1. Lol we stopped recording deaths over 6 months ago. I live in Fl by the way. Have a good one tho, keep dreaming

    2. @Pete Timbrell trump is a puppet. Just like biden. Only difference is he won’t be as senile as joe for another 15 years

  1. Gee I always thought the Moscow Mitch was the “Grim Reaper” now we know that it’s really DeSantis.

    1. @Leader of the Gelgameks Your obvious lies only make you look pathetic, like any butthurt right-winger.

  2. Our healthcare workforce hasn’t recovered from our last surge. Staff have quit, transitioned out of hospitals, and retired. All for good reason. But now, those who remain are short-staffed, exhausted & extremely worried about what this round with Delta will cost. And the ‘cost’ has nothing to do with money. It’s lives lost. It’s a further broken system & workforce. It’s the mental and physical health required to continue to work in such overstretched capacities.

    1. @erica I’m also in radiology, and my wife is an RN. Travel nurses are being offered upwards of $120-$150 an hour. So many nurses quit after the first wave, that we’re seriously on the verge of the system completely crashing.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em they might be saved, but they’ll definitely have to answer to Jesus for arriving so much earlier than they should’ve.

    3. @J Grimes So, people shouldn’t get vaccinated because vaccine manufacturers are making money? Talk about pennywise pound foolish. It costs so much more, absorbs so much more money, to treat a Covid patient, than to give a couple vaccines.

    1. @Carl Nelson It’s better than repeating what’s coming from the entertainment channels OAN, NewsMax and FoxNews!

    2. @Roman Eros the request affirmative asylum a person must be on American soil within its borders USCIS law
      Republicans never changed that law, wonder why

    3. @John Robin what is the size of the virus?
      And what did drumpffuhrer’s north korean boyfriend call him?

    4. @Stefan Jakubowski I don’t know anything about somebody’s boyfriend. If you’re looking to buy a shirt for the virus I would buy an extra-small

  3. Deny ventilators to vaccine deniers

    Deny oxygen to vaccine deniers

    I don’t know how else to reach these dense people

    1. @Krlos T This is why you people are not to be trusted. It’s starts off like this and eventually you want everyone dead. There reason changes the murder doesn’t.

    2. @Love,L. it only took 7 months to make America dependent on foreign oil, lose Afghanistan to the Taliban, manufactured a humanitarian crisis at the border, and is taking away freedoms based on Healthcare choices. He’s literally Hitler.

  4. I will see how low “Ron”, “Tate”, and “Greg” go, they keep holding their ego, but let people in their states are dropping (dead).

    1. dESatan has made a phrophetic prediction…next week covid counts will drop..
      wouldn’t bank on it…

  5. It doesn’t matter. Your Citizens can see all this happening – and they just cheer on this madness, in sufficient numbers to ensure it continues, and that people keep dying. I don’t know what else to say.

    1. Why so many just say it not real. Or it’s no threat. They can’t admit it cause then they would be scared and have sacrifice some stuff. And we here in America raised a whole generation to believe every one gets a trophy and there is no reprocussions for ones action. You seeing it in action.

    2. The vaccine isn’t that great. I see in UK they have 75% inoculated….but people are still dying in the hundreds.

  6. It is mind boggling to me how our elected officials are able to politicize a health pandemic and allow their own people to die for the sole reason of their own lust for money and power.

    1. @Vet On The Verge So much for the pro life party where your life dont matter after you are born.

  7. I live outside of Dallas. Yesterday they announced that there are NO pedriatric ICU beds in the entire DFW area. That is Dallas, Fort Worth and many, many suburbs. What happens to the sick kids now? Our governor will not listen to any of the medical doctors and nurses. I am terrified for my grandchildren.

    1. Southerners are dropping like flies. Yawn. Did you see the Bronze medal match in Olympic Ping Pong? Now, THERE’S an interesting story!

    2. Blame the thousands of illegals coming in testing positive. I notice CNN doesn’t care about that spreader event

    3. @Mil Cunard TX democrats that fled have arrest warrants out for them lol. And now coumo….great job liberals

    4. @Lawlzinator Exactly. They ignore it like it’s going to fix itself. No sign of kamala or Joe at the border. But take the vaccine, right?

  8. What are their kids gonna think of them when they’re old enough to realize mom and dad chose politics over loving and protecting them. If they’re alive they definitely won’t be bouncing grandkids on their laps.

    1. Its not politics driving my decision, its science. Conversely, you approve the Democrats who spread the anti Trump vaccine message prior to inauguration day.

