'These People Came To Washington On 1/6 For A Reason': Thompson Vows Thorough Probe 1

‘These People Came To Washington On 1/6 For A Reason’: Thompson Vows Thorough Probe

Rep. Bennie Thompson, chair of the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attacks, emphasizes the specific, detailed questions the committee intends to answer with their investigation, and their expectation that they'll issue subpoenas to get the testimony they require. 
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    1. Exactly.. the world watched a World War Z movie…Zombies climbing Jerusalem walls… but it’s happening in reel time at the US Capitol..noose built outside the building, crowd chanting “Hang Mike Pence!” .the US VP and he’s not even a criminal.. it’s like the crowd shouting to Pontius Pilate on what to do with Jesus chanting “Crucify Him!”…Trump cult are brain fried crazy!

    2. What I want to know . . . Why are ALL of the suspects NOT BEHIND BARS awaiting their trials? Gitmo is FULL of, “terror suspects,” who have to prove they’re, “not,” terrorists. Who among them would NOT do this again, so long as they thought they’d get away with it? They represent an ongoing threat to any democratic government, individually and collectively, which renders them a, “Clear And Present Danger!” Who are their contacts? Who organised them? Where did they get maps of the Capitol’s interior from? I thought we used to water board terror suspects to get all their contacts? Trump fans approve of such methods! Tell me white privilege was not at play here?

    3. @Kyle Wissman Conservative women are having abortions, Einstein, and their conservative men are driving them to clinics and slowing down in front just long enough to push them out the car door.

    4. And they say we are the ones with Trump derangement syndrome while they look like they are suffering from collective rabies and dementia.

    1. @Juan Garcia : Don’t you think the Capitol Building is more important than a foreign embassy? America’s foreign embassies get attacked regularly and have been throughout the America’s history. And there’s a difference between, “accountability,” and just trying to pin, “blame,” on the opposition party. Yes, HRC probably got away with stuff over Benghazi (you’re pretty transparent) but the very REASON she was able to cover her own back so well, was because of the GOP’s childish botching of their investigation. The mistakes that lead to them being in that position were all they could have made stick anyway, NOT what happened on the day. They should have followed Trey Gowdy’s lead, but they were too desperate to score short term points. So, she walked away, without a scratch. And that’s on the incompetence of the GOP. Discuss . . . She was sure right about trump though . . .

    2. @Ash Roskell except it was proven that clinton leaked classified documents through her email server connected to her phone that she destroyed with a hammer
      she got away without a scratch cuz we actually have one party that claims its two
      one party tries to radicalize its voter base and the other side tries to moderate theirs
      both dont care about either cuz they get paid either way, not just from tax dollars

  1. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. @John Messer thankx…but yea that article I posted tells 8 signs of political dogma or political malware and all signs are exactly what we all see

    2. @Nic Moreno ops post is neither a book nor propaganda from a company to sell a product. It is the objective truth and needs no spice or rewording to be effective. The fact you need the truth to constantly be reworded to be “entertaining ” for you shows exactly what kind of mind frame you are working with. Let me ask you this since you brought up books. Do you read a historical book once and then go changing its title and context to be more entertaining because you’ve alrdy read it? No you dont. It is what it is. Objective truth. A fact. You don’t like that? Too bad. Skip over it. OP keep posting that until all those involved and responsible are in jail.

    3. @John Messer I kind of agree with Nic here – the more people see the same thing again and again, the more indifferent people become to it. It’s like watching gory movies – at first you are repulsed by them, but the more blood and gore you see, the less it has an effect on you. I can see his point.

    4. Hahahaha. Armed insurrection. You idiots went from you need F16s and nukes to compete with the government to OMG grandma is overthrowing our democracy!

  2. I’m growing convinced that several cases against condon tump will soon ripen to subpoena and eventually charges. He’s not going to grave without paying dearly for the many crimes he’s committed.

    1. With all the videos and officers testimony it should not take 6 months to come to a conclusion. If this was an embassy it it had been resolved months ago. Government enquiry means time for people to come down or forget, that is all. Don’t hold your breath!

    2. @Juan Garcia
      This issue being completely investigated has been roadblocked at every turn by the QTGOP with the intention of diverting attention from and accountability for their participating members. Nancy Pelosi is the third ranked in the executive branch and she’s no shrinking violet.

  3. Get to the root of the root of the problem please, many more people were affected than you think

  4. Yes, who organized the coup? Who paid for the buses and the hotel rooms? The organizers should spend the rest, of their lives, in prison!

    1. The wife of SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas paid for some of the buses for the terrorists who attacked the Capitol on January 6th.

