2. @AnimeBoy I agree, but I asked you specifically, which side were you on?

      You see, if lives are more important compared to war, why wouldn’t Ukraine president give the land to Russia to avoid casualties? Russia is equally fighting over land just as Ukraine is. Earlier you said there is no winner, however, there is a winner, the one who takes the land.

      I agree they should stop fighting, but they are both willing to risk their lives for land. They seriously need to have peace talks.

    3. @Modern Women Archives Russia doesn’t have the right to just walk in someone’s land and just take it from them, would you give away your home to a stranger, of course not. They’re the ones in the wrong here.

    4. @AnimeBoyDo you feel the same way when Gaza tried to take land from Israel?

      There are lots of things we need to account for. The history of Russia, previous corruption in Ukraine, NATO and the tension they have between Russia. There are also many talks they’ve had which have turned bad. It’s a complete disaster. Leaders are responsible for lots of lost lives.

      NATO is an alliance of 20 countries. If Russia attacks one, all 20 countries will get involved. Something is going on.

    5. @AnimeBoy personally I think they should surrender. It’s becoming more tense. The only outcomes I can see is Putin takes over, NATO gets involved to start a war, or Ukraine surrenders. This is a horrible situation and it can’t go on for much longer.

  1. One issue most people don’t address is the OIL discovered in Ukraine. It would give them massive oil reserves, and they would become Europes major supplier instead of Russia. Russias economy would collapse, and Ukraine would become a thriving western backed democracy on their border.

    1. That’s a false narrative. This is 100% LNG pipelines from RU and Qatar to EU. The Illegal Kiev Junta installed by US-UK-IL in 2014 was EXTORTING $Bs in pipeline transit fees from RU for 8 years, sending _baaksheesh_ back to London and NYC, and LOOTING THE UKRAINE TREASURY of $10sBs in the People’s gold bullion. Germany-Russia Nord 2 huge LNG supply was then an existential crisis to Hillary, Biden, Kerry, JSOC, IMF-WB, Qatar, and the entire US-UK-IL ‘Any War Is Good’ Grift Fest.

    2. @jaimes350 My God, when will you finally start thinking, and not repeating, what your Western media are telling you, imposing the right point of view. Why, when you can talk to anyone over the Internet, you don’t do it. At least once try to get information from several sources and make your conclusion based on them.

    3. @mic eatah Ha-ha, everyone who has a different opinion is all trolls. But what about democracy, you don’t have it?

    4. @kingpest 13 I agree with you, it exists in every country, it is not inevitable, but there are countries where to fight it, and there are countries where it is supported by the government of the country. Ukraine is the country where Nazism is supported by the government.

  2. I kind of liked the blending of practical visual aids with digital overlays. That was a nice change of pace. Well presented.

    1. He missed critical component to the geographic and historic importance of Ukraine to Russia and that is gas fields. Ukraine owns some of the wealthiest gas fields in the region. Gas production is Putin primary economy and Ukraine secures its position as the King of gas and oil with the Ukrainian gas fields. Here is a much more comprehensive interesting video of it ……. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If61baWF4GE

      As an added note, you can clearly see where Biden has been failing to recognize what was happening when Putin sent 200,000 to the border back in October 2021. It is very clear that Biden missed his chance to abort Putin months ago but, did not. It tells me that Biden is willing to give up the entirety of Ukraine, Putin knows this already and will gladly take it. I pray for the Ukrainians

    2. @Ghee Rock I have a link to a good one. He missed critical component to the geographic and historic importance of Ukraine to Russia and that is gas fields. Ukraine owns some of the wealthiest gas fields in the region. Gas production is Putin primary economy and Ukraine secures its position as the King of gas and oil with the Ukrainian gas fields. Here is a much more comprehensive interesting video of it ……. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If61baWF4GE

      As an added note, you can clearly see where Biden has been failing to recognize what was happening after watching the video and when Putin sent 200,000 to the border back in October 2021. It is very clear that Biden missed his chance to abort Putin months ago but, did not. It tells me that Biden is willing to give up the entirety of Ukraine, Putin knows this already and will gladly take it. I pray for the Ukrainians


  3. The Dardanelles has got to be the riskiest assumption of a viable route out. The Russians living in Ukraine have not asked to be ‘saved’. Hearts and minds.

