'There Was Genuine Relief': Reporter Describes Scene Outside Courthouse | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

‘There Was Genuine Relief’: Reporter Describes Scene Outside Courthouse | Morning Joe | MSNBC


NBC News' Shaquille Brewster describes the scene on Tuesday outside of the courthouse in Minneapolis following the verdict in the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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'There Was Genuine Relief': Reporter Describes Scene Outside Courthouse | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. *GUILTY*
    *Derek Chauvin: “And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids and their phones.”*

    1. Cant tell what’s worse, the tone-deaf “joke”, or the laughter from the children in the thread. A man died, MANY have died.

    2. It makes me wonder how many times this DID happen without repercussion in the past before we had video proof. This needs to stop and it needs to stop now. But how horrible that it took something like this to trigger that change.

    1. @Art Turnas so people asking for cops to stop killing blacks,can’t call them in a time of need because we want that to stop?You have the dumbest logic I’ve ever seen. Gtfo

    2. @D Floyd some of these people I worry about their children. Hopefully someone isn’t stupid enough to mate with them.

  2. Marjorie Taylor Greene scraps launch of ‘America First’ caucus after GOP blowback.
    She’s just upset that she’s way too old for Matt Gaetz to pay her money and to travel with him.

  3. Everybody in the world is so used to the injustice the Black community is used to from the US law system.

  4. As has been said, I’m trying to imagine exactly how this whole sad situtation would have panned out, without that phone clip…

    1. @Tricia C I couldn’t imagine a woman defending a guy who put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach and robbed her. What a disgrace.

    2. @E Moneybags *I wonder whether Chauvin can survive more than a year in prison. A guilty verdict is a DEATH sentence for him.*

    3. @E Moneybags I agree with you. He did pay for that crime and hasn’t repeated it which is good. That was in 2005. But in this instance, it was a $20 bill. He should not have been murdered for it.

  5. I’m Canadian and felt a rush of relief, it must have been extremely emotional to be right there outside the courthouse

    1. @Wahyu Indrasto sorry I don’t steal, do meth, or rob pregnant ladies and put guns up to their stomach. That makes you a POS for defending him though

    2. @Jason Dixon I am convinced world would be better with more people sensitive to harm and hurt done to others.

  6. Black people are still not getting comfortable until major changes are made to fix systemic racism.

  7. I wont be surprised, when that guy gets to prison, they dont do him the same way. They’re gonna kneel on his neck for 10 mins. He better not let them catch him. His life will be in danger everyday…cause that one right there, won’t make it pass chow.

    1. @Anne Jackson That’s probable for them to say. But, the other side of the argument gonna be like….” Well, after you knew he passed out, why weren’t you more vocal or physically moving Chauvin off of him? You’re right…they”re argument is going to be…they didnt know or they were afraid or like Thao said…it wasnt his job to check on George.

    2. @Anne Jackson I think they convicted him on all charges because he’s gonna have a sentence for every charge…3. And the judge is going to give him the max and run them consecutively….not concurrently. Meaning…he’s gonna be sentenced for alot of time.

    1. Thank you UK for supporting all of us in the USA. We love you all and support you all too. Standing together no matter where we are in the world.

    1. This was an aberration. Most white cops will not be held accountable for anything. The only reason he was convicted is because the white jurors knew that if they found him innocent the country was going to burn.

    2. @marquis international Agreed. This is one time and I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to appeal and/or get off on a technicality or “new evidence”. It’ll be true change when every white. Male police officer gets accountability – not just the police who are BIPOC and/or women.

  8. I will say it the camera phone is the greatest invention in the pursuit of social and racial justice, because now it’s not their word vs your word it’s their word versus the tape.

  9. What struck me was the celebration after the verdict… which saddens me because its…….2021. feels 60s and 70s racial inequality justice celebration. I was around to see it all. We can do a lot better, y’all. I’m all in.

    1. @Sam Winston yeah. A not guilty verdict….. I don’t even want to think what would happen….. but i think most of us have a good idea.

    2. It kinda circumvents exposing the way he was being detained, cuffed with hands behind back, and officer on neck until death. T

    3. @copusmultimedia missing the point….it’s a shame to be celebrating this in ……..2021 we can do better. I’m in on pushing for better

  10. The vast majority of Americans couldn’t believe Derek was going to be found guilty. But we need to believe in miracles and hope. God listen to our prayers. Even Derek eye’s didn’t saw that coming.

    1. I cried and pleading with Our GOD in please help us, say what you want God will not give His Glory to anyone and when the people of Diverse Americans called out to Him with a sincere Heart,He heard our cry and saw our tears, and let the whole world know He is Judge and God and that’s who Derek Chauvin need to Fear, I pray he repent, God, exposed his heart with this deed, through the young beautiful diverse witnesses God does not sleep know all see all, looks at your Heart

  11. How sad that the conviction of a murderer we all saw with our own eyes is so momentous…we have so far to go

    1. What’s a real shame is how polarized the opinions on this became. I watched a couple of Faux Nooz videos (just to see how they covered it) and the comment sections were a cesspool.

    2. The first people to be successfully convicted for committing murder during the civil rights movement were convicted in federal cases. They could not be convicted in their respective states EVER! So the feds decided to prosecute them for violation of civil rights. Even though what these people had done was commit murder. Most murder cases can not be tried in federal court unless the case also violates federal law. For whatever reason no federal laws were violated via the murders themselves (you got me???). So the first people to do time for the act killing civil rights (mainly black but some others as well) workers were not convicted of murder but rather violating a fellow citizens civil rights. We have made progress. We need to make more. I don’t think I’ll ever see the end of racism in my lifetime but with some effort maybe some generation someday, will. I don’t really believe that. I think the world will end first but it’s still worth a shot if anything ever was.

    3. @Lee Christmas They want a Civil war,they think they do anyways,they will find out how wrong they were….smmfgdh

    4. I met a lot of republicans in the bar last night that thought it was a huge loss. So a lot further than you would think.

  12. It’s insane that we had to be anxious that this trial could go any other way. But that is the world we have created. We are sick of living in that sick sick world, and now is the time to demand change.

    1. Change what? The sixth amendment due process? What is really insane is we live in a world where verdicts must now go the way some people want: or else .

    2. @R. G. Biv the way the woke is going, none of us will get due process and mobs will just destroy everything for any reason. Sounds so much better.

  13. America is at a crossroads ” we have these noble ideas within us ” yet we’re still wrestling with the old ways .

  14. I am from the Twin Cities here in beautiful Minnesota! If you don’t know why we are called the twin cities it’s because St.Paul and Minneapolis are closely linked and look alike. The air here has been thick ever since the tragedy! It was if you could feel the air thin out as soon as the verdict was read!

    1. Minnesota is on my bucket list. I’m happy for the citizens of Minneapolis (and all of us) that the correct verdict was reached.

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