1. Here is the BIG QUESTION. Will the members of this new party be taking UNLIMITED donations from corporations. If they will then it will be the same old politics as usual.

    1. Will repeat, for the 5th time. DIRECT donations to individual candidates are limited. PACs, on the other hand, can and do accept big money and they can campaign for anybody they want. There ARE, in fact, PACs that campaign for Bernie Sanders.

    2. NO individual candidate is allowed to accept DIRECT big money donations. The FEC has placed the limit for 2021-2022 at $2,900. NO CORPORATION is able contribute enough money to make a difference. PACs, on the other hand, CAN and DO accept “UNLIMITED donations from corporations.” And there is nothing that individual candidates can do about it.

  2. If you don’t get money out of politics first, you can start any number of parties you want… it will end end the exact same — corruption, nepotism, policies being decided by big corporations…

  3. I think we need a “We The People” party to do exactly this. The bi-polar system we have now is designed to benefit the politicians and bamboozle the rest of us. Most of us want the same things and these talking points from both sides are destroying any hope for ever getting it.

  4. We need to reform our voting systems, approval voting or ranked choice voting need to be in place to let the two party system die

    1. @George Hamm give every candidate that makes ballot an equal time on media, ban bought political advertising of any type. Have every candidate s statements and Policy position fact checked and verified
      Allow no boycotting of information by media Outlets. Let an informed populace make sound choices without the HOOPLA And Circus act.

    2. The ranked system idea is gaining popularity. It has worked in other countries and every vote counts….none of this electoral college stuff. With modern technology, we can easily count every vote in a timely fashion. Not a fan of Andrew Young, but it’s an interesting idea.

    3. @Jay Will sure they will ……., kinda hard to, need proof of citizenship before you can register here in Wa.

  5. When Mr. Yang brought this up more than a year ago, I was hoping it would come forward. Their numbers might grow more and faster than you think! I want this !

    1. FLAKY
      the big lie is that there are moderates….NOT
      when it comes to the major issues human return to who they really are Qn weak flakey stuff, yes, you will vote “moderate”. to the naive POLITIC IS A BLOOD SPORT
      There is a personal reward to winning. why would anyone want to “moderate” their way to losing.

  6. Honestly I would already vote for them in the mid terms if they were formed mid last year and could be allowed to take part and have their policies set

  7. As a Canadian I could never figure out why the US only allows two parties to chose from. In Canada we have multiple options to chose from which keeps certain parties from monopolizing. People need more choices You can’t eat the same thing over and over without getting tired of it. Democracies need more choices.

    1. @A. Driver We nearly got an NPD prime minister (Jack Layton). If he was still alive, he could be a great leader for Canada

  8. Take the legislative goals of the left, the messaging and “fight” of the right, and the honesty of Bernie and we could really have something.

  9. If this pushes the crazies to the fringe, I’m in. I imagine, though, that this third party would be a boring, do-nothing party because of all the compromises it would need to stay solvent.
    Or, this party could essentially be like a shadow government, open to compromise from all sides to get certain things at least partially accomplished.

  10. Y’know what’s crazy? I’ve pitched this exact idea to some of my more liberal and conservative friends and they all said it wouldn’t work. I’m glad to see there are people who have the influence and name recognition to at least take a legitimate crack at it. Sign me up!

    1. That’s the battle cry of the quitters and the marginal; the words to rally those who want nothing to change; the motto of the pathetic, the weak willed, and the apathetic:

      “It’ll never work.”

      It’s what the same people said about computers, the internet, electric vehicles, skyscrapers, and the automobile, not to mention airplanes, jet plains, and nuclear powered anything.

    2. Right now the House is based solely on winning districts and the Senate is solely based on winning a state. I’d love to see a 3rd (4th, 5th, etc) party but IMO until we are permitted to vote for parties – something like in Germany – 3rd parties have got a really big headwind.

    3. We have been conditioned to think that way. Other countries, even with similar electoral systems, have more than 2 parties. But somehow in the US that has become the rule. Every time a 3rd party, new or old, tries to gain traction they get attacked as spoiler, grifter, Russian asset, chaos agent etc.

      The system (Dem and Rep officials & partisan media) work actively to keep 3rd parties from getting anywhere (look at the recent case of NC Dems kicking the Green party off the ballot, even though they qualified for it fairly). Then when a 3rd party fails, the duopoly points at it and says “see? it’s useless. don’t even try”.

  11. 7:40 Here we go again: “our electoral proces is the best in the world”. I am from Western Europe and I just pissed myself laughing. For starters, how about Citizens United ….

  12. “Our electoral process is the best in the world”

    Seriously! She actually said that out loud.
    The USA needs to move away from the current two parties but making delusional statements like that won’t help.

    1. TRUTH! Ha, see the above thread on ranked choice and approval voting as two more modern BEST PRACTICES for our electoral system.

  13. I’ve been following Forward all year. The idea of a “center” party is terrific.
    Agreed that both current parties are broken; most real people are in the middle.
    Challenge: Forward needs to attract a heavy-hitter to lead; an honest thought leader. Yang is too fuzzy to lead successfully.
    Another challenge is that no centrist news outlet exists anymore. News is broken, as well.

    1. Back to grass root campaigning using YouTube, FaceBook, and all free social media platforms. Most of the population uses them. Do a newer version of fireside talks, and have plain spoken/ succinct party speakers. In fact Party organizers need to be on minimum every other day until 1/3 the population here is backing the party.

  14. Thank you for articulating the problem of the binary choice, where the voters have to brainlessly buy into the party program of Republicans & Democrats, neither of which authentically represents me. But it’s often been the case that you might as well be throwing away your vote if one were to vote for an Independent candidate. For me the Lincoln Project is about the closest to presenting a viable solution.

  15. YEEEESSSS!! I agree with the others… I want this, but corporate money needs to be pulled out of politics!!

  16. One of many reforms we need. We definitely need a “moderate” party. The republicans and democrats are too polarizing and influenced by special interests.

  17. I’m loving Andrew yang since I heard of him. He is absolutely 100 percent on point, Americans want forward not “let’s reach across the aisle” rhetoric.

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