1. They will waste millions of $$$ every year, putting in new sidewalks (needed or not), yet the road itself is so Goddamned beaten to hell you can’t drive on it.

    1. It is calculated, the construction company have warranty for a certain time and it is calculated so the road goes bad when the warranty expires so they can more future jobs

  2. When does a road in Toronto actually get resurfaced?
    When the curbside lane is being turned into a bicycle lane !!!!!

  3. Half of Toronto’s road goes under construction every summer, but nothing actually improves.

  4. Toronto used to have nice roads ….Now they are horrible … and Tory goes on and preaches how many thousand holes get some wonderful asphalt thrown in them .. Deplorable Tory is totally against the car …VOTE HIM OUT !!

  5. Barton street in Hamilton hasn’t been fixed yet ?😂😂😂 I moved out 5 years ago still they haven’t fixed that place it said

    1. I moved out of there when Joe Carter gave the Blue Jays the world series, and Barton was hell then…

  6. Funny,,I wish our roads ere that smooth in Thunder Bay,,ours are far, far worse and don’t have painted lane lines,,but we have the highest property taxes in Canada ????

  7. There’s a LOT more to Ontario than the 100km circle around Toronto.

    ….but let’s play “Whack-a-Mole” in the GTA with all ONTARIO’s “taxpaying drivers” footing the bill.🤣

  8. The issue is at massive scale , for example driving motorcycle is total challange this days with path holes and large cracks everywhere! many roads aren’t resurfaced with new asfalt for decades!

  9. But let’s keep spending millions of taxpayers money to keep our obsolete mandates in place…

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