All men in generally do the same thing….less money same job.
      Not being able to elevate in the church…there are many examples.
      We’re are just.better at denying it!!!!!!

    2. I think the word you’re looking for is misogyny. Chauvinism is the other extreme of sexism. What a lot of our news is now engaging in quite frankly. Chauvinism that is.

    3. @S T
      I’m glad you condemned Islam in your comment….you are so *brave that to condemn one you have to condemn all.

      Christianity, btw, doesn’t subjugate women and if you continue in the Paul verse you’re going to throw out, you would see that “women are subordinate to men, but men have to provide, nourish, and die for them.”

  1. They were not betrayed. They should have prepared for eventual allied forces withdrawal. They expect them to be there forever?

    1. Verse 2:223 women are your tilthes….and you say they should have been prepared…condemn Islam

    2. When we were there for 20 years, that’s an entire generation. An occupation is all that some people knew. So yes, they were betrayed because of our illegal and immoral occupation, our incompetence in getting rid of the Taliban, and leaving without ensuring there won’t be reprisals against translators, anyone who helped us, and women.

  2. I’m starting to think the US military was lying when they said they knew what they were doing in Afghanistan all these years. 🤔

    1. @C S MSNBC even said so you’re proven yourself to be completely out of touch with reality good luck with that

    2. @Ash Roskell
      Hey Ash!🙋‍♀️🌼
      Great to see you.
      Thank you for the kind words…
      I feel the same about you!!
      Like your new pp.

  3. Another I will put an Afghanistan flag behind me, and speak for them while I am in Los Angeles. Please interview someone who is actually on the ground. Her making phone calls is really not that interesting or insightful.

  4. So how much longer were we expected to fight and die for a nation that won’t fight and die for it themselves? Afghanistan has a very long history of being a place where armies go to die,

    1. @Mads Elmvig Uh oh, I meant you CAN”T bargain with Religious Extremists. Sorry about that. Everything is religion to them. That’s the problem. Politics is about compromise and Religious Extremists do not compromise. The Taliban have been shown time and time again to never be trusted on anything. One minute they are destroying the poppy fields because it goes against Muslim law, the next minute that are caught cultivating poppies and using the money to buy weapons. They are an awful bunch.

    2. ashraf ghani fled in 4 cars and a helicopter filled with cash……this is the corrupt puppethead washington support …what a shame !!!..

    3. @Ethelwulf Mountbatten de Rothschild VIII because the Afghan government let them. The president ran away!!!!

    4. It’s how cheating Joe got out! Cheating Joe single-handedly destabilized the Middle East! Every ounce of blood is on his hands. 🤮

  5. After training their military for 20 years, they should been able to stand on their own. We spent enough time fighting their battle. It’s time to bring our troops home.

    1. ​@Troy Turner of course usa should leave afganistan alone but usa’s oligarchic regime, its craven military, and its citizens has to pay for the deaths and destruction they caused in afganistan, and around the world, to loot resources of others.. criminals should not be allowed to just run away.

    2. Why were these people waiting to the last minute to get out themselves?
      Because they didn’t really think that America would leave if they let the Taliban take over?

    3. @Ash Roskell Na….Trump NEVER WOULD HAVE Pulled out in this situation. Cheating Joe single-handedly destabilized the Middle East! Every ounce of blood is on his hands. 🤮

  6. ‘ America has no friends or enemies, only interests.’ – Henry Kissinger former United States Secretary of State and National Security Advisor.

    The Afghans made the mistake of believing Hollywood.

    1. America made the mistake of allowing f’ks like Kissinger into the White House instead of jailing him.

  7. Twenty years and over one trillion dollars wasted! I think that the American public should feel betrayed by the so-called Afghan leadership and by American politicians who pushed to get ground troops into Afghanistan. Let’s get one thing straight, allegiances formed for fighting battles are not necessarily long-term friends. The Afghani government didn’t uphold their part of the alliance either.

  8. After 9/11 we should’ve gone there, took out whoever was directly responsible for that, and left. That’s it. Could’ve been less than a year conflict 🤦‍♂️

    1. but…but…how could we steal all the oil from Iraq then? It was all an excuse dude, they only went to Afghanistan because they had to – after the oil was secured- because they said they invaded Iraq because of September 11.

    2. Yes and just ride the fair amount of infrastructure at the same time. Make it clear, you don’t mess with the us because it’s going to cost you more than you get.

      Instead we stayed there while Russia turned right around and started giving them weapons and financing.

  9. And at the end of the segment about abandoning allies the message “this is who we are” comes on the screen.

    1. Biden… am I right? He can’t be trusted. Imagine who he will bring into this country.

      National Security threat waiting to happen

    2. We invested BILLION$ in our “allies” to FIGHT the Taliban, to fight for THEIR freedoms and democracy… if they won’t even fight, why is it our responsibility to save them??

    3. @BigCooter.com I’m not talking about saving the entire country. I’m talking about the people who worked for the US, the women who became teachers and professionals and the interpreters and all of the others. We told them we’d be there, we told them that we’d help. The withdrawal has been set for months. There is a lot of blame to go around here, a combination of arrogance and ignorance, but at the very least we owe the people who worked for us a way out.

    4. @Hasan Erdim Ateslier Biden has been in office for seven months and he changed many aspects to Trump’s withdrawal plan anyways. This is his fault.

  10. 20 years is a long time to sort yourselves America tried its best , it was up to the Afghans to help themselves. remember Americans fought for their own independence .

    1. U had help from our enemies lol
      And we made peace before the war had concluded lol but it’s hard sailing against the Jetstream… We wanted out as much as yanks wanted freedom lol….

    2. America got it’s independence with help from the ottoman empire, the french, Native Americans, and Mexico. It was twenty years of us killing kids and innocent men and women while the government we propped up strengthen the Taliban the whole time. Crazy how whitewashing history is universal

  11. Actually, there are plenty of people to help. Those people are her fellow Afghans. Speak to them. Motivate them.

  12. 300000 Afghanistan military men betrayed them American troops trained these cowardly men for twenty years and they refused to fight for their own countries

    1. Theres more cowards in America than in Afghanistan.A country of 340,000,000 has to beg for citizens to enlist while the soldiers endure deployment after deployment.We can’t fight on two fronts effectively because of that fact.

  13. i find it very hard to believe that the people there didn’t expect this collapse. The taliban has never met resistance.

  14. Biden must call Sylvester Stallone for a single top-secret mission: Rambo 3.0 – Rescue all Americans and Afghan interpreters and bring them to the inside of Kabul airport perimeter within 48 hours.

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