  4. yeah in his psychology, definitely not in his heart. A caring, loving parent/spouse would let you go even if they despise your choices. They don’t turn around and crush you to death, unless they are deranged.

    1. @Tina Andro What the lady is saying is that the area of Ukraine where she lives used to be Russia. It was arbitrarily cut off by the communists. No one ask her or anybody else if she agreed to it. And our meddling is going real good I see.

    2. @Tina Andro You can’t be that naive to believe that he is invading “to denazify” Ukraine. I’m sure the Russian citizens are laughing about that. Other things are in play here. Unfortunately, our own government is not forthcoming. They are leaving it for to hash it out on these forums.

    3. @mariazippy it won’t be stopped now. US and NATO are doing their best to provide many more military hardware, what does it mean? More fight, more havoc, more destructions. Also one thing that is the most important for them is “more negativities for Russia” so they have the leverage on public opinions.

      The picture now is war..now there is a proposition to put nuclear base in Japan..very very close to China….It means the west and it’s allies want to encircle Russia and China. So much for their peace proganda isn’t it?

    4. @Mind and Soul Channel You won’t find me saying that European Imperialism wasn’t where America was founded from, or that the history of Imperialism didn’t turn into the growth of a country at the expense of other people. But I am literally a child of that growth and change of a nation that is still evolving. That history is Asian, is African, is European. You look internally at my family and you see every race of man reflected there. I understand you see America whichever way you choose to see it but don’t ever look at your own history as being bloodless. Asia has been built on the boots of the Empire with histories that go back far into the past. America is still young compared to most civilizations and everything is more current, but this computer you and I are talking on and a whole host of modern things we rely on plus just the ability to possibly feed billions of people all spring from this awkward and sometimes violent growth of nations as we all evolve. Ukraine is the product of the crumbling of an Empire, Russia is looking into its empirical past and wanting it to grow back into that Empire of the past. This is the same thing that has always happened in humanity, no matter the nation. What changes it all for the better is for people to recognize that violence is a bad thing, and for it to end and change, but until that day happens, there will always be war. Just like there’s constant violence in post-colonial Asia and Africa without the Europeans. Colonialization didn’t change the fundamental problem of people needing to own their own property. Has nothing to do with race and is entirely a basic human necessity that people turn into reasons to fight.

  5. Dont know much about politics, but I think a good leader learned from the mistakes made in the past and use the lessons learned to lead people to a better future, not repeated the same mistakes and walked the same path again and again.
    I feel sorry for the Ukrainian and hope everyone and their loved ones are safe and sound. I also feel sorry for the Russian military and their family, this war is not something they want but it might cost them too much. Even they don’t get hurt physically in this war, what will follow them to their dreams after hurting innocent people and children?
    I see the Ukrainian and Russian don’t want to hurt each other and it hurts to see they are forced to.
    The world can restore to normal after a pandemic, but I doubt it still can after a nuclear war. And I see it drives people crazy when not able to live normal life for a long time.

    1. @lucutes They *have* ‘thought it through’: they’re not invading. I, for one, am glad of this, for if they *do* invade we are genuinely, all of us, threatened with thermonuclear annihilation where we will all fry like moths in a candle flame. 🔥


  6. If you think about it, if Russia started in Kiev, then it’s actually not Ukraine that belongs to Mother Russia, but rather Russia that belongs to Ukraine.

    1. @Natalia Pavlenco You literally forget about tons of mistreatments and famines that Ukrainians must endure during tsar era and stalin era didn’t you???

    2. @MrBoon you must want nuclear war, they would send them flying before surrendering their nation.

