1. @CoffaHolic “If you are pro Russia, you can always move to Russia.” I will answer from my past dialogue – would a former White House employee ask for Russian citizenship to live under a “dictatorship”? –
      Probably, it’s not for nothing that even former American high-ranking politicians receive Russian citizenship – at the end of December 2021, former Reagan adviser Susan Messi received Russian citizenship (and this despite the fact that the person is already at an advanced age)!
      And a few days ago I read that the famous rapper Kanye West would like to live in two countries and develop business in Russia, and would also like to meet with Putin.

    2. @CoffaHolic And also have a Russian passport (they have received it literally in the last few years). American celebrities (and these are only those whom many people know) actor Steven Seagal lives in Russia on a permanent basis, and also (married to a Russian girl) MMA fighter Jeff Monson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC9-oo0o3ZM and the famous boxer Roy Jones lives in 2 countries (at the moment he organizes boxing clubs in Russia) in 2019, he opened the World Boxing Championship in my neighboring city of Yekaterinburg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyTBTw7SQa8
      The famous American barber, who moved from Los Angeles to Moscow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFEpYmzLZ5I

    3. @CoffaHolic the cost of living in Russia is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of living in the USA, take $ 100 and spend it in the USA, what you buy there, in Russia you will buy for 20-30 dollars. Here, for example, is the latest information on utility bills for housing –
      The Russian Standard Bank studied how Russians paid receipts for housing and communal services in their mobile bank in 2021, and named the cities where the largest payments were made.

      Naberezhnye Chelny took the first place among the most expensive utility bills. So, the average check in this city was 4,772 rubles. ($63) The second place was taken by Tyumen with an average of 3,880 rubles ($51). Moscow closes the top three, where the average utility bill was at the level of 3,475 rubles. ($46)

      In some cities, in 2021, there was a decrease in the average payment receipt for utility bills. Thus, the average check decreased the most in Sochi (-52%) and amounted to 1,800 rubles. Ufa is on the second line (-46%) with an indicator of 1,740 rubles. Volgograd has the third position (-35%) and 1,626 rubles.

      The average utility bill in Russia in 2021 amounted to 3,405 rubles ($45) (against 3,168 rubles in 2020). At the same time, the number of utility payments in mobile banking in 2021 increased by 18% compared to 2020. https://www.gazeta.ru/business/news/2022/02/07/17251711.shtml?updated

      For example, cellular tariffs start from $ 4 https://perm.shop.megafon.ru/connect/tariffs/compare
      Here are the cable TV rates from $ 20 for annual service https://www.tricolor.tv/channelpackages/
      The cost of products in my city (there are several retailers and the prices of different ones may differ) https://5ka.jeanzzz.ru/perm%E2%80%8B there are different retailers of grocery and household goods on the right with a column.

      Medicine is free, you don’t have to pay any insurance, you just get a medical policy for the rest of your life and get medical services, no one will bill you for calling an ambulance at home, etc., of course some services are paid (although you can, for example, treat your teeth for free under a medical policy), but for example, the cost of dental services in a private clinic in my city is (for example, implantation of a tooth, as they say in Russia, “turnkey” – from implantation of an implant to the installation of a crown from $ 250 for 1 unit) https://prodoctorov.ru/perm/uslugi/stomatologiya/

    4. @Peoples Republic of Ninj Don’t you like the inconvenient truth? But I noticed that you put out the usual “salad of words”, unlike you, I put out arguments with links and build logical chicks. By the way, Chechens are also fighting in Ukraine, destroying Ukrainian Nazis, and the local population treats them with respect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emFc22kF130
      Ukrainians are also well prepared for this war, but they will not show you the broken equipment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Mv79rc0rHQ

  1. I’m all for term limits. However, raising taxes on the poorest Americans while American “oligarchs” and giant corporations pay no taxes is an obscenity.

    1. term limits just means you will continue to have incompetent people in power who never think long term…only short term. Besides, we already have term limits, they’re called elections. If you can’t vote someone out, you really have to ask yourself if your opinions are valid if they can’t gain enough support to unseat someone.

    2. ​@Andrew Jazdzyk I 100% agree with you all on this, more than you could know!!! However, how do you get lawmakers, already controlled by Corporations/super-rich, to pass laws that ultimately make them all less money/have less power? Even within the masses, it would be hard to pull off because those we’re opposing are amazing liars, with zero morals, and huge budgets…

      Again, I’m 100% for it – but how do we make it happen!?

  2. There is ALWAYS a soap opera in republican party now. They are all about drama and individual attention and special interests and not at all concerned with the issues of the people.

    1. @jeck jeck You totally botched the most hilarious Biden gaffe.
      I’m not surprised.
      Your whole existence is sad.

    2. @jeck jeck That has nothing to do with what is going on in america with biden right now….stop your infatuation with trump, it’s creepy…hes gone and your idiot of a president has got us in a mess!!

