"There's Two Justice Systems in America," Says Andrew Brown, Jr. Family Attorney Ben Crump | MSNBC 1

“There’s Two Justice Systems in America,” Says Andrew Brown, Jr. Family Attorney Ben Crump | MSNBC


Civil rights attorney Ben Crump joins Lindsey Reiser and Kendis Gibson on MSNBC Weekends to talk about the officers involved in the Andrew Brown, Jr. shooting returning to work and why he’s demanding the release of the body cam footage.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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"There's Two Justice Systems in America," Says Andrew Brown, Jr. Family Attorney Ben Crump | MSNBC


    1. @Terry Kane antifa and BLM have been trying to overthrow the government for the past 5 years. They weren’t in Seattle or Portland playing patty-cake. I guess them trying to take over and burn down a federal ice building and a federal courthouse is just a peaceful protest right.

    2. @Rodney Bean People charging the Capitol versus unarmed Black man with his hands on the wheel. You’re really going to go there? You southern racists all stick together, don’t you?

    3. @Rodney Bean to clarify something: rightwing militia stormed 3 goverment buildings in the last 4 years, planned to kidnapp/exit a governor. 73% of all rightwing protest ended in violence compared to 8%. The FBI/Homeland Security said long before Jan 6 that the biggest thread to america = those fanatics

      Black people protest alot but in most cases no violence no damage! How can you believe that you are on the good side when you are on the same side as nazis? (I mean real jewish hating people not the karens)

    4. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr You are wrong again. George Floyd is now an American hero, his family members are multi-millionaires. Chauvin is in a small prison cell, a convicted murderer, and hated by more people around the world than Trump.
      George Floyd gave up his life taking out the trash.

    5. @Miaw Miaow To be clear I am not a Republican or a Democrat I am not on any side. In my opinion the Republicans and the Democrats are equally useless. I try to call people on both sides on their selective outrage. I feel if somebody participates in a riot should be charged appropriately none of this BS the Republicans have riots in the Democrats have mostly peaceful protest. In my opinion I wish all of these groups like white supremacist, kkk, antifa and BLM go away for good. I have seen BLM terrorize and intimidate everyday citizens. Now I don’t know you or have anything against you we don’t have to agree with each other but we do have to live in this country together so all of us have to learn to get along with each other.

  1. How about brown & yellow..it’s crazy indeed bugged out even. Truth be told..Juan.bx, n.y.

  2. They are refusing to release the body cam footage to the public. They are hiding something.

    1. They’re showing the full video to the family. The public doesn’t need to see them while the investigation is still ongoing. You can have the cookies after dinner.

    2. Judge said it could jeopardize the investigation and prejudice a jury. But hey, if you want the cops to get off, go ahead and release it.

    3. @Reason and giving out Information like criminal records doesnt? A video that shows the truth would hinder the ability of the Jury to find the truth? That makes no sense

    4. @Reason If I agree with your view point, than don’t you think Mr Brown deserve that same respect, I mean they had no problem releasing his criminal record. Couldn’t potential jurors be biased based on his history?

    5. Yes they or actually hiding something these crooked cops just started shooting as soon as they jumped off the truck yes they murdered Mr. Brown. They know they did and we know they did it and the world will see the truth yes

  3. As I am sitting here staring at my empty crack pipe I really wish Andrew was still in business.

    1. Who in the F@&$ smoke crack in 2021, you meant Meth. You looking for Bubba no bath Burson & John boy the fun boy Harris gat er dun

    2. U were probably given Ritalin by ur White teachers as a kid , that’s why ur still addicted

    1. That’s not cocaine . Ur parents probably given u Ritalin which is similar in chemistry . Both are central nervous system stimulants and additive

  4. No, there are 3…you left out “rich America” where they literally get away with murder.

    1. way more… hypocrisy is central to American identity, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

    2. Please provide links to your statement.
      What we are seeing is the killing of our protected class people in our most progressive cities. Our new Attorney General named three of these cities and also included allegations of systemic racism. While many of our progressive cities are indeed wealthy we also see abuse a bar minority citizens by the armed agents of government. Let me name a few of these cities. We have New York City, Ferguson, Baltimore, Atlanta, Minneapolis in Brooklyn Minnesota, Louisville, kenosha and now Elizabeth city. We hear crimes of systemic racism coming from the cities also.
      We also see nightly riots in the launch beautiful city of Portland. We see astonishing death tolls on the southside of Chicago or black lives don’t matter every weekend. These are our tightly controlled democrat cities. I fear you are deflecting away from the facts.

  5. There are FOUR justice systems: one for the very rich, one for police & other law enforcement, one for people of color, and one for every else. We usually only mean that last one when we teach about “The Justice System”.

    1. George Floyd family got paid more than the reward of the bounty of bin Laden head

  6. Justices: For blacks is, just us!
    In court, jail and prison.
    The great late Richard Pryor.
    And dead…response by reality.

  7. How is someone running away from you a threat? Why refuse to release the video. People with nothing to hide, hide nothing.

    1. How is it that the Floyd family got 27 MILLION dollars and the bounty on bin Laden head was 25 million dollars?

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr What does a lawsuit have to do with anything? Ron Goldman’s parents sued O.J. Simpson for 32 million.

    3. @aa22 ZZ: It WAS video taped. And that evidence will be presented in court if need be. It’s not for YOUR viewing pleasure. See, there’s this concept about revealing details of an ongoing investigation to the public…..we don’t do it!

  8. Ben Crump is a busy attorney. He is representing so many family now. I always see him on t.v.

  9. Crump already left town so that means the cops were in the right…. there’s no money here to be made except from GoFundMe

    1. We have to watch out because the FBI has the white supremacist Infragard organization.

  10. I wonder if that autopsy he conducted will be as thorough as the one he had done for the George Floyd case. Remember? The one where Dr. Baden apparently didn’t actually examine the body or consider toxicology or look at medical records. Bahahahaha!

  11. Whoa!!! Excessive use of force? If a man tries to run over you with his car how much force is necessary? I’ll tell
    you, “all the force that can be mustered”

  12. I grew up here in Canada. I remember as a young girl, watching & seeing lynching’s of Afro-Americans. I couldn’t believe what white men did to the young boy, Emmet Till. I saw the cruelty & unbelievable brutality of white folk. I saw & heard Dr. Martin Luther King speak with such grace and control. Although the whites killed him, he will forever remain a humanitarian & great man! I stand with & for JUSTICE, just like he did. Our day is coming! Truth will always be stronger than what they do. Stay strong!

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