  7. Two consistent features of Russian geopolitical history dating back to Kievan Rus are strong man autocratic rule and territorial expansion to protect Russia from foreign invasion from both the west and the east. Since the reigns of Peter and Catherine the Greats the avowed strategy is to physically transport the Russian capital itself and all the organs of government deeper into Russia along a west to east line of retreat to stave off and wear out foreign invasions. In response to Hitler’s invasion of Russia, Stalin almost ordered the physical transfer of his government in Moscow eastward. If Hitler had not wasted time and resources supporting Italy’s losing forces in Greece, the Nazis may very well have won the Battle of Moscow and the world would be a very different place today.

    Ukraine joining NATO, followed by Kazakhstan, are intolerable to Vladimir Putin and the Russian psyche. Nothing causes regime change in Russia faster than losing wars. Putin will become increasingly desperate the longer it takes his floundering forces to achieve Putin’s political objectives in Ukraine.

  8. Poland has been getting to know Russian politicians for above 80 years and knows them very well that’s why
    “History teaches that a democracy without values easily turns into open or disguised totalitarianism” Pope John Paul II

  9. Well now… Maybe if the former Soviet Union hadn’t treated those former east block countries so badly, they might not have desired to align themselves with the west and the protection that NATO offers. And seeing what Putin is up to now, it’s no wonder Ukraine wishes to be part of the club.

    1. Putin is a dictator but after this he will work uber driver as 1990 when he work taxi driver 😎

    2. USA treated cuba way worse than that. Would USA accept a military alliance between cuba and Russia?

  10. So what about the counter-arguments:
    a) No matter where the bufferzone meets other countries, they still want to expand the bufferzone.
    b) You had a population that was put off very much by the land grab in Crimea and Donbas
    c) As many other neighbours of Russia, you have had continuous threats and random acts of malice and ignorance for decades

  11. Just expanding on the idea. For Russia to really have a safe port, it should occupy Istanbul, and completely to be land safe from the West it should overtake Poland.
    You can not build your psychological safety on other people’s ruin.

  12. This is absolutely exceptional (and genuinely surprising coming from this outlet). As a student of geopolitics, I’ve been waiting for someone in the MSM to say something like this.

    1. Yes it is! I,m a diver, and a monkey can do what I do. MSM is a joke nowadays, info like this is rare.

    2. YESSSSSS!! This was such a breath of fresh air: intellectual, concise and relevant. This man possesses gravitas — something American MSM simply does not.

    3. CNN is actually a very good channel. You have to separate the Editorials from the Reporting. There is a difference.

  13. * Finnish blogger shocked Facebook when he posted this article:*
    Are you asking about the results of Russia’s “aggressions”? They are as follows: half of Europe and part of Asia received their statehood from the hands of this particular state.
    Let’s remember who exactly:
    – Finland in 1802 and 1918 (Until 1802 never had its own state).
    – Latvia in 1918 (until 1918 it never had its own state).
    – Estonia in 1918 (until 1918 it never had its own state).
    – Lithuania regained statehood in 1918 also thanks to Russia.
    – Poland restored the state with the help of Russia twice, in 1918 and 1944. The partition of Poland between the USSR and Germany is only a short period!
    – Romania was born as a result of the Russian-Turkish wars, and became sovereign by the will of Russia in 1877-1878.
    – Moldova as a state was born inside the USSR.
    Russian Russian Federation – Bulgaria was freed from the oppression of the Ottoman Empire and regained its independence as a result of the victory of Russian weapons in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, which had this as its goal. As a thank you, the state of Bulgaria participated in two world wars as part of anti-Russian coalitions. Now Bulgaria is a member of NATO, and US bases are located on its territory. After 1945, there was not a single Russian soldier on its territory…
    – Serbia as a sovereign state was also born as a result of this war.
    – Azerbaijan as a state took shape for the first time only as part of the USSR.
    – Armenia has been preserved physically and revived as a state only within the USSR.
    – Georgia has been preserved physically and revived as a state thanks to the Russian Empire
    – Turkmenistan has never had a statehood and formed it only as part of the USSR.
    – Kyrgyzstan has never had statehood and formed it only as part of the USSR.
    – Kazakhstan has never had statehood and formed it only as part of the USSR.
    – Mongolia has never had a statehood and formed it only with the help of the USSR.
    – Belarus and Ukraine also

  14. Throughout history everybody had their own reasons to act in the way they did. Just be careful not to be too ambitious and selfish, when protecting your own interest. In modern world life quality and standards should be a priority, which many leaders seem to fail to achieve/succeed in.