    3. @Rad tech
      It has everything to do with Trump the traitor, he weakened US economy, and strengthened Russia. Biden is fixing his mess;)

    4. @jeck jeck blame trump blame trump blame trump…….look moron trump has been out of office since 2020 and it’s gone nowhere but DOWN. It’s time to stop blaming someone that isn’t in control and start realizing how big of an idiot you are for voting for a career politician. Trump weakened the US economy so bad my bank account was overflowing. You do realize that if you haven’t had a raise greater than 10% in the past 2 years you are making less now with inflation and gas prices than you were 2 years ago. Yeah that’s trumps fault. I feel sorry for people like you!

    5. Actually no…..The Biden Admin ruined America…and us hard working Americans…are fed up…this guy here is a dem tool……Biden has ruined america…wake up dem voters….you believe this admin has done america right? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The real point is the Republican Party has nothing to run on in 2022.

    Let that sink in … nothing to offer the American people. So why waste your vote knowing nothing will get done.
    And that my friends is the point.

    1. @Jimmy Young yeah we heard the right’s answer little ricky scott wants to raise TAXES on the lower 40% of the people who can’t afford to pay any more taxes…try again

    2. Well, given what has happened to this point….it looks better than the shitshow rolling around in DC now.

  4. Cowardice and tyranny may motivate what few remain, whom have any integrity, to actually denounce. NOT holding my breath.

  5. “Just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R congressmen,” he texted to then acting atty general Jeffrey Rosen on 12/27/2020.

    1. was that a text. trump doesnt do that. he calls . no emails no notes no texts just unrecorded phone calls. he uses an encrypted cell phone to call his alleged handler in Moscow.

    2. @Joey Bleu i believe you he probably had someone do it for him he can’t write or read either so yeah

  6. You already take enough from everyday people that work their butts off and still can’t feed their families. Wonder why everyone is sick of congress.

    1. they give the elite 1% 50% of the GDP. the other 50% is for the rest of the 99% and there aint enough to go around. perhaps an over simplification. the economy of russia does not grow because corruption takes that growth. the economy of N Korea is severely weakened by one man taking over 50% of their GDP for himself personally.

    1. Yeah, funny how that works. They don’t care about the debt when they give all the money to billionaires, hit to actually help out the country’s, well, then the debt is import

    2. @Liberals haveitallbackwards your the try again….but you won’t because BUNKERBOY BONESPUR is your god right

    3. Now lets see here Michael the real number is 6.7, if we take the 1.84 trillion that Biden has tallied up in his first year and multiply by 4 we get 7.36 trillion, which is 66 billion more than Trump and of that in 2020, $1.9 trillion was covid related of which includes rebate checks up to $1,200 per eligible adult and $1,000 per dependent child, a weekly unemployment insurance bonus of $400 through January 21, 2021, $300 billion of state and local aid, $45 billion for testing, contact tracing, and treatment of COVID, an expansion of Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidies for certain unemployed workers, a second draw Paycheck Protection Program to support small businesses. So without Covid he had a debt increase of 4.8 trillion, at that rate his yearly amount would be 1.2, so Biden will be 2.56 trillion over trump if he keeps up his nonsense spending and all while we are paying $5 a gal for gas and increases inflation. So tell me one good thing this admistration has done since being in office. GOOD JOB JOEY!

  7. I was a lifelong Republican, but the way Trump treated Zelenskyy, I had no choice but to leave and change my registration to independent…my party had moved to far in the wrong direction for me.

    1. @Alice Nyte  I think a psychiatrist would say that you are projecting and gaslighting. Head back over to Fox now where you belong. Tucker can entertain you as he is not a real journalist per the judge.

    2. @Alice Nyte Did the My Seditionist Pillow Guy tell you that?
      Is it on Hunter’s laptop in Rudy’s basement?

    3. @Cathy Butcher you’re spot on… these host talk it up as real news until they get in a court room… then they’ll say no reasonable person would believe what I’m saying is facts… but of course, these people don’t take the time to dig into the details…..

    4. @Alice Nyte bahahahahaha.
      What you mean to say is conservatives get their info from both sides…
      Fox and Newsmax

  8. I think some Republicans are sick of him. They aren’t allowed to say it in public but they know what an awful president he was and how close he brought us to leaving NATO. Abandoning our allies at a moment like this would have been the tragedy of the century.

    1. @Hugh Jorgan dear trump university grad, funny, on point 1. “A point that resonates with millions of Americans” outside of sounding like a bunch of jingoistic BS, apparently a lot of those ” millions of Americans” weren’t voting in 2020🤣 for “America first trump” 🤣.

