There’s Two Americas When It Comes To The Virus, Says Doctor

Dr. Ashish Jha, Dean of Brown University's School of Public Health, explains why he says the U.S. is at a 'precarious moment' in the pandemic.

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There's Two Americas When It Comes To The Virus, Says Doctor


  1. When a large percentage of Americans trust Facebook over science, the US has an education problem and a critical thinking problem.

    1. @Terje Oseberg that comment is not fair – he made a bad call from fear of PPE scarcity for front line medical staff at the time – but we were woefully under-prepared and shockingly slow to respond – you’re unrealistic about our being able to end it in 2 months – too many other upward vectors at work, but some mitigation possible from masking earlier. (other postings I agree with)

    2. @Fletcher Christian of that ain’t the truth! You made my day, week,
      Well i might just forget the whole trump administration happened with a smile this big on my face!

  2. It seems that the “Don’t Tread On Me” party has no problem with treading on teachers, healthcare workers and pregnant teenagers. Turns out, they’re nothing but a party full of “Karens”.

    1. @Jillian Copeland I’ll repeat myself for you since I can tell you’re slow: Ivermectin won the Nobel Peace prize for it’s incredible success as a human medicine (see, they make a human kind and an animal kind).

      The covid shots weren’t technically considered a “vaccine” until last fall.

      Ivermectin is working for thousands of people. The covid shots… not so much.

      You’ve been conditioned to say what you’re saying about ivermectin because there’s no money in it for pharma. That’s what a sheep is. Your mind is manipulated to think and talk in ways that benefit others more than they benefit you.

      Anyway, when’s your booster?

    2. @JJ West umm that award was for roundworms has nothing to do with any kind of viral infection. I know facts are hard.

    3. @Chris Alberts Ummm was it for use in humans? Yes. Is it working now for humans? Yes. Get your booster sheep, you better get used to them 🙂

  3. All those COVID cases resulting in death in the conservative states are the responsibility of the governor that did not mandate mask and vaccination. Its all on your head. You will answer to God.

    1. @Mr Stalk comments “how many” A handful compared to 640,000. yeah yeah it’s all “fake” numbers and you know
      that because a moron told you.

    2. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL! < - Upside down and ignorant. Red counties that's true, at 3 times national average. 99.2% of deaths are not vaccinated.

    3. @Larry Garland your right ,you got a better chance of dying in these democrat run shitholes than you do of dying from covid!

  4. They should only report the 2 dose numbers seeing as 1 dose is extremely limited in terms of effectiveness.

    1. @Lewis Lewis5656 < - "they can't learn" Winner of today's Irony Award and the Most Clueless Award. It's not easy being that obtuse, but with hard work and dedication, he got there.

    2. i’ll take the first dose numbers as well. it really helps drive home how few vaccine hesitant people are left

    3. @William Springer Do you desperately need to feel superior to everyone else?
      Do you find you make inflammatory statements to impress your friends?.
      Don’t despair, you just have a bad case of “I hate the mediocrity of my mind “, which can be solved with some “shut my mouth until I have something useful to say ” for a few months !

  5. Mika to Joe: “Well I could say, shut-up”
    And a Mexican wave of applause flowed around the internet 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    1. @Billy Goat All one had to do is type “children dead to Covid” in the magical Google machine and there you will see details, even from your beloved Faux.

  6. There are two Americas about everything…the fear-based bunch who are easily manipulated and those who can process new information and adapt to change.

    1. There are indeed two Americas, those who care about others, and those who selfishly are only worried about *their* free-dumb.

  7. When City County State Federal Government has SCREWED their OWN PEOPLE SO MUCH that it causes this MUCH DISTRUST! MEANS THINGS NEED TO CHANGE EVERYWHERE! ❤🕇

    1. He kinda does that to everyone, even the guests. If Mika didn’t steer him back on topic, the introductory segment would last for the whole show. 😅

    1. Wtfu they are two sides of the same coin. Getting fools like you to focus on people gettin screwed by the government the same way you do instead of looking at the real problem.

  8. 70% Had their first shot? We in Flanders, Belgium, have passed +75% _fully_ vaccinated a few weeks ago… so, don’t be too proud.

  9. Sadly, the poor decisions of the anti-vaxxers endanger the innocent children. It will also, possibly, shut down the schools again.

  10. I missed the point in the beginning, when that guy started interrupting. Totally blew it. Just one talk at a time, OK? Geez, mister we can see you’re a male, you don’t have to keep proving it.
    If dominating women is that important to you, then move to Texas.

  11. First question(s) for anti-vax: “What other vaccines have you got already, and why did you not disagree with your doctor about those??

  12. Two Americas: One that values truth, reason, common sense, science, and justice…and another that rejects all of those things, that CHOOSES willful ignorance.

  13. The south always says they are unfairly labeled as a majority of them being dumb. They are proving everyday with Covid that their label is well deserved.

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