  15. A very good explanation of geography.. and history. Kiev is spot on where the original Vikings have landed and establish Russo Kievians as opposed to Moscovite Vikings. One thing to mention is that from south-eastern Ukraine Russia could be cut off from ALL of the southern parts by a relatively short hop to the Caspian sea and any oil reserves there (germans tried that in ww1 and ww2). Its strategic for Moscov to want a larger buffer in that space as well. Also, remember that during the revolution the “white” Russians and their western allies moved into Russia from the Crimean region). I would not be surprised if Ukraine was divided into 2 along the Dniepr river.

    1. Yesterday, two families who wanted to leave for Russia were shot in Kharkiv. Russian Russians have provided humanitarian corridors for the exit of civilians in Mariupol surrounded by Russian troops, but the Nazis of the Ukrainian Azov corps do not allow people to exit, they drove civilians into the factory workshops and surrounded them with explosives so that when the Russians begin the liberation of Mariupol to detonate explosives and present their victims as “victims of Russian aggression”. Since the beginning of the special operation, Russia has lost 498 people killed, the militants of the Ukrainian Nazi junta have already lost tens of thousands of their fighters. The Russians do not shoot or bomb civilians, they act carefully and pointwise, at the same time, the militants of the Ukrainian Nazi junta hide behind civilians and commit terrorist attacks, the task of the Ukrainian Nazis is to kill as many civilians as possible.

    2. @Манька Облигация even if all your claims were true, still, many many, many people would have been alive today if Putin didn’t order invasion. He is ultimately responsible for the human tragedy that is happening