    2. @catalinacurio Meh, they’re more pitiful than annoying right now. Sometimes I just feel like slapping them with a dose of reality.

  5. And to think jim Jordan wanted to be on this committee, so he could run his fat, cowardly mouth to call these officers Liars!!

    1. I can just imagine the sort of ‘questions’ he would have put to these officers. For once, it’s a pleasure to have something moving forward in dignity and without the hysterical grandstanding we’ve come to expect from the Republican contingent.

    2. Alvin Cook I don’t think the gutless traitors had any intentions of serving on the committee. I feel because of optics that was the last thing mccarthy wanted. Imagine those 5 sh*theads being confronted by 4 brave patriotic officers giving compelling testimonies about their brutal attack, while horrific video footage is being played throughout the session. That would have been the end of turncoat mccarthy and the rest of the backstabbing GOP.

    3. Let’s be real, If Jim Jordan wasn’t a congressman he would have been at the Capitol taking part in the insurrection!

    4. @Jim River What a great image! A head turning into a canoe. You’re so right about poking someone with PTSD. Unbridled rage can emerge in a split second.

    5. Is there a mental illness facility in his constituency? Would Jordan be eligible for treatment?

  6. What needs to be investigated? The whole world saw it live on tv. He asked them they came and almost succeeded. Why is the DOJ not doing its job? I am sure if I organize a podium down the street from the capitol and then ask thousands of people to take the capitol, I would be arrested before even one person could walk over to the capitol. But i guess it will go the same way as with the previous (actually) stolen election. He did that too on live tv and there were never any consequences. Asking Russia for help on live tv was illegal. Winning with the help of foreign powers is not winning according to the rules and therefor is not winning. Taking something that does not belong to you by illegal means is called stealing isn’t it? As always the oringe accuses his opponents of exactly what he did, does and will do again IF YOU LET HIM.

    1. Thought: Donnie was still in office 1/6, so his top echelon DOJ was his. He believed, because someone told him, that he couldn’t get in trouble even though Donnie has ignored every piece of good advice he’s ever been given.

  7. It was love…nothing but love. Hugging kissing, and just so much love. Donald J. Trump. The treasonous FORMER president.

    1. If that is love for Trump then I almost feel sorry for his wives, they must have been living in abusive relasionships

    2. u do know in times of war false claims of treason are the same as treason
      and do u know what the penalty for treason during war time is?

  8. People came to Washington for the “it’s going to be wild” reason that trump promised for the Jan 6 event. We all know what “it’s going to be wild” really meant.

    1. For all the kissing up and sucking up, Pence did for Trump, he still ended up on the chopping block because he wouldn’t stop Biden’s certification as President. And Trump’s cult wanted to hang him. I’m 90 percent convinced Trump knew what was going to happen on Jan. 6 at the Capitol. (I think Trump had inside information)
      This is why Trump wanted Pence to somehow and in someway try and block the certification of Joe Biden as President, (even though he couldn’t) so as too add to the confusion that was coming when his cult stormed the Capitol.

  9. My father fought to keep these creeps at bay… now the greatest threat to democracy are homegrown terrorist in our midst…

    1. So did mine! WWII. B-17 bomber pilot. I was just thinking about him, missing him, but my God I’m glad he’s not here to see what’s going on in the country he defended with his life. I’m so enraged on his behalf. It’s a good thing I live in Italy and can’t get on a plane right now.

  10. Anyone claiming ‘executive privilege’ has something to hide, and is therefore involved in the plot. There must be NO EXCEPTIONS to the subpoenas this time.

  11. Sen. McCain is smiling upon this effort. I can see him giving a thumb’s down on GOP efforts to whitewash 1-6 and the near destruction of the American experiment. Shameful. Go get them, members of the 1-6 committee.

  12. They were lured there by a con artist who promised to walk with them, then watched their attack from a comfortable chair and refused to send in troops to stop them.

    1. Interesting. You think they helped to fund it? Wasn’t the RNC recently hacked, allegedly by Russia?

    2. So…. 70 ppl were shot in Chicago last weekend. Why do you not care about that? This mostly peaceful protest is a big deal,but ppl getting gunned down in record numbers in blue cities is no big deal. Democrats are basically dumb.

  13. We know who called the MAGA mob to Washington DC and we know who told the MAGA mob to march up to the Capitol and show strength. The failed & disgraced Trump needs to answer for his key role in the insurrection.

  14. The “bottom” of this has already been “gotten to.” What we need to do now is get to the “Top”.

    1. The key role in the insurrection was filled by the failed & disgraced Trump. Until the leader is dealt with, there’s a good possibility of another seditious insurrection.

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