These Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories Can Kill You, Experts Warn 1

These Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories Can Kill You, Experts Warn

As cases of the coronavirus continue to rise, MSNBC’s Ari Melber fact-checks some common myths driving vaccine hesitance across the nation. (This is an excerpt from a longer, special report.) (This is an excerpt from a longer, special report.) (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. The only people that would pay to have it broadcast are “The Lincoln Project”. MSNBC is preaching in-house. 86% of their viewers are vaccinated.

    1. @Melody Miller yet they tend to side with Republicans because their veiws are specifically on maintaining the status quo and how anything that is new or different threatens to change their way of life, and theres always a new enemy that Republican media pushes out that ends up going away after the newscycle and the theorist never talk about it again

    2. @J2daAKOB again, most conspiracy theorists know that Republicans and democrats are two wings on the same dysfunctional bird! It’s too bad the majority doesn’t realize that!

    3. @Melody Miller – ‘Also a lot of them have no political affiliation as they believe both sides as corrupt and in bed together.’

      Ehhhhhh but the views are typically far more leaning. if one side is pro science and tends to trust the experts and evidence and the other is quick to believe their feelings over proof it does tend to lend itself to one of those groups. Lets be fair.

  1. Excellent show Ari, very to the point, and resonating as things these days rarely do, true, what you’re saying is true.

    1. @Bobby J Bear So few of us see what they are doing. Maybe about 30% of us see the scam. Fear is the mind-killer, and they’ve been consuming the fear media for 17 months straight.

  2. What you wanna bet all those anti Bill Gates conspiracy theorists are using the Microsoft operating system on their pc’s?

    1. @jvsnyc Vista was an evil virus introduced by MS. I’m still mentally scarred from that experience.
      I still use XP for some old apps and I still have a couple 7 machines too.
      Oh Crap!. I’m one of them!
      Please give it to me straight. How long do I have to live.

    2. @Johnnyerm Seriously, do be careful. There’s a lot of un-patched wide open security holes in ’em that are very well known.

    3. @jvsnyc Thanks. The 98 is never on line. 7s only occasionally with strong antivirus. And IT won’t let them on our network.

  3. Some of the comments and replies are a clear reflection of where we are as a country on the vaccines. People are literally repeating the same misinformation and conspiracy theories Ari is talking about.

    1. @Sequoia You’re absolutely correct. I see a lot of people say, “I did my research.” That just tells me they found things they wanted to find to fit their personal beliefs.

    2. I’m at wits’ end trying to get my family and friends vaccinated. They’re just not going to do it, period. I always get the same cliché responses.

    3. It’s not like they’ll have watched the video anyway. They’ll see the title, who published it, and go straight to the comments to start hounding people before sending it to their friends to do the exact same.

    4. @Rich Probst I tell them to get the covid shots so my puppy does not get sick.
      I think it works better for them than empathizing with human beings.

    1. @G Will totally agree Will! That’s why even we cannot agree on some we mostly agree on what counts. Yes we all will die one day. I wish you to stay healthy and have a long and prosperous live!

    2. @G Will
      Sin is nothing but a man made construct. Put in place by a Patriarchal, misogynistic, anti human minority.
      Just remember to treat others as you would like to be treated and love your neighbors. Nuff said.

    1. @bantumwt The death rate is of course important. However, if the infection rates rise, the hospitalizations rise, then so too do the number of people who die.
      Mitigation is the key.

    2. Oh, they will. There will be a Judgment wherein the Word will be held up and they’ll be asked “Did you follow THIS?” No opinions/theories/ideologies will matter.

    3. @Jody Fulford I don’t know if hospitals can legally do that; ERs have to treat people. But private doctors are turning people away which they have every right to do. I’m not against that at all. If the unvaccinated (who aren’t barred from being vaccinated due to medial reasons–there are some out there) get sick and can’t breathe, the hopsital will take them.

    4. @bantumwt covid is still not fun to have it took me a whole month after to get over symptoms despite it after the period of infectivity, i can say for certain this is the worse illness ive had I still cant smell very good and its been 6 weeks my mothers boyfriend died despite, had he gotten the vaccine hed likely still be here.

    1. I still dont think the misinformed should die its quite sad as most of these people are just normal people who are scared that something wrong might happen and are fed misinformation.

  4. Hey I have used a PC multiple times since getting the vaccine! All jokes aside, get the vaccine because you be missed if covid takes you.

    1. Democrats started it and did not stop til they got their way… actually they still haven’t stopped their communist ways

    2. @A B democrats arent communist and this is coming form a socalist they are so far from being communist, they actively maintain the status quo with Republicans and hurt the welfare of the people. Communism is a movement that requires the working middle class to rise up against the elites in a violent manner that would be unbecoming of anyone who says they are democratic (someone who believes everyone is equal and everyone deserves a vote not the party) Democrats do not actively support such movements to overthrow the government in any way and they want to send a message of unity, like joe biden saying we should all sing together or something, because it means business as usual for their company money lined pockets.

    1. I’m sorry about your father. MY father got a flu shot & became deathly ill within 24 hours. He was hospitalized, got worse, was put in hospice care, & died 64 days later on Jan 4th. Coroner lied on death certificate: said he died from a successfully treated stage 1 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma! The first COVID case was reported by WHO on Jan 9.
      There are risks from getting the disease. And there are risks from getting the vaccine. It’s not a simple choice.

    2. @Becky Johnson it’s a dirt simple choice. Get the shot, unless you have an actual medical reason not to. The horror stories you read are just that, fiction.

    3. @Becky Johnson Your father did not die from the flu shot. I’m sorry but he didn’t. You’re dishonoring your father’s memory by falsely blaming it on something that it wasn’t.

  5. Newsmax: I feel like vaccination in a weird way is going against nature.
    Me: You know what else goes against nature? Showering, yet we still do it. Oh, and smallpox, measles, tetanus, and rubella are all nature too. Just saying.

    1. @Ray Jay – ‘hat the unvaccinated is causing the uptick in cases. Israel has the highest % of vaccinated and recorded 6000 new cases yesterday.’ what is your point?
      Are those 6000 cases vaccinated people? Likely not. This is why you get laughed at. You use hyperbole and cherry picked data to suppoert your confirmation bias.

    2. @Bobby J Bear don’t know if you’re joking or insane. If you’re not joking then you will be personally responsible for the infection and deaths of your fellow human beings. So take responsibility – stop being a sheep. “Mask-it or casket”. Don’t take the “I don’t care about people” choice.

    3. That you will be forced to take annual boosters and forced to show digital proof to operate in society…..oh wait…

    4. @Fubar Bundy They already had to revise the side effect list like three times lmao. Had to add blood clots had to add bells pasly. Shot doesn’t stay localized like it is supposed to.

      Also it’s not even effective, you can still get and spread the virus.
      CDC did a study in mass. And found that 74% of people infected where vaccinated. Also just the fact that you need to get a booster shows how ineffective it is. Wait for it to “mutate” the s protein and then the “vaccines” will be 0% effective and start all over again lmao.

    1. idk; it’s Twitter I’m having an issue with more than facebook. But I only have like 10 friends on facebook, purposely. I have 900+ Twitter followers and some like to argue. Got rid of one this morning.

  6. I know someone who believes people are dying from the vaccine not from covid. I can’t convince her. I had to distance myself from her for my own health

  7. No empathy here…not even for my own family. I’m so tired of trying to reason with the “conservative Christians” in my life. I can’t make them do anything…even save themselves.

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