    3. @Filip The globalists have fulfilled their plan, ignited a war in Europe. Ukrainian Nazis are grouping residents of Ukrainian cities under various pretexts and hitting them with jet systems for pictures on Western television, saying “look what the Russian occupiers are doing.” A question for those who condemn Russia. And why didn’t you condemn the Ukrainian Nazis who bombed peaceful cities and towns of Donbass for 8 years? Why didn’t you condemn NATO, which destroyed Iraq, Libya for a far-fetched reason, and tried to destroy Syria? Why were they silent when NATO bombed the European capital Belgrade? have already exposed several cases of creating fakes, the militants of the Ukrainian Nazi junta are attacking their own communications and even residential buildings, filming it on video for the Western media, saying “look what the Russian occupiers are doing”, a Ukrainian tank crushed a passenger car and in the West presented it as if it was a Russian tank, although such obsolete tanks have not been in service with the Russian army for a long time. Ukrainians killed the girl Polina and it is presented as if the Russians killed her, even a photo of this girl was put on the cover of “San”.
      Bandera liked to tie small children to trees with barbed wire and left them to die like that, eight years ago these Bandera again seized power in Ukraine, with the financial and informational support of the West, an unconstitutional coup took place and violence naturally began on the part of these Bandera. The war did not start on February 24, the war has been going on for eight years, the Russians came to end this war. The Americans, for a completely fake reason, staged carpet bombing of Iraqi cities and killed more than a million people, they bombed the European capital, did anyone impose the same sanctions on them that are now being imposed on Russia? The Russian army acts very carefully, no bombing of cities, Russians are not cruel Americans, only the military infrastructure of the Nazi junta is destroyed. USA or rather, the globalists who seized power in the West organized a coup in Ukraine and brought the Nazi junta to power in order to create anti-Russia from Ukraine and by placing missiles on its territory try to destroy Russia. Russia is conducting a special operation in Ukraine to ensure its security. Russian Russian army is not fighting with the citizens of Ukraine, Russians are not Americans who are killing everyone, the Russian army is destroying the military infrastructure of the Nazi junta and liberating the population of Ukraine from the junta regime, the majority of the population of Ukraine welcomes Russian soldiers, they are tired of living under the Nazi government. After the liberation of Ukraine, the trials of Ukrainian war criminals who robbed, raped and killed residents of Donbass for eight years will begin. In the Western media, fakes are being replicated about the violence of Russian soldiers against Ukrainians, this is being done by CIA specialists. Yesterday, two Americans, CIA employees were killed, I hope all these Americans, CIA employees in Ukraine will be caught and brought to Justice. I live in Donetsk, for eight years the Ukrainian Nazis robbed, raped and killed us with the support of the West, but Russian soldiers came to protect us from the fascists, thank you Russia 🇷🇺❤️ Putin is the best man on planet Earth! He will defeat the fascist West because Good always wins over Evil. Russians don’t start wars, Russians end them. If Russia had not taken Crimea, there would be a war there now like in the Donbas. Russia stopped the war in Syria, stopped the war in Karabakh, the globalists wanted to set Kazakhstan on fire, the Russians came and stopped it. Where the Russian soldier comes there comes peace. The West is occupied by globalists, so there is always a lie in the Western media. I watch Euronews, they show protest actions in Russia against Russia’s operation in Ukraine, they give the floor only to anti-Russian oppositionists who say that “Russia attacked Ukraine, it’s very bad” although in Russia the overwhelming majority of citizens support the liberation operation in Ukraine. 98% of Crimeans voted to return to Russia. Construction is underway in Crimea, Crimea is being restored after the Ukrainian devastation, Crimeans are happy, this will never be shown in the West. Now Russia is liberating Ukraine from the regime of the Nazi junta that the globalists brought to power, I think you know that George Soros alone invested $ 5 billion in the unconstitutional coup in Ukraine, he has already robbed Ukraine of more than $ 100 billion, business is business, these scum don’t care about the fate of robbed Ukrainians. began a long time ago, in 1794, Professor Hrushevsky, on the instructions of Austrian intelligence, came up with the “Ukrainian language”, he simply added a lot of Polish, Romanian, German, Lithuanian and even French words to the Southern Russian dialects, just so that the new language was away from Russian. Russians Russian Russian Russian was spoken by everyone in Ukraine before, Ukraine is Russian land, Kiev was the capital of ancient Russia, there is such a slogan – “Kiev is the mother of Russian cities”, but now the authorities of the junta that seized power forbid Ukrainians native Russian language. In western Ukraine, an anti-Russian enclave was created in Galicia, the inhabitants of Galicia during World War II were on the side of Hitler, when the Germans disdained to shoot at women and children in Babi Yar near Kiev, it was entrusted to Bandera from Galicia. Now the globalists of the West have brought them to power. These are not people, they are geeks. Russian Russians are liberating Ukraine from, most Ukrainians are glad to see the arrival of Russian liberators, but this will not be shown in the Western media, they will only show fakes like “Russian armored vehicles crush a passenger car of a Kievan” and no one will pay attention that this is an outdated Ukrainian equipment, Russians have not had this in service for a long Time. Russians are shooting at schools and hospitals, who knows the Russians who communicated with the Russians, he knows that it is impossible, the Russians have justice and kindness in their blood, do not believe the fakes, do not believe in the lies of the globalists! Ukrainian Nazis are now blowing up their own communications for the sake of beautiful pictures for the Western media, saying “look what the Russian occupiers are doing.” Be smarter, check all the facts! Finally, I want to show you two clips, take a look, and please don’t believe the fakes, think with your own head! Forgive me for my English, my native language is Russian. Thank you, please share this with your friends, people should know the Truth.
      Watch this 2 clips –

    4. @Filip Ukraine is not innocent from pre-war (2014) till now! Be objective, Ukraine puffed itself and engaged in shady dealings

  16. Thank you so much for this concise and easily understood summary of history, geography and cultural identities: Best three minutes I’ve spent in months

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