the remark about consequences for lawyers lying to be ironic to the point of being funny, have it your way. I was clearly overzealous in my portrayal of lawyers.

    4. There SHOULD be consequences for a lawyer lying. That’s not as funny as you think it is.

    5. @Michael Johnson Are you serious? It isn’t funny because a lawyer lied, for heaven’s sake. Oh, never mind. It’s pointless. You’re right, it’s not funny at all.

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