    2. @Alice Nyte trumps only concern about the Ukraine was getting Hillary’s server😂 and getting the Ukrainian President to investigate Hunter Biden. Who , outside of a bunch of republican imbeciles, no one gives a sh*t about… Just like Hillary.. so try to uncork your head from tucker , hannity, and Ingram’s behind for awhile…

    3. @Big Will btw if CNN is so fcked up, what are YOU doing here.. I wouldn’t be caught dead at faux entertainment news…Talk about Russian trolls…

    4. @cablecow15 even with operation warp speed and a vaccine in development and ready for use Biden still killed more people than Trump who was first to react act blind sided. How did that happen?? Biden supported massive riots and protests during the height of the pandemic (BLM burn loot murder ). Biden catch and releases illegal immigrants without proof of vaccination. Trump had a stay in Mexico policy.

    5. all evil has to do to triumph is for good (people )men to say nothing. democracy dies in GQP darkness.

  9. If Medicare is going bankrupt than maybe Scott should pay back all the money he stole from it when he was at Columbia/HCA.

    1. True what a scumbag and using the navy hat on his shinny spot so say how loyal to America he is. Well you don’t steal from the poor to get rich and when questioned plead 75 times the 5th knowing you ripped off the American people with your Putin behavior to be governor with your oligarchs. People ain’t stupid and you’ve been caught Mr Scott. Looks like a deer in the headlights. Boot licker for trump with all their illmoral money snakes from the tax payers. Let it be known he’s a snake be aware hes the python in the government in Washington now. Just like before he’s hopingbhe can buy his way in like Trump with his big shotism what a bunch of clowns we must be well aware of and kick them out of government they’re just thieves. Check out how he got so rich. Another one who started selling used cars that had been submerged under water

    2. indeed he knows all about that stuff. social security and Medicare are funded by smoke and mirrors. anytime that our duly elected thieves on both sides of the aisle stop stealing the money for earmarks for pork barrels .those programs would get more money. Congress borrows the money (steals embezzles) never intending to pay it back. then they threaten us with doing it in. what a great buncha guys and gals in the GQP. their political barometer is severely *ucked up.

  10. naming the wall after trump – how fitting. orange, rusted, broke down, falling apart…. 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣

    1. …and thousands used it as a jumping off point and continue to climb over the obstacle, while animals are blocked from use of their natural resource and habitats. Continuation of endangered animal protection policy removing. rare animal hunting family ‘values’.

  11. Thanks for the report. Mr. McConnell and the GOP Republican party continues to show who they are. They voted no on the John Lewis Voting Rights Bill, no on the Child Tax Credit, no on Build Back Better, what do they vote yes on? Voter Suppression has been their #1 focus especially after the former President Trump loss the election. kudos

    1. Because your build back better and your Voting Rights bill are s*** thank God they voted them down. Let’s see you rig another election

    2. @Bobby Wilson Fun Faith Family Music But you are Black and I am a White, Privileged, NAZI, Racist, Misogynist, Climate Denying, Homophonic, Evil, Oxygen Eating Republican.
      Your group is too specialized for me.
      I prefer God Fearing American Group.

  12. Scott is a careerist in Washington. He has personally profited immensely from Washington politics and he talks as if he hasn’t been working in politics and business in Washington for a long, long time. Deflection at its finest.

    1. what do we have to do to knock him off his perch? he must be in one of those severely gerrymandered (is that even legal anymore) republican safe states.

  13. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a mans character, give him power – Abraham Lincoln

    A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman thinks of the next generation. – James Freeman Clarke

    1. we got way too many t party hacks . we need good people to be unafraid of the press scrutiny to stand up but they will not do that. so we are left with these brutish nazi thugs.

  14. Love how the gop is so concerned about debt and health care when they are not in power…. Also crazy that Scott’s tax plan would hit most of the gop base hard,,,, but those folks are so committed to voting anything that comes from the gop….

    1. who cut taxes for the rich? who BSed us about trickle down. who cut taxes as his first act of office? Biden is screwed on the taxes. we need the rich to pay but biden loses his chance at a 2nd term. now biden has to raise interest rates . no body wants to do that it makes the debt service cost balloon and further exacerbates prices. which might explain why the fed reserve is jawboning rates. this is a first for them. the delay and the seven rate increases its all bullshit.

    2. @Joey Bleu when Obama left office, the economy was very strong. We should have let interest rate climb a bit to keep economy from climbing too fast. But trump wanted to keep them low so he could claim “his” economy is the best…. Knowing that this policy will come back to bite us…. I also have to laugh at this continued bs about trickle down,,,, what’s crazy is trumps base continues to buy into that theory…. Even if they’ve never seen any benefits

    3. @William Myers yeah i know. its a great con. Reagan was a con man too. man could lie like a rug.”i didnt know” he invented plausible deniability.

  15. That ‘editorial’ was like eavesdropping on the Rump/Scott phone callwhereRump was floating running mate/vp candidacy This is clear.

  16. Funny but I seem to remember us having a balanced federal budget and even budget surpluses. Didn’t Bush destroy all that?🇺🇸☮️🏳️‍🌈

  17. 0:54 One thing people weren’t allowed to discuss while he was governor here in Florida: Climate change, the single biggest threat to the state that he supposedly governed.

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