    2. You clearly don’t know what your talking about. I’m in Florida with Covid. When I get done with quarantine I’m gona remind my 4 kids why we stay active and eat healthy. Day 5 and spO2 hasn’t dropped below 97. If you have a Heath issue or are obese I encourage you to get vaccinated if not Covid is a walk in the park with like a 40lb pack on your back.

  9. As a person who’s grown up in MS & is from MS… I can’t wait to leave this putrid state for better state leadership. And better educational opportunities!!

  10. Looking in from across the sea this is insane. The fact that one political party has made this about sabotaging the other, at the cost of lives.. wow.

    1. @Ken More oh, I suppose you’d recommend Newsmax or Fox News? Ridiculous. They don’t even believe the numbers are real. Pathetic.

    2. @Ken More “Please don’t let CNN be your view” Because you are doubling down on dumb?
      It’s you and Fox the world is laughing at.

    3. @Sienisota Funny that since I say don’t rely on CNN that everyone immediately believes I am a Fox news fan. To answer your question, no I do not have any news channels to recommend. Not a fan of any.

      All I’m saying is you (or MadHatterDJ) please do not believe things you see on CNN or any news channel to be gospel. We are not all racists, murderers or homophobic. Really, we’re all people just like you are. I don’t know where you are, but there’s a good chance I have been there and I have found that in general, people are good everywhere. Of course there are exceptions everywhere.

  11. These Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory therapists and others need extra pay for keeping idiots alive.

  12. This would be funny if it weren’t so tragic, but Deathsantis is giving it a great go at making Darwin’s job easier.

    1. @wingiethewise As a Brit I have always loved the US, my best friend of 50 years lives there. I have always been welcomed and enjoyed your hospitality. It makes me very sad to see what is happening to your country. Murdick had done his worse, he is a monster. I hope the US will come back from this, the world needs a strong US. Sending best wishes, stay safe.

    2. At this point, let them not wear masks nor get vaccinated! They have made a choice and they will have to assume that choice. And to be honest, there is too much lunatic worshippers to the Führer aka Adolf D. J. Trump in the USA. They are a threat to America and Humanity in general, Mother Nature will choose for them, don’t worry!

    3. Desantis is doing all this while being vaccinated himself, but pushing every treatment besides vaccination. Also making rules preventing local school districts from requiring masks while his children dont attend public school.

  13. Abbott tells people they need to be “personally responsible” in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 while eschewing the responsibility he has to keep his citizens safe. Simply disgusting.

    1. @Annette Zaleski show the receipts for death threats its easy to claim you get death threats but if they really get em that often, youd think (if ppl critically think anymore) they’d log it some how cause every person i hear claim death threats are made toward em I wanna see receipts cause they often use that to justify thier fucked up movements…an example would be that BLM activist who spends thousands on security yet wants to refund police.

    2. Yes…I agree. Unfortunately, he is my Governor. He states “people need to take responsibility.” That’s the issue here…people haven’t taken responsibility, therefore, the surge in cases. Also, he is asking for outside help for hospitals, but, yet, refuses to enforce masks and threatens anyone who defies him will be fined $1,000. Go figure. Thankfully, several cities have decided their safety is more important and are defying him, regardless of the fine. Some have filed lawsuits against him and I expect more will follow. These three governors SHOULD BE FORCED to volunteer in a COVID unit to see how serious this is.

    3. @S Mikell A lot of the illegals have good immunity Also a lot of Americans I had The virus when Pelosi was in Chinatown having a party And have been exposed to the virus every day since

    1. Well, Gov. Abbot and DeSantis want their supporters to own the libs for them. They are of course vaccinated and know chumps when they see them.

    2. @bombastic attitude that’s discrimination and racist since the biggest demographic of unvaccinated are people of color and immigrants

    1. There are 25 states (many of them much smaller than FL) ahead of Florida in death counts, but don’t let the facts get in the way of your “tribal” bs

    2. @Jody English Yeah i live in Texas and i see it everyday in the hospitals.You must live under a rock

  14. No more federal assistance to those governors. It’s barbecue season
    All sane people should move to a better area as quickly as possible

  15. I think we’ll never find out just how many foreign actors pretended to be anti-vaxing Americans on social media…
    But I’ll bet the numbers are eye-watering.
    There are so many entities in the world literally jubilant about how many Americans they can kill with words.

  16. My issue is with these governors are that you aren’t doing anything to take the load off of these hospitals but yet you are asking for out of state help. I’m talking about Texas especially!!

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